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Things to do in Union City

    American Museum of Natural History American Museum of Natural History Manhattan, New York
    The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) can be found on the upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City and is considered to be one of the most significant and biggest museums in the world, situated on park-like landscaping, right across the street from Central Park, this magnificent and amazing museum occupies 25 connected structures that contain 46 permanent exhibit galleries, world famous library and research facilities. The incredible collections house more than 32 million specimens, so that only a small percentage of the huge collections can be shown at any one given period. The scientific staff alone employs over 200, and the museum hosts more than 100 special field expeditions every year. The spectacular museum was started in 1869, located in the older Arsenal building in Central Park; founded by a number of great and famous people that includes; Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., the father of the 26th President of the United States, as well as Moses H. Grinnell, John David Wolfe, Albert S. Blackmore, William T. Blodgett, A. G. Phelps Dodge, Robert L. Stuart, Charles A. Dana, Andrew H. Green, Henry G. Stebbins, Robert Colgate, Morris K. Jesup, Henry Parish, Benjamin H. Field, Howard Potter and many others. The cornerstone would be laid in 1874, for the first structure, that has become hidden from view by the numerous structures that have been constructed since, and encompass the majority of Manhattan Square today. The original Victorian gothic style structure was opened in 1877, and designed by Calvert Vaux and J. Wrey Mould, both of whom had finished many architectural projects in and around Central Park. This new structure would eventually become overshadowed by the southern array of structures that were part of the museum, designed by J. Cleaveland Cady, which were rusticated brownstones and further influenced by H. H. Richardson. The entrance is located by Central Park West, the New York state memorial that was dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt and finished by John Russell Pope in 1936, and is an over scaled beaux-arts monument. This leads you into the huge Roman basilica, where everyone is welcomed with a cast of a skeleton of a rearing barosaurus that is defending its young from an attacking allosaurus. Visitors are able to enter the museum by the 77th Street foyer which has been renamed the Grand Gallery and showcases a completely suspended Haida canoe; as the hall heads into the oldest extant display in the museum, called the Hall of Northwest Coast Indians. There hasn't been much added to the complex since 1930, although it has already grown into such an unbelievable museum.  The exhibit halls and galleries contain fabulous examples of natural history with outstanding dioramas of North American, Asian and African mammals, the 62 foot Haida canoe that came from the Pacific northwest which is carved and painted, the Star of India, the biggest star sapphire in the world, a full-size model of a blue whale that is currently suspended in the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life that was sponsored by the family of Paul Milstein and a huge 31 ton piece of the Cape York meteorite. This delightful museum has large anthropological collections of general Native American collections, Asian people, man in Africa, collections from Central America and Mexico and the American Indian collections. Other extraordinary exhibits include the Halls of Minerals and Gems; the Hall of Ocean Life; Human biology and evolution; Fossils Halls; Hall of Meteorites; the Rose Center and planetarium; the Art of Diorama: Recreating Nature; the library and research department. Even since it opened, the library of the museum has become one of the biggest natural history library in the entire world acquiring such magnificent collections as the Jules Marcou geology collection, the John C. Jay conchological library, the Hugh Jewett collection of voyages and travel, the Carson Brevoort library on general zoology and fishes, the Harry Edwards entomological library and the ornithological library of Daniel Giroud Elliot. It would acquire the American Ethnological Society's library in 1903 and the New York Academy of Sciences would transfer its excellent collections of 10,000 volumes in 1905. Currently the library houses more than 550,000 volumes of microforms, original illustrations, monographs, fine art, memorabilia, serials, film, photographic, archives and manuscripts, pamphlets, the rare books collection and reprints. Its marvelous collections contain information about oceanography, mammology, exploration and travel, astronomy and astrophysics, earth and planetary science, mineralogy, ichthyology, anthropology, peripheral biological sciences, entomology, ethnology, herpetology, genomics, paleontology, ichthyology, invertebrates, history of science, museology, invertebrates, systematics, conchology and bibliography. 

