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Things to do in Trenton

    New Jersey State Museum New Jersey State Museum Trenton, New Jersey
    The New Jersey State Museum in Trenton, New Jersey looks out over the Delaware River and is run by the Department of State, with free admission. Their main collection of relics and fine art was collected during the early 19th century and houses a 150 seat planetarium and 380 seat auditorium. The museum created a replica of a hadrosaurus, which was discovered in Haddonfield in 1858, and became the state's official dinosaur in 1991. The dino's original skull was just a model created for the project since the real one had been lost, but had to be replaced with a narrower skull of a different duck-billed dinosaur. The museum was the first in the nation, started to help educate the public about the history and prehistoric creatures of the past. The legislature officially started the museum in 1895, and received re-accreditation from the AAM in 2003. The museum has evolved to conduct a life-long education of the community and its visitors with its outstanding collections, programs, displays, publications and scholarships in archaeology, the arts, history and science. In its initial start, it would contain collections of natural history, like so many of its contemporaries during that period, with the first collections including minerals, fossils and rocks for the state's geological survey that started in 1836. It would expand its focus in 1912 to archaeology, acquiring Native American relics in the area, which were dated from the prehistoric and historic eras of the past, along with diverse artifacts from the state's colonial and post-colonial times. It would be the first museum on the east coast to exhibit a collection of Native American relics, and after getting these it would begin creating its ethnographic collection in 1922. Then in 1924, it would add decorative arts to its collections with outstanding examples of ceramics from the Trenton-area ceramics industry. As the century grew older, the museum also began collecting paintings, works on paper and sculpture during the early 1960s, after having showcased many collections of fine arts during the previous decades. It moved in 1964, to the newly constructed Capitol Cultural complex, after having been located in the state capitol complex, with the main building being built as a classic example of modernist architecture, with four floors of space, the planetarium, cafe and gift shop. There is another structure that houses the auditorium and gallery spaces, with the museum's Civil War Flag gallery located on West State Street showcasing the museum's Civil War flag collection, but on a rotating basis so that all the flags aren't shown at the same time, and making the gallery much more crowded. The Bureau of Archaeology/Ethnology collections contains about 2.4 million prehistoric and historic specimens that were discovered during a century of excavations, along with over 4000 ethnographic relics that were donated to the museum. Their archaeology collections have become respected as one of the most significant collections to study the regional life of northeastern North America, and give important data about the complete span of human occupation in the state since prehistoric times to the present. The Bureau of Cultural History preserves and interprets the large historical relics that have documented the lives of the community residents from the 17th century to the present day. This collection houses more than 13,000 relics that document the state's military, political, cultural, social history and economic growth, along with excellent decorative arts. The Bureau of Education offers programs and events geared to the education of the community, with a wide range of classes developed for students and adults. The Bureau of Fine Art has over 12,000 prints, paintings, photographs, sculptures and drawings from the 18th century to the current day, with focus on the state's artists, and include; Alfred Stieglitz and the American Abstract Artists groups of the 1930s and 1940s, as well as contemporary artworks. The Bureau of Natural History contains a magnificent collection of some 250,000 specimens that are of historical and cultural importance as well as their scientific significance.

