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Things to do in Westminster

    Bowles House Museum Bowles House Museum Westminster, Colorado
    The Bowles House Museum is located in Westminster, Colorado, and is a big red brick house that has been listed on the National Register of Historical Places, built in 1871. Edward Bruce Bowles came west in 1863, driving a herd of cattle and found the area around Westminster to be an excellent location to start a homestead and raise a herd. He bred fine horses and would ride in the Denver Pioneer Parade every Colorado Day and really enjoyed the region's many open ranges and mountains with outstanding views. Edward married Elizabeth Longan in 1871, which necessitated that he start building a home for them. The house is open for tours, but only from the end of December to the middle of April and by appointment only. The Italianate brick home sits serenely now in the middle of the small lot that is all that remains of the former ranch that had belonged to Edward, and was listed on the national register in 1988.

    Butterfly Pavilion & Insect Center
    Butterfly Pavilion & Insect Center Westminster, Colorado
    The Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center blends and balances science education and interactive fun to help visitors learn more about these beautiful invertebrates and their importance to our conservation efforts. With five immersive displays, that includes a rainforest full of 1200 free-flying tropical butterflies, visitors are going to learn, discover and enjoy more than they ever thought possible at a butterfly garden. You will be able to get as close as you can to the magnificent fliers, as well as learn more about this diverse group of bugs, and enjoy the outstanding nature trails that abound here for your pleasure and enjoyment. The pavilion was started in 1995 and would become the first stand-alone nonprofit invertebrate zoo in the country, with a splendid 30,000 square foot structure set on an 11 acre campus that was provided by the city, and in their first year open would welcome more than 200,000 visitors. The conservatory contains more than 300 tropical and sub-tropical plants that offer exotic blossoms and nectar source for the free-flying butterflies. Their mission has been and is to create an appreciation of the butterflies and other invertebrates so that the public will become more involved in the need for conservation that has been threatened here and other habitats around the world, but especially in the tropics. They are continuously striving to become the premier invertebrate education center in the world. Any creature that squirms, wiggles, slithers, flies or crawls in most likely to be here, which means that besides the butterflies, there are centipedes, horseshoe crabs, spiders, sea stars, walking sticks, millipedes and scorpions. The center has educational programs that involve child and family, community outreach, adults and seniors and youth/school groups and teachers, as well as offering any type of occasion you might think of. Besides the nature trails, there are four indoor exhibit halls and numerous outdoor gardens you can explore for as long as you wish. The four indoor exhibits include the wings of the tropics, crawl-a-see-em, tropical odyssey and the water's edge. The tropical conservatory is where the 1200 plus or minus a few butterflies live, play, fly and survive, coming here from many of the rainforest around the world, and giving you the perfect opportunity to watch as they go from one stage to the next until they are finally released into the rainforest. The crawl display contains leaf insects, beetles, giant millipedes, tarantulas, scorpions and more, while the water's edge offers the exciting chance to gain a hands-on experience with sea cucumbers, horseshoe crabs, sea stars and more, in the Atlantic and Pacific tide pools. Outside of the pavilion, and beside the still waters of the Big Dry Creek, there is a wonderful half mile trail loop that encourages you to wander through here enjoying the many insects that are native to the state, as well as rabbits and prairie dogs, perhaps even a hawk, heron or eagle perched in a tree above you watching you watch the bugs. An exciting and fun filled day that is an outstanding venue for the entire family, allowing you quality time with your children or mate, in a marvelous natural setting that is easy on the eyes, ears and mind.  One noteworthy item is that butterfly and moth wings are completely covered with thousands of minute scales that when combined will become the beautiful and colorful wing patterns that you see on them, but help them to find a mate, hide from predators and communicate.