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JFK Apt. Budget Rental Cars
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Budget Car Rentals Westchester Cty. Apt. 
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    Intrepid Sea, Air & Space MuseumIntrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum New York City
    The Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum is located on the West Side of Manhattan in New York City and contains the military and maritime history museum at Pier 86; showing the WWII aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid, a Lockheed A-12 supersonic reconnaissance jet, the USS Growler a submarine and a Concorde SST. It has become the center for the yearly Fleet Week activities with visiting warships docking at the cruise ship terminals that are located north of this location and the special events are held on the grounds of the museum as well as on the deck of the Intrepid. The museum opened in 1982, but had to close in 2006 for a two year restoration that was completed on the carrier and the facilities nearby. The museum would be opened in 1982 thanks to Zachary Fisher, a well known NY real estate developer and philanthropist and the well journalist, Michael Stern, who were responsible for saving the large carrier from the scrap heap in 1978, and in 1986 it would be named a National Historic Landmark. After the 9/11 attacks, the FBI would use the vessel as a temporary field headquarters for its agents when it started the investigation of the terrible attack. Some of the fabulous exhibits housed here include; an F-16 Fighting Falcon that had been flown in Operation Desert Storm; the first production Lockheed A-12; F-4 Phantom II, AH-1J Sea Cobra, the USS Growler which was decommissioned in 1989 and had been a diesel electric sub that carried out nuclear deterrent patrols armed with Regulus missiles; A-4 Skyhawk, Piasecki H-25, Beech T-34 Mentor trainer, F-9 Cougar, TBF Avenger, F3H Demon, E-1 Tracer, A-6 Intruder, F-11 Tiger, FJ-2/3 Fury, AV-8C Harrier, F3D SkyKnight, a completely restored army AH-1 Cobra, a Vietnam era UH-1 Iroquis, Bell 47, Sikorsky H-19, Sikorsky HH-52 Sea Guardian, Aurora 7 capsule replica, A British Royal Navy Supermarine Scimitar, British Airways Concorde, Polish MiG-21, Italian Aermacchi MB-339, Polish built MiG-17, French Dassault Etendard IV, and Chinese built MiG-15.

    Bronx Zoo
    Bronx Zoo Bronx, New York CityThe Bronx Zoo can be found in the Bronx Park area of New York City, where it has become the biggest metropolitan zoo in the nation, sitting on 265 acres of park landscaping and naturalistic enclosures that have the Bronx River flowing through. The majority of the land the zoo now occupies was once part of Fordham University, who would sell it to the city in the late 19th century for only $1000, as long as the grounds were used to house a zoo and garden; since the university was beginning to feel the encroachment of urban expansion and desired a good sized buffer zone. The state would set aside the land for development of a park or parks in the 1880s, and in 1895, the state chartered the New York Zoological Society to start a zoo, which was later renamed to the Wildlife Conservation Society. When the zoo opened in 1899, it was called the New York Zoological Park and showcased 843 animals living in 22 exhibits; designed by LaFarge & Heins who created the initial structures in an array of beaux-arts style pavilions that were placed around the big circular sea lion pool. By 2010, the zoo had grown to include over 4000 animals from 650 species, with numerous either endangered or threatened. The exhibits are now arranged by taxonomy, like the World of Reptiles and the World of Birds; with the others put geographically like the Wild Asia and African Plains. The outdoor exhibits include the African plains that contain giraffes, nyalas, African wild dogs, lions, gazelles, zebras and storks; with the baboon reserve replicating the Ethiopian highlands which house African waterfowl, geladas, rock hyraxes and Nubian ibexes; the Congo Gorilla forest that contains 20 some western lowland gorillas, mandrills, colobus monkeys, guenon and marmosets; while the Wild Asia monorail takes you through a 40 acre habitat that houses rhinos, tigers, elephants and wild horses. The indoor exhibits house jungle world where a marvelous tropical jungle is copied that contains almost 800 animals that include a tapir, gibbons and otters; as well as ground creatures like the scorpion, stag beetles and fire-bellied toads. The butterfly garden is always a beautiful area to visit with a plethora of colors, sights and visions as these gorgeous butterflies float, rise and fall; while the monkey house has white-faced sakis, marmosets, and cotton-topped tamarins. The Madagascar exhibit opened in 2008 and contains lemurs, Nile crocodiles, sifaka lemurs and hissing cockroaches.

