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Things to do in Traverse City

    Music House Museum Music House Museum Belgian Dance Organ Traverse City, Michigan
    The Music House Museum in Traverse City, Michigan is a unique educational facility whose main mission is to collect, restore and preserve, as well as demonstrate automated musical machines and related Americana of that period, and to educate folks of all ages of the significance of these machines in regards to music, regional history, culture and technology. The museum showcases numerous old musical machines and instruments like the Belgian dance organ, the Wurlitzer theater organ, a Weber reproducing piano, nickelodeons, pipe organs and music boxes; and scale models of the Traverse City landmarks that look like they did in the 1930s. The museum has a marvelous gift shop that carries many unique articles as well, which include; a Dachshund City dog water globe, silent films, Noah's Ark toy chest, baby express train set, revolving love birds figurine, gift sets, It is Good to Be King figurine and handmade music house fireplace bellows; and that covers just the new products that have arrived for February. The categories of the items carried there include the Wizard of Oz, animated, recordings, apparel, boxes, carousel, Gone with the Wind, holiday items, miniature music boxes, fairies, jewelry, piano music, music boxes, instruments and toys, Phantom of the Opera, musical dolls and music house items. The Music House Museum's school days is a 90 minute tour that can be arranged for students and teachers, with the staff able to pair up with smaller groups. It is a fabulous place for children to visit with their families so that they can learn more about the early instruments that were used to create such incredible sounds and music that it would soothe the savage soul. Take a ride through musical history as you learn about instruments from around the world and the special and often unique sounds that they create, so sit back and enjoy the revelry with your family.

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    Great Lake Children's MuseumGreat Lakes Children's Museum Traverse City, Michigan
    The Great Lake Children Museum in Traverse City, Michigan is an outstanding venue for school age children and their families to come and enjoy. They have a wonderful museum storm that is open during the regular hours of the museum that are both educational and fun, from infant to pre-teen, with books, plush stuffed animals, crafts, puzzles, games, art, science experiments and so much more. The museum has also just received a new water table that allows visitors to interact directly with the moving water, changing its directions and other exciting opportunities in hundreds of ways. This outstanding exhibit will become one of the prominent displays in the museum for all to enjoy and especially learn more about the flow of water and its variations. Another new play area is the lighthouse keepers quarters that was constructed with the support of the Port of Old Mission builders and offers the children a chance to learn more about this exciting old position, and the marvelous lighthouses and families that would take care of them for the safety of those on the waters around the region. Another exciting venue is the toddler's beach, or rather a gallery that is mindful of a beach environment for children or toddlers under the age of three to come and try various activities. Another change is the expansion of the activity space so that it could handle larger groups that come here for parties, programs, workshops, presentations and so much more that you would have to come here to believe. It has plenty of innovative and interactive activities and an excellent view of the West Bay.

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Enterprise Car Rentals Traverse City - 727 Fly Don't Drive

Local Restaurants in Traverse City

    North Peak Brewing Company
    Entrees; jumbo 3 cheese ravioli is cheese stuffed pasta with herb parmesan cream sauce & fresh veggies; herbed fish & chips is Great Lakes walleye dipped in herbed, handcrafted beer batter, served with pub fries, tarragon-ginger tartar sauce & Chinese mustard slaw; fresh grilled Atlantic salmon with choice of cherry porter BBQ or basil pesto crust, served with barley pilaf & fresh seasonal veggies; honey porter ribeye is hand-cut & grilled to your order, with porter herb glaze, smoked gouda mashed redskins, fresh veggies & haystack onion garnish; cherry porter BBQ ribs is pork ribs glazed with cherry porter BBQ sauce & served with pub fries & Chinese mustard slaw; Cajun bayou penne pasta is crawfish, andouille sausage, bell peppers, onions & penne pasta in Cajun cream sauce; parmesan whitefish is fresh whitefish filet, baked with parmesan crust & herb butter, served with barley pilaf & fresh veggies; pretzel crusted walleye is Great Lakes walleye filet crusted with honey-mustard pretzels, sautéed & served with tarragon-ginger tartar sauce, barley pilaf & fresh veggies; chicken & fettuccine is grilled chicken breast sliced over tomato basil fettuccine with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic & scallions in sage cream sauce; grilled hanger steak is porter-marinated hanger steak served with smoked gouda mashed redskins, curried haystack onions & seasonal veggies.