    Old Trenton Barracks Museum
    Old Trenton Barracks Museum Trenton, New JerseyThe Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, New Jersey is filled with history, beginning to be occupied in 1758, would it would be constructed to house the British Army during the French and Indian War. It was the biggest structure in the young city, with some 300 British and Irish soldiers coming here to live, built of stone, and dark red woodworks. There were 20 rooms in the building, with every one of them containing a fireplace, door and two windows, with twelve soldiers being housed in each of them, and two men sleeping per wooden bunk. These soldiers would receive rations of vinegar, salt, sugar, cider, firewood, food and candles, with the kitchen being housed in the basement, so the majority of the soldiers would just cook inside their rooms with the fireplace used to cook their foods. Naturally, the officers house would be much more elegant and more comfortable, with the pigs, cows, horses and chickens being kept outside in the yard. Those initial soldiers were two companies of Irishmen, the Inniskillin's and two companies of lowland Scots, the First Regiment of Foot and two companies of British soldiers with Swiss officers, the Royal American. As the Revolutionary War began, the barracks would be taken over by American troops, with the British prisoner's of war that had been captured from St. John and Chambly, Canada, would be imprisoned here in the officers house. There would be four companies of the Second New Jersey Regiment of the Continental line being raised here, and in December of 1776, the British and Hessian troops arrived in Trenton to occupy it. Some of these soldiers would stay in the barracks, as well as colonists that were loyal to the king, coming here to be protected by the soldiers. At the First Battle of Trenton, on December 26, General Washington surprise attacked the Hessians and captured them in a morning raid. They would again return to the city and use the barracks, and in 1777, the barracks would be used as hospital under Dr. Bodo Otto, and after that, there would be many troops and supplies coming through the city until the finish of the war. The very last soldiers to have occupied the barracks is believed to have been wounded and sick soldiers from the siege of Yorktown in 1781. Once the war was over and a new nation born, the barracks were sold and then converted into private homes. After Trenton would become the state capital in 1790, a site was picked for the state house in 1791, and the midsection of the structure torn down to make room for Front Street to be run through here to the state house. The new owners came in and decorated the structures and named them, "Whitehall". During the 1800s, there were numerous families living in the structures, changing them to suit their individual needs, and from 1857 to 1899, one side would be used for the widows and single women's home, while the officers house would become a school for girls and boys. As the city approached the 1900s, it had become very industrialized, and the community had grown proud of its growing and rich city, with a new organization of rich patriotic women, that had grown up from the Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution wanted to preserve and restore the old barracks buildings into a museum. So, in 1902, they created the Old Barracks Association and purchased the south section of the old barracks, and the state purchased the north section in 1914, agreeing to construct a museum. It was finally renovated to how it would have looked in 1758, with a reconstructed middle section, new landscaping, windows, balconies and corridors. It became a state registered landmark in 1970, and a National Registered Landmark in 1971, and finally a National Historic Landmark in 1972.

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    Watson HouseWatson House Trenton, New Jersey
    The Watson House in Trenton, New Jersey is the headquarters of the New Jersey State Society of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) was one of the restoration projects completed by the organization as part of the state's tercentenary celebration in 1964. The magnificent old stone house that Isaac Watson constructed in 1708, is now the oldest surviving house in the county, looking out over a bluff onto Watson's Creek, and it now sits in the John A. Roebling Park, a beautiful 200 acre sanctuary in the center of the city. The period furniture is dated around the 1790 era, with many created by the excellent talents and expertise of the state's craftsmen.

    Civil War & Native American Museum
    Civil War & Native American Museum Hamilton, New Jersey
    The Civil War and Native American Museum in Hamilton, New Jersey, is housed in a two story, seven room tenant house that had belonged to the John Abbott II farm, and called the "Pepper House" since numerous kinds of drying vegetables would be hung from the rafters to dry out. It is said that Olympic great Jim Thorpe lived a season here, as one of the young migrate farm workers. The museum is small compared to many of its contemporaries, but it is still the first museum in the state that was opened to contain Civil War relics, and houses equipment, uniforms, weapons and various materials that pertain to the experience of the regular grunt in the Civil War. It houses a wonderful gift shop with numerous period war books, as well as Native American books and other related items that complement the collections.

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Local Restaurants in Trenton

    Entrees; herb crusted mahi mahi with fresh rosemary & roasted pepper butter, baby squid tomato risotto, sautéed spinach; pan roasted organic chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, sautéed spinach, wild mushroom marsala cream, fresh herbs, asparagus, parmesan risotto; day boat scallops, fall veggies minestrone, fennel, chanterelles, artisanal asiago; braised buffalo short ribs, rustic tomato & caramelized onion ragout, olives, capers, goat cheese yucca croquette, autumn veggies; seared Peking duck & confit, butternut squash ravioli, braised red cabbage, black berry glaze; Australian rack of lamb, black vinegar & mushroom reduction, roasted red pepper mashed potato, sautéed Swiss chard; roasted jail island salmon, glazed cippolini crust, sautéed spinach, fresh herbed mashed potatoes; jumbo lump crabcakes, sautéed asparagus, sorrell basil tomato emulsion, diced shrimp risotto; all natural black angus filet mignon, crisp onion rings, gorgonzola port wine reduction, seasonal veggies, garlic herbed mashed potato; sesame herb encrusted tuna, julienned Asian veggies, wasabi mashed potatoes; adobo rubbed pork tenderloin, tostones, black bean puree, zucchini & potatoes; organic grilled veggies, rice noodles, julienned veggies, Napa cabbage, peanuts, Asian honey soy glaze.