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Local Restaurants in Union City

    Van Gogh's Ear Cafe
    Entrees; grilled steak kabobs are flank steak marinated in teriyaki sauce served over rice & roasted asparagus; housemade quiche & salad is chose of quiche Lorraine or veggie quiche served with mixed greens salad; feta & spinach Portobello is Portobello mushroom stuffed with feta cheese & spinach served with Israeli couscous salad, stuffed grape leaves & garlic bread; shrimp van Gogh is broiled shrimp in garlic white wine sauce & diced tomatoes over linguini with garlic bread; penne pink basil is served with garlic bread; bean burritos is rice & black bean burritos served with sour cream & guacamole; teriyaki salmon is broiled salmon filet served over rice & topped with julienne veggies; crab cakes is 2 housemade lump crab cakes with roasted corn & black bean salsa & guacamole

    The Union Plaza Diner
    Entrees; diet scrod is filet of Boston scrod broiled in natural juices with fresh peppers, onions & tomatoes over rice; chicken madeira is sautéed chicken topped with mozzarella cheese, asparagus & madeira wine sauce, served with potato & veggie; roast prime rib with potato & veggie; chicken or shrimp garlic alfredo over fettuccini; half rack BBQ ribs with potato & veggie; hot open beef, turkey or pot roast with potato & veggie; tour for Roma is a stuffed shell, 1 manicotti & 1 meatball parmigiana with pasta; chicken Portobello is sautéed grilled chicken with portabella mushrooms, roasted peppers, onions & Dijon mustard sauce, with potato & veggie; Thai lettuce wraps is create your own using chicken strips, carrots, sliced cucumbers, angel hair noodles & lettuce leaves with 2 dressings, choice of peanut and Thai; beef stew with fresh garden veggies; meatloaf with mushroom gravy, potato & veggie; hot chops a la Union Plaza is boneless pork chops sautéed with hot cherry peppers, potatoes & green beans; chicken balsamico is sautéed chicken breast with portabella mushroom, broccoli rabe, garlic & balsamic vinegar over rice; chicken Murphy is sautéed chicken breast with onions, peppers, mushrooms, potatoes & tomatoes; chicken Santorini is with mushrooms, tomato & feta cheese; chicken Piemonesca with eggplant, tomatoes, potato & mozzarella cheese in lemon butter wine sauce; chicken asparagus madeira is sautéed chicken breast topped with asparagus & melted mozzarella cheese covered with fresh mushrooms & madeira wine sauce served with rice or potato; bow ties with vodka sauce with diced tomatoes & vodka pink cream sauce; angel hair Bolognese with meat sauce, mushrooms & ricotta cheese; linguini with red or white clam sauce; summer scampi is shrimp sautéed in garlic & olive oil with mushrooms & tomatoes over angel hair; steamed clams with fresh garlic over linguini; mussels marinara over linguini; filet of sole rollatini with broccoli & cheddar cheese topped with cream sauce; seafood jambalaya with baby lobster tail, shrimp, scallops, onions, roasted peppers & tomatoes in spicy Cajun sauce over rice; veal & shrimp Oscar sautéed veal, shrimp, asparagus & artichoke hearts in light cream sauce over rice; chicken & shrimp alfredo with mushrooms, brandy cream sauce & romano cheese tossed with angel hair; veal & chicken marinara over rice.


