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Make your trip to Waco Texas an enjoyable trip when you get the freedom to enjoy the local sites with an Alamo rental car! Go wherever you want whenever you want with ease when you choose from the wide selection of available vehicles! Save even more on your rental car purchase when you use Alamo Rental Car Printable Coupons, a quick and easy way to keep money in your pocket!

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Things to do in Waco

  • Dr. Pepper Museum

    Dr. Pepper MuseumEveryone likes an ice cold drink, and of course Pepsi and Coke products appear to have dominated the market. However what about those few, select individuals that love the great taste of Dr. Pepper. Or should we say that there aren’t just a few that enjoy it, clearly the amount of Dr. Pepper produced yearly is worth building a fully functional museum over. That’s right; you can come learn the history behind the famous Pepsi product, the great and tasty Dr. Pepper. The Dr. Pepper Museum is a local town delight, here you can get knee deep in the history and expectations of this fantastic drink. If you are a Dr. Pepper enthusiast then beware because this might just blow your socks off. With an enormous amount of memorabilia the history comes alive in a display of exhibits that stretch back to Dr. Peppers original creation. The classic American drink is a fantastic example of our cultural evolution, and the role this drink has played in history isn’t simply just for a hot day. Collections of Dr. Pepper stretch back generations and to some people are worth a fortune. So just what is it that makes these old fashioned bottles valuable, where has the business gone since that time? Well that’s what the Dr. Pepper Museum hopes to teach you! This is a very fun and inexpensive attraction, be sure to visit when your in Waco Texas!

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  • Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

    Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and MuseumWhen the West was running ramped with fugitives trying to escape their past lives and when the roads leading from one small town to the next became overrun with bandits, a new form of law enforcement became known throughout the West, the Texas Ranger. These men who only sought justice rose up in their communities and attempted to bring order back to the dangerous country side. What exactly stood in their way varied from town to town, however there was no doubt that these men all faced peril, and some even lost their lives to it. In an attempt to commemorate these brave men and to tell their story the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum has stored everything that they could find about these Texas Rangers, and their only goal is to share it with you. Come see the hundreds of items that belonged to the rangers, check out all the various exhibits that explain the history behind each of these individual rangers. In modern days we visualize these proud men as the movie characters we saw in childhood movies, while some of the actors portrayed these men’s lives well, their actual history can be found here at the museum. Come and enjoy this inexpensive and fun museum, a great way to explore the history behind Texas and discover the life of a Texas Ranger.

Enterprise rent- a- car Waco, Texas

When your looking to rent a vehicle finding a reputable company can be a concern. Luckily for you with Enterprise Rental Cars your in good hands. With years of experience and professional sales associates you can get the vehicle you need with the confidence you deserve. Make your trip cost even less when you Rent Cheap Enterprise Vehicles, the perfect solution to making your vacation affordable!

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  • Branch Davidian Ranch

    Branch Davidian RanchThis small town ranch isn’t always considered an “attraction,” however it was a key point in history for the town of Waco. Inside this ranch is where Benjamin Roden, or by his changed name David Koresh held his religious sect. A year after Benjamin changed his name he proclaimed to his religious sect that he was in fact the final prophet. 54 adults and their 21 children were stationed inside the Branch Davidian Ranch where they privately held their ceremonies under the proclaimed final prophet. In 1993 through a series of events the ATF or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms attempted to visit the ranch with a search warrant in hand gun fire erupted from the house. Four agents were killed and six of Benjamin’s followers were believed to have been killed. What has become to be known as the Waco Siege was a 51 day campout at the ranch in an attempt to rob the fanatical religious group of supplies. When it became evident to Benjamin Roden’s followers the compound was burned in an inferno of smoke. Seventy six people were burned inside the compound, these included 20 children, two of the pregnant women that Benjamin had taken as his own and Benjamin himself. The ranch still remains as a memorial to all who died here and is often visited by groups seeking to understand the events that passed on this small ranch.

Hertz Car Rental Waco, Texas

When your looking for a rental car knowing where to go can always be a problem. Finding a rental car location near you or your destination is never as easy as it sounds. However, lucky for you Hertz Rental Cars has thousands of locations worldwide which means there is a Hertz rental car dealer just about anywhere you go! With Hertz Rental Car Discounts you can keep the money in your pocket for those souvenirs!

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  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Waco

  • El Siete Mares Restaurant

    El Siete Mares RestaurantAnyone in the city of Waco will point you in the direction of this fantastic restaurant on any day of the week. This spacious restaurant is divided into separate areas giving you the privacy to enjoy your meal with your family in peace, which also means you can get a just a little bit rowdy because you won’t be bothering anyone. The food here at El Siete Mares Restaurant is Mexican Seafood, something that you don’t often see this side of the boarder. Serving fantastic seafood platters with a twang you can enjoy every bite of your meal. Anyone who has ever been to El Siete will inform you that the appetizers are the tastiest part of the meal. That being said don’t fill your stomach up before your actual meal arrives, you’ll enjoy every thing placed before you, but still, appetizers are the tastiest. This large restaurant is decorated with fish all lover the walls, just to emphasize how devoted to their food they are. With professional chefs and quality service their only goal is to please you with incredible food. Enjoy a wide variety of Mexican Seafood, ranging from fish to coruscations that will leave your taste buds singing. El Siete Mares Restaurant is the perfect solution to any night when you visit the Waco area!

Avis discount rental car Waco, Texas

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Thrifty Car Rental Waco, Texas

Make your vacation, business trip, family reunion or other venture stress free when you choose to rent a vehicle from one of the most reputable names in the business. With a wide variety of vehicles to choose from and quality customer service you can enjoy every moment of your visit to the Waco area. With Cheap Thrifty Car Rentals you can avoid spending money on public transportation and taxi services!

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  • Green Room Grille

    Green Room GrilleYou haven’t experience luxury until you have dined in the Green Room Grille only found in the beautiful town of Waco. Anyone in town can point you to this little oasis of culinary art. Chef David Ferlet anxiously awaits your arrival, serving you some of his greatest dishes you will not find someone as passionate about their food in all the U.S. If you don’t believe us about the passion you’re in for a surprise because you will experience it first hand the second it touches your taste buds. Not many restaurants can be categorized as a culinary adventure, but here at the Green Room Grille you’re in for a wild ride. Professional Chef David’s only desire is to please his customers and by serving you some of the best cuisine in the entire state, if not in the entire country. Skill and understand of food is something that Chef David knows without end, and you have the opportunity to place his cooking skills to the test when you visit this great restaurant. Enjoy gourmet meals and a wide selection of wine for your meal; this is the perfect solution to any romantic meal for the happy couple. Nothing says gourmet and luxuries as a visit to the Green Room Grille, so if you’re passing through the area this is a must!

Dollar Rent-A-Car Waco, Texas

Spending time waiting for public transportation is lost time for entertainment. With fun and exiting things to do in the Waco area having a rental car frees you up to enjoy the local sites! Choose from a wide selection of available vehicles to get the car you need! Make your trip stress free when you rent a car, and use Dollar Rental Car Coupons to save even more on you rental car purchase!

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National Rental Cars Waco, Texas

When your looking to rent a car be sure to check if there is a National location near your or your destination! With incredibly low prices and quality customer service your in good hands when you choose to rent a car from this fantastic rental car company! Save even more money when you use National Rental Car Printable Coupons, the perfect solution to keeping even more money in your wallet!

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