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Things to do in Warwick

    Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum Warwick, Rhode Island
    This fabulous house at Clouds Hill, in Warwick, Rhode Island, had been originally constructed as a wedding gift to Elizabeth Ives Slater when she married Alfred Augustus Reed, Jr. and would be passed from one generation to another, until the current owner, the great-granddaughter of Elizabeth, Anne, has graciously invited you to visit her family's home that has been transformed into a museum. The house had been designed by William Walker & Sons, who had designed many structures around the state, which would include the majority of the armories. The magnificent fireplace surrounds would be carved by Charles Dowler, who had immigrated here to make weapons for the Civil War, and currently, there are numerous pieces that had been made by him at many museums. There have been many visitors that came here from around the globe, and were amazed and fascinated by the beautiful Victoriana house and it outstanding contents that are as good as, if not better than the mansions on Bellevue Avenue. The family had the forethought to keep every record of the house and contents, which is something in itself and quite historic; and had numerous famous members in the family lines that included Samuel Slater, Roger Williams, Zachariah Allen and Anne Nancy Allen Holst, the very first female fire chief in the entire world. Besides all the magnificent antiquities in and around the house, there are other collectibles that include textiles, with the family personal items dating back to the 1870s, porcelain that includes the dinner set that Elizabeth and her family would use; Nancy Allen's fire truck, carriages including the gypsy wagon that was made in the mid-1800s and a lot more. The land where the house stands has been called the West Bay arboretum. This estate is dedicated to the education and pleasure of the state's citizens and those from all over, with a splendid mission to preserve and interpret the estate, its outstanding collections and grounds. The house is a magnificent structure, built to last as has been attested by its still standing and being lived, and there are many pictures of it on the internet, but something of greater importance just begged to be seen when it was discovered among the images; it is the one to the right and showcases the delicate and created genius of Charles Dowler who had done most of the woodworking in the house.

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    Warwick Museum of ArtWarwick Museum of Art Warwick, Rhode Island
    The Warwick Museum of Art is the biggest nonprofit arts institution in the state and has become the regions cultural center since 1976, providing the community with outstanding performances and exhibitions, as well as space for the finest writers, performers and artists in the state, and hosts a great number of cultural and artistic events that include, monthly visual arts exhibitions, comedy, poetry, theater and literature. The museum's present home is the Kentish Artillery Armory and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The unique red brick armory contains a gable-roofed rear that is fronted by a block with projecting square corner towers and a battlement parapet, designed by William Walker & Sons. It would be constructed in 1912, replacing the Kentish Artillery company first armory and drill hall, that had been a Greek revival style building that was constructed in 1854 and then destroyed by a fire in 1911. The artillery company is able to trace its roots back to 1797, when it had been organized as the Kentish Light Infantry, at the express recommendation of George Washington. The artillery would continue until its last member passed on in 1976, and the land that the city had given the company over a century before, would now be returned to the city. There is a very historic legend about the armory, one that has been told for many years, and its case never solved, even to this day. It seems that there were records that show the armory was given, along with other various armaments, two excellent Revolutionary War cannons, so the newly constructed armory in 1912, would be graced with two niches that sat one on each side of the front doorway, to hold the precious cannons, since they were very valuable historically and made of metal. Strangely, the Walker company would add another $2.50 onto their last invoice, for "carting the cannon" to the new armory, but when you visit the armory today, you will notice the two cannons that are pushed into the niches are made of wood and not metal. These are replications since the original cannons disappeared in 1972, and have never been heard of since. The interior of the armory has been converted to house a museum, with gallery for exhibitions, office space and classrooms, and the long, narrow "shooting gallery" in the basement is still waiting for its rejuvenation into an area for the museum's permanent collections.

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Local Restaurants in Warwick

    Legal Sea Foods
    Entrees; fish is with choice of 2 sides; swordfish 10oz. center prime cut; mahi mahi; tuna; Atlantic salmon; rainbow trout; shrimp; sea scallops; haddock; bluefish; New England fried clams are whole-bellied, FF, cole slaw; shrimp & garlic is sautéed with tomato, scallions & mushrooms, tossed with fresh pasta; fish & chips is dayboat cod, regular or spicy with cole slaw; Anna's baked Boston scrod topped with crumbs & tomatoes, rice pilaf, seasonal veggies; jasmine special is steamed shrimp & broccoli over jasmine rice with melted Monterey jack cheese; seafood fra diavolo is shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels & littlenecks in spicy tomato sauce over linguini; signature crab cakes is jumbo lump crab, mustard sauce, seasonal salad; double stuffed baked shrimp is jumbo shrimp, buttery crabmeat stuffing, choice of 1 side; nutty Atlantic salmon is almond encrusted, sautéed in lemon caper butter sauce with mushroom ravioli & spinach; red onion jam swordfish is 10oz. center prime cut, rice pilaf, sautéed sherry mushrooms & spinach; everything tuna is grilled with everything spice mix, roasted red pepper & cold cucumber sauce, jasmine rice, spinach; oven roasted herbed chicken with sweet potato mashed, broccoli & lemon butter sauce.