Grilled Steak Kabobs Van Gogh's Ear Cafe Union City, New Jersey



 Diet Schrod The Union Plaza Diner Union City, New Jersey


Chicken Balsamic The Union Plaza Diner Union City, New Jersey



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    Central Park Zoo Central Park Zoo New York City, NY
    The Central Park Zoo sits on a small five acre plot of land in Central Park part of an integrated system of four zoos and the city's aquarium that is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and accredited by the AZA. It originally began in the 1860s as a menagerie, which made it the first official zoo in the city, modified during 1934 with numerous new structures that would be arrayed around the sea lion pool in a rectangular shape. Then again during the 1980s, replacing the old type of cages with the newer and more naturalistic habitats that were more conducive to visits and views by the people that came here to wander around and watch the various animals doing what they do best. There are trellised, vine-clad, glass-roofed pergolas that connect the three major areas that showcase the animals, named arctic, tropic and temperate, kept in discreet new structures made of brick and trimmed with granite, and covered by the ever-growing vines. It contains a chilled penguin house, an indoor rainforest, polar bear pool and leafcutter ant colony and coordinates breeding programs for numerous endangered species that include; red pandas, Wyoming toads, thick-billed parrots and tamarin monkeys. Fruit bats have been introduced into the anteater display and the rainforest; and in 2009, a snow leopard display was opened; which elevated the status of the zoo since there are very few zoos in the nation that showcase this rare animal to the public. The zoo had never been part of the original design by Olmsted and Vaux, but a menagerie had been designed by the arsenal that is located on the edge of the park by Fifth Avenue and facing 46th Street; and that would begin growing right away as gifts of exotic pets and other critters would be donated informally to the park. The original two species delivered was a bear and some swans, until 1864, when the zoo would get a charter confirmation from the city's assembly, making it the second publicly owned zoo in the country, after the Philadelphia Zoo that had been founded in 1859. The new zoo would be given permanent areas behind the arsenal in 1870, and in the early 1900s, Bill Snyder would be hired to run the zoo, so he bought Hattie, the elephant in 1904 and she would make many of the community happy and excited to come and watch her, until 1924 when she passed on. Deciding to upgrade and correctly house the zoo, neo-Georgian brick and limestone zoo structures would be built in 1934, arrayed in a quadrangle encompassing the sea lion pool. The well known sea lion pool had been designed by Charles Schmeider, who had studied the environment and habitats of the sea lions before starting his plans, which is why it would be considered ahead of its time, because of his studies and incorporating that information into his design. The zoo would continue on a downward spiral until 1980, when it and the park had fallen into such a terrible state that changes had to be made. The responsibility for its operations would be assumed by the New York Zoological Society, that has evolved into the Wildlife Conservation Society and the zoo would close in 1983, in preparation for its demolition. That began in the winter of 1983, and the more natural habitats replaced them, reopening the zoo in 1988. Quite a few of the old original structures, with low-relief limestone panels of animals would be reused in the changes, but the cramped outdoor cages were taken away, and the majority of the bigger animals would be rehoused into bigger, and more open spaces that resembled their real live habitats moreso now than ever.

    Fort Lee Historic Park & Museum
    Fort Lee Historic Park & Museum Jersey City, New JerseyThe Fort Lee historic park and museum sits on top of the Palisades and contains a museum, visitor center, rebuilt gun batteries, an 18th century soldier's hut and campsite. The excellent museum houses outstanding collections of the Revolutionary War and military history of the region in Fort Lee, New Jersey. There is also much evidence that shows Native Americans roamed and lived in the area for thousands of years before the first Europeans came here. It is the site of George Washington's 1776 summer encampment opposite Fort Washington that is located at the northern end of Manhattan. The fort was named in honor of General Charles Lee, quite a character, and one who believed that he should have been put in command of the American forces, since he had so much more experience in battle, and the honor was bestowed upon him by Washington personally. It is a good read and very interesting story if you ever get the chance. The park has a reconstructed site of the encampment that includes the battery, quarters and blockhouse, as well as a visitor's center; and sits next to the Palisades Interstate Park.

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    Valentine-Varian HouseValentine-Varian House Bronx, New York City
    The Valentine-Varian House sits proudly, majestically in the Norwood section of the Bronx, the second oldest house in the area, and the oldest remaining farmhouse, constructed in 1758 by Isaac Valentine, the magnificent field stone house is a fabulous reminder of what beautiful houses could be constructed some two and a half centuries ago to still be standing in such excellent condition is surely a testament to the craftsmanship and expertise of the artisans of that early period in our history. The house would eventually become the property of Isaac Varian, the 63rd mayor of the city, in office until 1905, when the house would be sold; and is now part of the Historic House Trust and contains the Museum of Bronx history. In the Revolutionary War, the house would become occupied by the Hessians, then British and finally, the American troops, surviving that early revolution even though numerous battles would be fought nearby and around it. Its role in that war was just recently documented in a book that was published in 1983 and tells the complete story of this marvelous home that withstood so much during its two hundred and fifty year history. During the 1960s, when it was being transformed into a museum, there would be some nasty vandalism done to it, but they would all be repaired quickly since workmen were already there doing the conversion. It now houses many exhibits about the history of the Bronx, as well as the borough's; and the Bronx River Soldier, an outstanding statue is still located on the grounds, although it is sometimes referred to as the Bronx River Sentry.  Isaac Valentine was a well-to-do blacksmith and farmer that came here from Yonkers during the mid 18th century and constructed the two story Georgian house using the natural stone that lay around his property; offering Valentine access to the crop markets in the city and with more than enough work as a blacksmith, he became quite wealthy, especially since his house lay on the Old Boston Post Road that ran from Boston to New York City, with many carriages and carts moving by it. He would run into problems financially during the war, and by 1792, Isaac Varian would purchase the estate from his creditors. Varian would pass on in 1820, leaving the estate to his son, Michael, who continued to work the farm and enjoy the comfort and location of the house; and by 1893, his son, Jesse, would be taking over the duties as the third generation. But by this time, the area had outgrown the farms located in the area, as more people and businesses moved here dividing the old farms and building more structures. Jesse would also become involved in the new ventures coming his way and he would sell the estate to developers in 1904. William F. Beller purchased the estate in 1905 at auction and stayed in the house for the next 60 years, with his son, William C. Beller donating it to the Bronx County Historical Society in 1965, which would then renovate it and open it as a museum.