    Malaga Restaurant
    Entrees; small sirloin steak; pork chops in garlic sauce; veal scallopine with wine, brandy & mushroom sauce; breaded veal cutlets prepared in lemon & wine sauce; super sirloin steak; filet mignon prepared with brandy & mushroom sauce; chicken with bone-in, saffron rice; pieces of chicken with bone-in garlic sauce; chicken cutlets in wine sauce; combination of shellfish, chicken, sausage & saffron rice; shellfish cooked with saffron rice; jumbo shrimp in superb wine sauce; shrimp in hot tomato, pepper & onion sauce; fried jumbo shrimp; shellfish casserole, fresh lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels & scallops, cooked in superb tomato, sherry & brandy sauce with saffron rice; shellfish casserole, fresh lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels & scallops cooked in wine, parsley & garlic sauce with saffron rice; twin lobsters stuffed with crabmeat; broiled lobster tail; surf & turf; broiled salmon steak; broiled red snapper in lemon & wine sauce; filet of sole in lemon & wine sauce; filet of sole with mussels, clams & shrimp in garlic & wine sauce. 

Braised Buffalo Short Ribs Acacia Trenton, New Jersey


Australian Rack of Lamb Acacia Trenton, New Jersey

 Veal Scallopini Malaga Restaurant Trenton, New Jersey


Broiled Red Snapper Malaga Restaurant Trenton, New Jersey

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    Trent House Trent House Trenton, New Jersey
    Spanning across the Connecticut River between Cornish, New Hampshire and Windsor, Trenton, The Trent House in Trenton, New Jersey is the oldest structure still standing in the state's capital city, at one time being the residence of the man that the city would be named after, and constructed around 1716 to 1719, becoming a National Historic Landmark and country seat of William Trent, a wealthy merchant and family man. Upon entering the majestic old house, you will imagine yourself being transported back to the early beginning of the 18 century, when this magnificent house was constructed and all the many moments of history that it has been witness to. The house would become even more important after surviving the Battle of Trent and the remainder of the American Revolution, and how with meticulous preservation and historical interpretation, you will learn of all the many events that have transpired here, and just how important it would become to the local, state and national histories, to finally come to rest in this incredible century, with such an educational memory that it behooves a history buff to come visit here just for the thrill of viewing a marvelous house/museum from the past. William Trent would construct his outstanding country estate just a few miles north of Philadelphia, in the New Jersey countryside, next to the Delaware River falls. The big majestic brick house was constructed using all the latest innovations in construction, by some of the finest craftsmen around, with an excellent alley of cherry trees that led to the ferry landing, as many outbuildings were kept around the house and landscape, including a grist mill, saw and fulling mills that were built along the Assumpink Creek, and the next year, in 1820, Trent would lay out a settlement and call it Trenton. Many people have come here to live and work, with William's son, James, selling off 500 acres and the house to William Morris of Barbados, that was the half brother of his father's second wife, Mary Coddington Trent. In 1742, the estate would be leased to the first governor of the state, Lewis Morris, who began calling it Bloomsbury Park, and he would live there as the official residence until 1746, even though it was owned by the governor of Pennsylvania, George Thomas. The last owner was Edward A. Stokes, that left it to the city in 1929 with the stipulation that it would be used as a museum, library or art gallery. After enjoying a marvelous restoration, the house would open as a museum in 1935, and remains that today.

    Trenton Museum Society
    Trenton Museum Society Trenton, New Jersey
    The Trenton City Museum is now located in the magnificent Ellarslie Mansion in Trenton, New Jersey, containing a splendid collection of relics and artworks that pertain to the city's early historical and cultural past, which is now part of the present in so many ways. Part of their permanent collection is housed on the second floor in galleries that contain one of the most significant collections of artware, tableware and sanitary ware that had been produced in the 19th and 20th centuries by the city's excellent ceramic industry. Another is a room filled with Victorian pieces that represent the parlor as it may have looked like, those many years ago. There is an outstanding collection of industrial memorabilia, decorative arts, historical items, fine arts and other marvelous relics that are usually rotated around the room. The first floor galleries house contemporary artworks that are often changed, in every media, as well as being the host for many other events and shows that complement or augment the museum's excellent collections. The Ellarslie Mansion is an Italianate villa that was constructed in 1848, and is the highlight of Cadwalader Park, designed by the famous landscape artist, Frederick Olmsted Law, creator of the New York City Central Park.