    Crow's Nest
    Entrees; broiled scrod with potato & veggie; fish & chips; fried boneless chicken battered, fried & served with potato, gravy & veggie; ziti or linguine with red or white sauce; pasta with clam sauce; fried clams or fried scallops with choice of potato & veggie; veal cutlet with brown gravy or red sauce, potato & veggie; meatball, peppers & fries; liver & onions with bacon & gravy; veal parmesan with pasta; chicken parmesan with pasta; eggplant parmesan with pasta; fried clam & scallop combo; baked scrod with cracker crumb dressing; shrimp scampi is 12 shrimp sautéed in garlic butter & served over rice or pasta; broiled swordfish plain or aleo with garlic butter; fried seafood platter with clams, scallops, fish & shrimp; baked scallops with a little wine & butter, topped with cracker crumb dressing; swordfish kabob is fresh swordfish marinated in house Italian dressing & cooked on skewer with veggies; lobster boiled or stuffed with seafood dressing; sirloin 10oz. or 14oz.; chopped sirloin served with mushroom gravy; veal cutlet served with brown gravy; filet mignon 8oz.


New England Fried Clams Legal Sea Foods Warwick, Rhode Island


Oven Roasted Herbed Chicken Legal Sea Foods Warwick, Rhode Island

 Broiled Scrod Crow's Nest Warwick, Rhode Island





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    Warwick Neck Lighthouse Warwick Neck Lighthouse Warwick, Rhode Island
    The Warwick Neck Lighthouse can be found at the very end of Warwick Neck, in Warwick, Rhode Island, having played its part in helping and saving sea vessels in the upper areas of Narragansett Bay for many decades. During the colonial period, there would be some type of light beacon located there that would help the ferries that traveled between Warwick and Prudence Island and Newport. After Providence became the state's most significant seaport, there would arise a positive need for the lighthouse to be constructed at the end of the neck, and in 1826, three acres of land would be purchased by the state from the Greene family for $750 and the next year, in 1827, the first lighthouse would be constructed, and two years later, the keeper's cottage would be constructed. In 1889, it would be remodeled to house the current six rooms that it has today. The tall cylindrical cast-iron tower would be constructed in 1932, standing 51 feet tall, it would become the last traditional lighthouse that would be constructed in the state. The first lighthouse had been 75 feet closer to the water's edge, but with the continued erosion and the terrible results from the Hurricane of 1938, it would be moved to where it sits today. It is presently operated by the Coast Guard, and has been the site of the Easter Sunrise Service that is hosted by the Shawomet Baptist Church, since 1923, while the green signal light blinks every four seconds, like it has since its early seafaring days. The Warwick Neck is really a peninsula that lies between Narragansett Bay and Greenwich Bay, and is considered to be one of the most picturesque areas of the Ocean state, with outstanding panoramic views and salty sea breezes that has enticed rich families to the shores for many years. It is worth noting that before the Great Depression of the 1920s, and the Hurricane of 1938, the city had more resident millionaires than any of the other regions in the nation. Any vessels that passed through the West Passage of Narragansett Bay, which had become very busy during the early 1800s, would have to go through a narrow channel between Warwick Neck and the northern edge of Patience Island, which lies less than a mile to the southeast. Even back then, there is believed to have been some kind of warning light or beacon to let any vessels coming into the channel that the island lay one way and the neck of the opposite side. The original lamps and reflectors would be replaced by a fourth-order Fresnel lens in 1856, and a fog bell and striking machinery added in 1882. In 1900, a very strong siren would replace the fog bell that would sound a low continuous blast during foggy days or other times of low visibility. The Coast Guard took control of it in 1939, and the civilian lightkeepers were given the opportunity to join the Coast Guard or not.

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    Pawtuxet VillagePawtuxet Village Rhode Island
    Pawtuxet means "little falls" in native tongue, and the region around the small falls would be occupied by the Sononoce Pawtuxet tribe, who belonged to the bigger Narragansett Indian nation, that had used the area known as Pawtuxet Neck as one of their feasting grounds. Roger Williams, the founder of the state, in 1638, would buy the land that extended south of Providence to the Pawtuxet River, and his followers, William Carpenter, Zachariah Rhodes, William Arnold and William Harris would arrive and settle on the fertile meadows of the Pawtuxet; while Samuel Gorton, the founder of Warwick, would buy the lands south of the river. Pawtuxet Village is quite unique because its northern area is considered to be part of Cranston, Rhode Island and the southern area belongs to Warwick. During the early 18th century, the local settlers would take advantage of the powerful Pawtuxet River and harness it to operate different kinds of mills, and take advantage of the excellent harbor located there to build one of the nation's premier shipping port The Pawtuxet Village Historic district contains dozens of preserved colonial buildings that sits in the scenic mix of homes and businesses, since the mouth of the river was a strategic location for the new pioneers to settle, as well as offering boats a safe haven to port; with the village gaining much importance as the triangular trade of the day, constructing shipyards for the coastal and West Indies trade that would be located there. In 1772, Rhode Island patriots would take the real first military action of the war by attacking and burning the hated British revenue schooner, HMS Gaspee; which would become known as the nation's first blow for freedom that would lead to the forming of individual colonies and begin the process of the American Revolution. The community continues to celebrate that historic event by playing host to the Gaspee Days Parade every June, along with many other exciting and enjoyable events taking place here. In the early 19th century, William and Christopher Rhodes would create the first textile manufacturing plant that would control the prosperity and destiny of the Pawtuxet region for over half a century. It would transform itself from a shipping port to a mill village with textile mills at both ends of the falls, and in the late 19th century, the Rhodes family would create on the state's most popular attractions called the Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet casino, dance hall and canoe center. Today, the village is still functioning very well even though it is one of the oldest villages in New England, and a marvelous place to learn more about the early days of our country.