    New Museum of Contemporary Art
    New Museum of Contemporary Art New York City, NYThe New Museum was started in 1977 by Marcia Tucker, and is the only museum in the huge city of New York that is exclusively dedicated to showcasing contemporary artworks from across the globe; with an outstanding changing exhibit schedule that has included artists from Poland, Turkey, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Cameroon, Germany, China, Chile, Cuba, Colombia and numerous other countries during its last five years of operation. It enjoys showcasing the works of under-recognized artists, hosting such wonderful works by Paul McCarthy, Andrea Zittel, Ana Mendieta, David Wojnarowicz and William Kentridge, long before they become world renown. During 2003, it would highlight the works of the Black President: the Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulap-Kuti, as well as forming a partnership with Rhizome that is one of the finest online platforms for global new art media. In December, 2007, it would open in its new location in the Bowery at Prince Street and has received excellent reviews about this new space, that has been able to increase its exhibition space and storage space as well.

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Manhattan Thrifty Rental Cars - 148 W. 83rd St.
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    Chelsea Art MuseumChelsea Art Museum New York City, NY
    The Chelsea Art Museum is one of the finest contemporary art museums in the city of New York, home of the Miotte Foundation that is dedicated to archiving and preserving the works of Jean Miotte, as well as offering new scholarships and research on L'Informel. Miotte's works have been preserved as a legacy for the city, where he had kept a studio since 1978, with the museum located in Manhattan. The museum concentrates its exhibitions on showcasing contemporary human understanding across a range of social, linguistic, geographical, cultural and environmental perspectives; as well as including works that have concentrated on the uncharted dimensions of the 20th and 21st centuries artworks, including such artists that have been shown more in their own countries than here. The museum's location in the center of Chelsea is right across from the piers that were used to bring in many foreign cultures after arriving in the states and becoming part of the melting pot. The museum continues to commit to exploration of "art within a context". Their exhibitions are always supported by many related cultural events and educational programs that attempts to support both the artists and audiences, in a sense of cultural exchanges, creativity and community. Collaborating with a network of visual art facilities and museums both nationally and internationally, the museum strives to offer important although unexplored regions of the 20th and 21st century artworks in a 30,000 square foot restored historic structure in the center of Chelsea. The location, offers a marvelous symbol of the museum's mission that encourages it to become a meeting place and destination for works and exhibits that has come here from Europe, Asia and the Americas, as well as returning CAM generated exhibitions to their affiliates in this country and around the world. It also hosts performance, film and frequent artist talks and round-tables that spur a better understanding and advocate cross cultural and interdisciplinary debates. The permanent collections hold some 500 works of ceramics, paintings, works on paper, sculpture, tapestries and etchings which concentrate mostly on the informal and abstract expressionist artists from this nation and Europe.

    Hoboken Historical Museum
    Hoboken Historical Museum Hoboken, New JerseyThe Hoboken Historical Museum began in 1986, in Hoboken, New Jersey hosting rotating exhibitions and activities that pertain to the architecture, landmarks, history and diverse culture of the city, located in the last surviving building of the old and very famous Bethlehem Steel Hoboken Shipyard. The museum's calendar is filled for the remainder of the year, bringing in outstanding exhibits and displays, as well as book readings, storytime for children, mixed media, house tours, book art, quilts, photographs, lectures, the annual Black Maria Film Festival, artist talks and so much more that keeps this community coming back for more and more. There are many educational programs for children from the age of four up to and including high school age folks, workshops, chapbooks, newsletters and drawing classes for children to adults. The museum has become a very important part of the community, which is perhaps why it has survived the years and continues to be an integral part of the region, keeping it going stronger each successive year. Their gift shop has many items that are sure to become well used in your house or family, with many excellent books about the history of the city and even one that boasts of the 100 Hoboken firsts. Their collections contain more than 50,000 maps, slides, documents, books, photos, drawings and objects with almost a quarter of it available online for your perusal and viewing. It is quite an interesting city, and museum, with more to be seen and admired at the museum; along with a list of other venues that are part of this excellent museum in Hoboken.