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    Trenton Battle MonumentTrenton Battle Monument Trenton, New Jersey
    The Trenton Battle Monument in Trenton, New Jersey is a column type of monument, that was constructed to commemorate the Battle of Trenton, one of the most famous events in the American history and began the pivotal victory of the Continental army before their marsh on Princeton, during the American Revolutionary War. The Roman Doric fluted column of the monument is made of granite, along with the pedestal that holds it in place, but with darker stone, to perhaps showcase its strength, and it is capped by a small round pavilion that forms an observatory. That can be assessed by an elevator, and has given thousands of visitors a wonderful view of the city and surrounding battlefields, during its many years of operation. Right above the cap are thirteen lights, which are symbolic of the original thirteen colonies, and shine brilliantly at night, showing the entire city and those coming here for whatever reason that the nation is still standing strong and tall in this century, as it has done for the previous two. There are three bronze reliefs on the south, west and east sides of the base, and these highlight the surrender of the Hessians, the Opening of the Battle and the Continental Army crossing the Delaware River, with the opening battle scene showing Alexander Hamilton about to fire down and into the street called King. The pavilion is topped with an acanthus leaf pedestal, that sitting at the very top is a bronze statue of General George Washington, as he looked at the start of the battle, and it seems to crown the momentous occasion. With his right hand, he is directing the fire of the army's artillery down onto King Street as well. It is thirteen feet high, while the entire structure is 150 feet high. Standing guard at the entry way to the monument are two bronze figures of Continental soldiers; that include Private John Russell, one of the seafaring men of Colonel John Glover's regiment from Marblehead, Massachusetts that would become very famous transporting Washington's army across the frozen Delaware, on Christmas night, 1776, and the other is modeled after Private Blair McClenachan of the Philadelphia Light Horse Troop, that took part in the battle as well.  The marvelous monument is found in the perfect place, at an intersection of the city that has been called Five Points because it intersects, Warren, but King Street back then, North Broad Street that was called Queen Street, Pennington and Princeton Avenues and Brunswick Street, and this is where the artillery for the Continental forces would be place to protect the small town from any advancing Hessian troops that might try to begin a counter offensive. The movement to build the monument started in 1843, and in 1886, the property would be acquired by the association. The cornerstone was laid in 1891, December 26th, on the 115th anniversary of the battle, and the pedestal and monument erected in 1892. The finished monument was dedicated on October 19, 1893, at the 112th anniversary of Cornwallis' surrender, and eight governors of the original thirteen states attended. The architect of Grant's Tomb, John H. Duncan designed the monument and it is a wonderful early example of beaux arts style.

    Trenton City Museum
    Trenton City Museum Trenton, New Jersey
    The Trenton City Museum is housed in the majestic Ellarslie Mansion that sits inside Cadwalader Park in Trenton, New Jersey, and is one of the five historic sites and three museums that are owned and managed by the city. Their permanent collection is housed on the second floor and includes; industrial artifacts, cultural history and a beautiful collection of decorative and fine arts, with the majority of these items being created in the city. Around 1880, there had risen many hundreds of independent potteries that were manufacturing ceramics in the city, of which the museum contains many examples of ironstone, tile, ceramic and porcelain pieces, art pottery, architectural terra-cotta, redware and stoneware. Since there are so many excellent examples of these wares in the museum, the collection has decided to focus more so on the art and table porcelain, especially from the city's most significant manufacturer, the Ceramic Art Company and their successor, Lenox. The collection has also been the recipient of many fine pieces from the city's contemporary art potteries, Cybis and Boehm. In the fine arts collection there are paintings created by Graham Holmes, Tom Malloy, Paul Matthews and George Bradshaw; while some of the artifacts include; a medium glove mold from the General porcelain company from 1976, a Roebling alligator wrench from 1898, Trenton Trade cards, and much more. And in the decorative arts collections there are items like the water pitcher from 1890-1910 with green transfer over white porcelain, Greek vase designed by Elizabeth Brown circa 1933, and the bullfinch with mountain ash from the Edward Marshall Boehm Inc, a Cobalt blue coffee set from Lenox, Inc. a Cook China company plate of Washington crossing the Delaware, etched by G. A. Bradshaw and a porcelain sculpture.

