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Things to do in Texarkana

  • Texarkana Museum of Regional History
    Texarkana Museum of Regional HistoryTexarkana is home to a very colorful history, especially when it comes to the unique placement of the the city. Located both on the eastern side of Texas and partially on the Western side of Arkansas this city servers as a gateway from one state to another. The cities Texarkana Museum of Regional History is home to the unique and exiting story that the city holds. Exhibits range from a wide variety of musical engineering that took place in the early days of the Texarkana city to the local agricultural benefits and risks. This great museum is open to all, with a large selection of historical documents and the full history of the city you can see the many awesome events that took place during Texarkana's early years. Also located inside the museum is the Wilbur Smith Research Library, a full documentary of the cities history, complete with photos, news-papers, documents, diaries and anything and everything that adds to the cities growth. See the founding of this patriotic city as its founders originally planned for the city to be. One of the museum's best exhibits is the "Step Back In Time, Prehistoric Exhibit." Filled with murals depicting the time before time and filled with prehistoric findings from the area you can see objects from dinosaurs found in and around Texarkana! As the oldest and first museum in the area there is no better place to experience the rising of Texarkana than here at the Texarkana Museum of Regional History.

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  • Texarkana 67 Speedway
    Texarkana 67 SpeedwayJoin the crew down on the coarse, as they boast that the Texarkana Speedway is the "Fastest lil' dirt track in the South." This family fun adventure is the perfect way to spend your night. This town favorite is a fun filled way to get out of the house and cheer on your favorite local driver. With weekly races and entertainment you can always find an event going on near you. This quarter of a mile race track is a central attraction for local entertainment. Enjoy some good wholesome fun down on the dirt track as these cars speed their way around the course, with stock and street cars the entertainment just keeps getting better. Here you can find the Arkansas and Texas state championships, these grand events are the talk of the south, and few get to witness the races! To sum up the race track would best be put as "It isn't professional but it sure is fun!" This family race course is perfect if your an indie driver, or if your just looking to catch some off the record racing. The classes that race at the track are; Modified, Limited Modified, Southern Stock, Street Stock, Factory Stock and Novice Factory Stock. Each of these unique vehicles is its own league, and now you can get in on the action! With the appropriate paperwork you can race your car here at the Texarkana 67 Speedway! So come down and enjoy a great night of fun with your friends and family in this local entertainment, you have never seen racing like this, and well prove it!

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  • Texarkana Post Office
    Texarkana StatelineAs stated before the area of Texarkana is located directly on the boarder of Texas, this means that have the city is actually also on the border of Arkansas. Splitting the city in two is a single road, the North State Line Avenue. Of course driving down this road isn't as momentous as finding the one sign in all of Texarkana that splits the city in two, declaring which side is Arkansas land and which side is Texas land. Here at the Texarkana Post Office you can do just that. Although the Post Office holds no special tourist attractions, because it is in fact just a normal post office, what lies in front of the store is one of Texarkana's most interesting attractions. Here on the pavement lying just under a large sign that says "Texas here, Arkansas here." is a white line, this is a perfect photo opportunity, you can stand in two states at once! Because Texarkana is such a small town, this little and simple town sign is just sitting in the open. If your passing through and your not in a huge hurry, taking 15 minutes out of your day to stop by this small town attraction can be a fun little excursion. Take your photo as you stand on the state line, one foot in each state, something fun to take home to the family.

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  • Local Favorite Restaurant of Texarkana

    The Cattleman's Steakhouse
    The Cattleman's SteakhouseWhenever your traveling it can always be fun to enjoy some local cuisine, and what better a place to test local food than a steakhouse? The Cattleman's Steakhouse is a local restaurant that has been in town for over 40 years. The Steakhouse's motto is "Good Food! at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must. But always Good Food!" With this philosophy in mind your absolutely sure to get the best of the best when it comes to southern food. The unique history behind this local dining makes the southern really stand out, Dieter Gerzymisch the owner of the Steakhouse says that his place is really "Out in the middle of nowhere." So how does he keep his great place in business, his answer is great food that keeps his customers coming back again and again. The unique and interesting style of the restaurant draws people in, the Western style building is just as it would have been back when the restaurant started, that is to say it hasn't lost the great western theme over the years! The menu is compromised of traditional southern barbeque, with some unique and special ingredients that not even the chef will reveal. This fun filled and warm environment is the perfect way to spend a night, with friendly waiters and quality customer service you can enjoy every moment of your stay at the The Cattleman's Steakhouse. While your at the steakhouse be sure to check out the many touring opportunities that are offered, you can learn all there is to know about the history of the restaurant. Every moment your at The Cattleman's Steakhouse you can relax and enjoy as you are fed only the best in southern cuisine.

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  • Bryce's Cafeteria
    Bryce's CafeteriaThis family owned business has been around since 1031, boasting over 75 years of service to the Texarkana area. This small town cafeteria has a rich history, as is displayed inside the restaurant. This warm and entertaining atmosphere is their perfect way to spend your night while in the Texarkana area. Few restaurants have the right to boast that the Chicago Tribune has given them a fantastic review! Saying that "Bryce's Cafeteria may have better food for the money than any place one earth." If that doesn't satisfy you about how respectable this restaurant is, then you must try it for yourself! With great food and affordable costs you purchase some of the best food in the area for a great price! With friendly waiters and quality customer service your ensured to have a nice night when you visit Bryce's Cafeteria. The Cafeteria offers a wide variety of home cooked style food, one of the major draws to the restaurant are the very specific rules the cooks abide by. Everything is made from scratch, there is no prepackaged foods or frozen products, your getting only the best of the best and the freshest of foods when you eat at Bryce's Cafeteria. For over 75 years the cafeteria has been serving the good residents of Texarkana, and now you have the opportunity to get some great food, service and atmosphere all at a great price. So come down to Bryce's Cafeteria and enjoy some of the best food in the South!

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