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Dollar Rental Car Newark Intl. Apt.
 Bldg. 36 Station #P2 36 Carson Rd.

    Hayden Planetarium Hayden Planetarium New York City, NY
    Hayden Planetarium is a part of the Rose Center for Earth and Space of the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, which is presently directed by astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, and since 2000, it has become one of the two major attractions located in the Rose Center. The upper portions of the Hayden Sphere contains the Star theater that utilizes high-resolution fulldome video to project "space shows" onto its screen that is based on the scientific visualization of the latest astrophysical information, as well as using a customized Zeiss Star Projector system that reproduces the night skies above the earth. The lower half of the sphere contains the Big Bang Theater that depicts the birth of the universe in a four minute program; and is a most unique show. When visitors leave the theater, you'll exit to the Size Scales of the Universe display that features the huge number of sizes in the universe; with the walk itself becoming a type of chronological timeline of the universe from the Big Bang theory to the current day. That display then heads into the Big Bang Theater and then it will exit to the Cosmic Pathway that showcases the history of the universe, and from there you can stop by the Hall of Planet Earth to explore the geology displays, plate tectonics, weather and more, or you can head to the Hall of Universe where you can explore the realms of galaxies, stars, planets and other objects. The planetarium provides many course and public presentations that include the Frontiers of Astrophysics and Distinguished Authors lecture series that are always very interesting and thought provoking. After the restoration of 2000, the museum opened with just eight planets, having left out Pluto, there was a big controversy about it that would eventually make the headlines. It is one of the finest planetariums on the east coast and will keep you wondering for hours on end.

    Liberty State Park
    Liberty State Park Jersey City, New JerseyThe Liberty State Park sits in Jersey City, New Jersey, just opposite the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, that opened in 1976 to coincide with the marvelous bicentennial celebrations that were planned that year. It occupies 1212 acres, with the main part of the park bordered by water on three sides; with the southern portion at Caven Park divided by the Liberty National Golf Club, but can be gotten to by using the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. The majority of the park was created using landfill from the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CRRNJ) and the LeHigh Valley Railroad, whose lines ended here but the railroads have otherwise gone out of business. The CRRNJ terminal is located in the northeast part of the park, one of the area's historic structures, with ferries going to the statue, Ellis Island and Liberty Island close by. The southeastern corner of the park has the Statue of Liberty overlook with a playground, a memorial to Black Tom explosions, picnic areas, the US Flag Plaza and Liberation Monument and the public administration building. At the northwestern entrance, there is an interactive science museum and learning center called the Liberty Science Center that opened in 1993 as the state's first major science museum. This museum houses the world's biggest IMAX Dome theater, the original Hoberman sphere, a silver computer driven engineering artwork that was designed by Chuck Hoberman; many educational resources and science exhibits. A lot of the park sits on landfilled tidal flats that once contained huge oyster banks that was part of the territory of the Hackensack Indians that called the region Communipaw and used it for their summer camps. During the 17th century, it would become part of the colonial province of New Netherland, the patroonship Pavonia. The land would become known as Jan the Lacher's Hook, called that in reference to the bowery's second superintendent, Jan Everts Bouts. For a long time, the village, which Washington Irving referred to numerous times sat where the Liberty Science Center is now located; and for centuries it would be used as a ferry port for the local communities of Hudson County, Bergen and Bergen Township, along with suburban and long-distance travelers going to Manhattan. During the last half of the 19th century, the park lands would be used for shipping, transportation and manufacturing in the harbor area, which would lead to the building of Communipaw Terminal. This ferry and train station would be major jumping off point into the mainland of the United States by many immigrants coming to Ellis Island. The Black Tom explosion in 1916 occurred on the southeastern corner of the park and killed seven people, could be felt through the Tri-State region and caused some $20 million in damages.

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