    Red Ginger
    Entrees; Thai curry is chicken & shrimp simmered with green curry & coconut milk with roasted Japanese eggplant, white mushrooms, bamboo shoots, steamed jasmine rice; sea bass is miso glazed Chilean sea bass with sake, mirin & soy, cucumber pickle, Thai jasmine rice; tuna is grilled sashimi grade ahi tuna from the Honolulu Fish company, soy glazed sticky rice, wok tossed veggies, tamarind sauce; shrimp & crag udon is large white shrimp wok tossed with spinach, scallions, edamame kernels, Japanese wheat noodles, topped with jumbo lump blue crab, mustard crème, fresh coriander; kung pao combo is wok tossed white shrimp, chicken, snow peas, carrot, pea tendrils, peanuts; honey glazed walnut prawns is tempura fried cold water prawns, creamy Grand Marnier sauce, honey glazed walnuts; T. L. tenderloin is Rapid River Farms all natural beef tenderloin, hasselback potatoes with truffle & parmesan, braised Chinese black mushrooms, haricot verts, cabernet sauce; volcano pork is oven roasted all natural pork shank over house made spaetzle, wok seared shiitake mushrooms, baby spinach, baby arugula, white soy broth; Vietnamese shaking beef is wok seared beef tenderloin, baby bok choy, basil, mint, watercress, crispy Shanghai noodle pillow.


Fresh Grilled Atlantic Salmon North Peak Brewing Company Traverese City, Michigan


Porter Marinated Hanger Steak North Peak Brewing Company  Traverse City, Michigan

 Thai Curry Red Ginger Traverse City, Michigan


Volcano Pork Red Ginger Traverse City, Michigan



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Hertz Rental Cars Traverse City- 3675 N. US Hwy. 31 S.
Air Services Hertz Car Rental - 1100 Apt. Access Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Cherry Capital Apt.- 727 Fly Don't Drive
Pellston Reg. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 1268 US Hwy. 31

    Dennos Museum Center Dennos Museum Center Traverse City, Michigan
    The Dennos Museum Center is located on the Northwestern Michigan College, and has grown into a prominent cultural center in northern Michigan that provides exciting and interesting art exhibits and programs in the performing arts, sciences and visual arts, that opened in 1991 and contains three changing galleries and a marvelous sculpture court, a well known Inuit gallery, the fabulously acoustic Milliken Auditorium and an unusual hands-on discovery gallery. The museum's store is a wonderful place to procure various museum's items, especially copies of the beautiful Inuit artworks. Their focal collection is the Inuit art of the Canadian Arctic, which is one of the finest and biggest historically complete collections of the outstanding prints and sculptures in the nation, as well as a splendid collection of outdoor sculptures by the famous international and local artists of the state encompasses the museum. It was recognized in 2000 by ArtServe Michigan, with the governor's award for arts and culture, and the numerous resources for home school educators, college instructors and K-12 teachers. The center is also available for many outstanding and interesting special events, like lectures, performances and sit-down dinners as well as many other venues that would fit perfectly inside the great museum. Their fabulous Power Family Inuit gallery houses an exciting collection of chine-colle prints, relics from the late 1950s to the current day, lithographs, stonecuts, tapestries, stencils, sculptures, etching and aquatints. This special exhibition has been supplied many excellent works from the 1000 piece permanent collection, showcasing artists from the Nunavut, a Canadian territory in the Canadian arctic; attempting to show the magnificent vision and scope of contemporary Inuit artworks, from the first generation masters to the newest artists that strive to show the beautiful Inuit traditions of the past, as well as the contemporary lifestyle and current issues that involve the Arctic and the art world. The entire collections contain some 2000 pieces overall, with the majority from the Inuit collections, and the remainder including a diverse amount of photography, paintings and sculptures. This collection contains 19th and 20th century European and American graphic art, contemporary works by the state's excellent artists and 20th century Great Lakes Indian and Canadian Indian art, which is shown on a rotating basis so that the entire collection can be seen within a few months.