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    New Jersey StatehouseNew Jersey Statehouse Trenton, New Jersey
    The New Jersey State House in Trenton, New Jersey is the second oldest state house in the nation that has remained in continuous legislative use, and houses the state's senate, general assembly, offices of the governor, lt. governor and numerous state departments. The New Jersey legislature would move from Perth Amboy to Trenton in 1790, with the current state house constructed in 1792 and designed by Philadelphia architect Jonathan Doane. But over the ensuing years, there would be numerous changes, especially during the 19th century, and the architects used for that were brought in from Philadelphia, and the last, in 1885, after a large fire had destroyed the State Street wing, a Jersey City architect named Lewis Broome came in to help with the structure's redesign. Arnold Moses, a Merchantville architect, would come in to rebuild the senate wing so that it would complement the American renaissance style of the remainder of the capitol building. The building would attain it size and space as it sits today, in 1911, and although there weren't any big changes, they did modernize the main corridor in 1950. The state's capitol building is most unusual among state capitol buildings since the majority of these have been modeled after the capitol building in Washington, DC., but this one is shaped like a sideways H, with a golden dome sitting over the cross-bar section of the H and a big wing heading west towards the Delaware River.

    Alexander Douglass House
    Alexander Douglass House Trenton, New Jersey
    The Alexander Douglass House in Trenton, New Jersey was constructed in 1766, and while he lived there he would become the Quarter Master for the Continental Army. When George Washington and his men fought against the British on January 2, 1777, the Douglass's small house would be used as his headquarters, while he faced one of the most difficult decisions on his career and one that could have meant the defeat and demise of the young nation, even before it became one. That decision entailed what the next day's journey would be, since he was on one side of the Delaware River, with the British on the other side of the Assunpink Creek, and their backs to the Delaware without boats. They were certainly outnumbered as they were since the beginning, facing battle hardened troops that had fought in Europe and here during the French and Indian War. He finally used a deserted road to escape the town in the night and earned him the nickname as the "sly fox" by his British counterparts. The Douglass house that played such an important part in that decision was moved four times in the city, before it would be placed just outside of Mill Hill Park. The entire story is one of wonder and excitement learning about the battles and men that fought them, as they fight to create a new country where they will have a voice in the government that rules them, as well as having a huge expanse of land to discover and roam, helping them to realize the magnificent freedoms that await them.

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    PlanetariumNew Jersey Planetarium Trenton, New Jersey
    The Planetarium inside the New Jersey State Museum contains a magnificent projector that can show you more than 6000 stars of the night's skies, and is the biggest planetarium in the state. It will seat 150 people in specially designed reclining seats that will take their riders to any astronomical destination in the universe, with fully functional state-of-the-art full dome video. This amazing venue will have you sailing through space, the solar system and beyond in the wonderful luxury that most cannot afford even though they might spend 20 million dollars to do it. The outstanding cutting edge digital technology that mesmerizes their audiences with imagery and sound that tells everyone of your senses that you are flying through the stars, and around in complete 360 degree panorama with traditional skies and laser programs that have been exciting visitors since the planetarium opened.  The planetarium has just recently been given an upgrade and now houses a new five-projector, 360 degree hi-definition, hi-resolution immersive video system, with new surround sound system, and new computer system that will seamlessly connect the entire system together, creating one of the most incredible shows that have even been offered to the public. It now has the ability to integrate slides, analog, 3-D laser functionality and special effects inside a planetarium with sloping floor that is set up and designed so that every single seat has the same best possible view, at normal seated postures and an outstanding line of sight from each of the seats.

    Johnson Ferry House
    Johnson Ferry House Trenton, New Jersey
    The Ferry House in Trenton, New Jersey is an early 18th century gambrel roof farmhouse and tavern that was close to the Delaware River and owned by Garrett Johnson, who ran a 490 acre plantation and licensed ferry service across the river. The house is believed to have been used by General George Washington and some of his other officers when they were beginning the Christmas night crossing of the river just before the battle of Trenton. Inside the house, the textile room, bedchamber and keeping room have been furnished by local period pieces that is much like what was used by the Johnson family from 1740 until 1770. The site has a marvelous 18th century kitchen garden and orchard of fruit trees that were prevalent during that period. During the summer months, on the weekends, there are living demonstrations about life on the plantation and other interesting chores that had to be done every day. The ferry house is made of wood, with clapboard siding and lovely gambrel roof.

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