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    John Waterman Arnold HouseJohn Waterman Arnold House Warwick, Rhode Island
    The John Waterman Arnold House in Warwick, Rhode Island is now the home of the Warwick Historical Society, but had its early beginnings in the early 17th century, when William Arnold became one of the thirteen proprietors of the Grand Purchase of Providence, and one of the first settlers in Pawtuxet in 1638. He and his son, Stephen, would buy two big tracts of land from the Indian sachems, and before too long, they would own 100,000 acres of land in Pawtuxet, including the towns now called Norwood and Lakewood. During the ensuing years, various parts of the property would be sold off, but the main house, and its encompassing lands would be passed down from father to son for six generations. Israel Arnold would eventually marry Mercy Waterman, when he was judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Warwick and they would have seven children, with four being boys. Their sons were, Israel, Jr., John Waterman, William and George Greene Arnold; and from the daybooks found, and dated from 1772 to 1804, the farm was a very large one at that period, which produced cattle, tobacco, wood and various crops, with any help that he gave being paid for in vegetables, cord wood and pine board. When the British arrived to occupy Newport, in 1776, Israel's land would supply the fire wood for the Continental soldiers. When he was in his fifties, he would become a sea captain and master 0f the ship Rolla, captain of the sloop Polly and served aboard the Ann and Hope and the Hermes. The last Arnold to own the property would be John Waterman Arnold, and according to his diary, he would start working as a carpenter at an early age, while he and his brother, William, would become active in the Warwick Militia, and John would become a Colonel in the 5th regiment in 1822. His daughter, Ann Eliza Arnold would be the last Arnold to live in the house, and since she was a spinster, and pass on in the early 1900s, the property would be passed to other hands. The family rests in a family plot that has become part of the New Pawtuxet Cemetery. The historical society would hear that the house would be burned down to make room for an expansion of the cemetery, but they began negotiations with the owners and eventually the house would become the property of the society in 1965.

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    Aldrich MansionAldrich Mansion Warwick, Rhode Island
    The Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, Rhode Island is a late 19th century estate that had been owned by the Roman Catholic Church since 1939, and had been originally owned by Senator Nelson Aldrich. Construction would start in 1896 and finished sixteen years later. In 1901, Abby Aldrich would marry John D. Rockefeller, Jr. at the mansion, and in 1939, the heirs of the late Senator would donate the house to the Providence Diocese for a token amount. In 1946, Our Lady of Providence Seminary would move into the house that sits on 85 beautiful acres, and contains the French inspired mansion, a caretaker's cottage and boathouse, and a coach house. It would be the mansion of William Parrish in the 1998 film, Meet Joe Black. The estate has been mentioned as being worth about $10 million, but in today's market it is hard to say. The magnificent mansion overlooks Narragansett Bay, with seventy-five rooms, the French styled chateau contains a beautiful blend of European artistry and craftsmanship that is reflective of days gone by, and it is available for various types of events, like weddings, receptions and corporate meetings to mention a few. The mansion would be constructed during what was considered the Golden Years of the Senator's life, who had been born into Rhode Island poverty only to rise to greatness and wealth, as can be seen by the opulent mansion and grounds. The mansion would employ 200 craftsmen, many of them coming here from Europe to do the work on this gorgeous house. The interior is filled with outstanding paintings and exquisite woodcarvings that adorn the walls and halls, with Italian marble used exclusively for the fireplaces, floors and bathrooms. The vaulted ceilings that are above the entrance hall are filled with gold leaf, while the huge living and dining rooms, along with a music and fine arts gallery are all located on the first floor. A spectacular marble staircase goes up to the second floor, with six elaborate suites located there; each one containing its own marble fireplaced bath and bedroom; and both the Senator and his wife, Abby, would occupy a suite that included sitting room, walk-in closet and dressing room. French doors have been utilized as windows through the halls and rooms on the floor, framed by waist high railings that had been installed to protect Abby, when she would occasionally sleep-walk.

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