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    Friends of Con Foster Museum, Inc.Friends of Con Foster Museum, Inc. Traverse City, Michigan
    The Friends of Con Foster Museum, Inc. in Traverse City, Michigan was an idea created by Con Foster, the Traverse City park's commissioner in 1934, who wanted to begin a park, located on the south shore which sat at the southern tip of the West Grand Traverse Bay, and would include a beach house, zoo and historical museum that showcased the region and its marvelous relics. During the ensuing years, Con would travel more than 15,000 miles around the Midwest purchasing Native American and pioneering relics that would be showcased in that museum. In 1935, the WPA would construct a building to contain the collections and it would eventually become known as the Con Foster Museum after its founder. This magnificent collection has continued to grow and expand, during the last seven decades, and today houses more than 10,000 pieces of historical significance. Naturally that kind of growth would be enough to outgrow its original location, so when the Traverse Area District Library left the marvelous Carnegie Library that it had been occupying since 1905, it would be moved into it, and called the Heritage Center, and house the beautiful Con Foster Museum, although it would be changed sometime later to the History Center of Traverse City, when it merged with the Traverse Area Historical Society in 2010. In the east gallery the quarterly temporary exhibitions are held, which deal with the specific historical themes that might be of local interest or that concentrate on the various collections of the museum. The Native American gallery contains a marvelous exhibition about early Native Americans and the Anishnabek peoples that included the Ojibwas and Ottawas tribes, and houses a wigwam, beadwork, basketry and Neolithic tools and decorative arts. The Victorian parlor showcases the hey-day of the city during its logging period that spanned from 1850 to 1890, containing excellent samples of Victorian style toys, devices furniture and decorative arts that include a vintage hair wreath. Another outstanding gallery is for the railroad history of the region, that has been separated into two parts, with one a huge diorama train set depicting how the trains served the city and another a display of railroad equipment and memorabilia from the area. The logging gallery houses photographs from the city's logging days, with tools and a painted scene that is showing Traverse City from the same place that the museum is located at, but in 1880; and painted by local muralist, Joan Bonney. There is also a blacksmith shop, women's history project of NW Michigan and a one room schoolhouse. The magnificent Con Foster collection contains Native American relics that include; weapons, copper arrowheads, beadwork, baskets, rugs, stone tools, farming tools, ceramics, silver, carpentry tools, ornaments, leather making tools, logging and other types of equipment, glass, toys, vintage clothes and uniforms, photographs, furniture, radios, local memorabilia, typewriters and hi-fi equipment.

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    Clinch ParkClinch Park Traverse City, Michigan
    Clinch Park in Traverse City, Michigan is a lovely downtown 3.5 acre park, with a magnificent 4-4-2 Atlantic steam-powered locomotive, called the Spirit of Traverse City, that runs around a half mile track highlighting many of the city's finest venues, and local scenery on the Traverse Bay. The train was put into service in 1992, during the annual National Cherry Festival, and operated by the city from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It also contains the city's most popular beach that runs more than 1500 feet of sand along the West Grand Traverse Bay that is located downtown Traverse City, which has many picnic tables, restrooms and lifeguards during the summer season. It sits next to the lovely small zoo and the Clinch Park marina that is east of Union Street on the Grandview Parkway. The park is the best area in the city to bike, hike, walk or jog, whatever you enjoy doing the most, in this marvelous park. The zoo houses native species of animals but is small, but better suited for the younger children and the park rents canoes and kayaks that offer the beauty and serenity of the Boardman River.

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    Grand Traverse Heritage CenterGrand Traverse Heritage Center Traverse City, Michigan
    The History Center of Traverse City, Michigan had been called the Grand Traverse Heritage Center, which is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to showcasing and saving the outstanding history of the region, maintaining the Con Foster Collection, and a marvelous museum that highlights many history related events that are held or hosted during the year, as well as outstanding archives that are used for research resources. The history center also houses the main offices of many of the region's historical organizations that include the Grand Traverse Area Rock and Mineral Club, the Railroad Historical Society of Northwest Michigan, the American Association of University Women and the Women's History Project of Northwest Michigan. There are numerous rooms available for rental for whatever needs you might have. There are also many exciting events that are held there that might of great interest to many in the community, like the Vintage Toys and Miniature Show that is being held in March, and contains dolls, dollhouses, miniatures, metal toys, games, room boxes, toys and building sets. The center has become well known in the region for its excellent skills in restoring wooden vessels, as well as promoting the history of the maritime activities in the Great Lakes with relics, activities and seminars that invoke a strong feeling of appreciation for the history and its relics of this great area.

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