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    Denver Art MuseumDenver Art Museum Denver, Colorado
    The Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado is found in the Civic Center and quite well known for its amazing Native American artworks and houses an excellent collection of works with over 68,000 pieces that have come here from around the world. Back in 1893, the Denver Artists Club was started and later renamed the Denver Art Association in 1916. As the collection that had been acquired beforehand was finally moved into a city building, the name was changed again in 1918 to the Denver Art Museum. It wouldn't be until 1954, that the museum would have its own purposely built museum, that is today called the Morgan Wing. In 1971, the present building, which is called the North Building, was designed by Gio Ponti and local architect James Sudler; was completed. This unique, rather odd looking structure is 7 stories with grey tiles covering the exterior, make specifically for the building by Dow Corning. The Duncan Pavilion was added in 2006, and is a second story addition to the Morgan Wing with 5700 square feet. This would allow bridge traffic from the new Frederic C. Hamilton and existing 1971 North building after it was finished. The pavilion was designed to be a temporary structure and not to complete architecturally with the others, although there are many who believe that the new structure is the most powerful space because of its simplicity, as well as giving a large atrium area for a rest halfway through the tours and roof deck that affords marvelous views of the city. There are nine curatorial departments in the museum that include; textile art, architecture, Western art, design and graphics, photography, Asian art, painting and sculpture from Europe and America, modern and contemporary, New World that contains Spanish colonial and pre-Columbian and Native art that contains American Indian, African and Oceanic pieces.  One of the current exhibitions is the King Tut that has thrilled visitors all over the world and is one of the most exciting and spectacular displays of Egyptian history and antiquities in the world. There are many other outstanding exhibitions that can be seen at the museum including the controversial The Shootout that depicts a cowboy and Indian shooting at each other in a sculpture by Red Grooms. The sculpture has been at two other locations but was evicted from them after the Native-American activists protested it and then threatened to deface it.

     Children's Museum of Denver
    Children's Museum of Denver, Colorado
    The Children's Museum of Denver, Colorado can be found in the Central Platte Valley offering young children from birth upwards the opportunities to learn by playing, with interactive play areas called playscapes, special events and educational programs that change on a daily basis. The museum began in 1973 when local citizens, educators and museum directors organized the first children's museum in the city to encourage learning and other developmental skills through a series of interactive programs designed to help the child learn more by enjoying activities that strongly lean toward playing and having fun. It was a small traveling museum and after two years moved into a historic turn-of-the-century dairy, and began to grow in size and popularity, welcoming some 10,000 children a month. Naturally, within a few years, the entire museum and its programs were not able to handle the huge influx of visitors and had to find an alternative venue to offer its activities. In 1979, the museum began to explore the area in Gates-Crescent Park, along the Platte River, located in a better area, centralized with excellent traffic routes and next to an area that already had numerous recreational activities offered. The new museum opened in 1984 and has continued to guide, direct and educate thousands of children and their parents. In 1997, the museum responded the communities needs and opened a new program on the first floor's renovated spaces, offering the same exciting opportunities to newborns through 4 years old, called the Center for the Young Child. The museum began welcoming larger crowds of visitors and by 2010 was supporting almost 300,000 visitors a year. The museum concentrates on five key developmental areas that have been incorporated into their amazing venues, that include; sensory awareness, big motor development, social-emotional growth, language and cognitive skills development. The museum concentrates also on the educational theories that have been constructed on the importance of play and the potential found there that will improve and support a child's development.  The museum's programs are wide scoped and outstanding since they are using real world situations to encourage children to development those skills that are important to their continued growth, both as students and young citizens. The many playscapes seem to round out these young children's skills, as well as encouraging a sound education involved in all aspects of a caring and nurturing society. To have this opportunity available, with its continued changing or traveling venues, and the base skills necessary to learn more, is one of the most inspiring venues for young people today. It is certainly one of those places that cares about the entire well being of your child and encourages you in so many ways to be a part of your child's develop and education, making it even more enjoyable and meaningful for the children that come here. 

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Local Restaurants in Westminster

    Salad/antipasta; fresh grilled vegetable caprese; seasonal fresh fruit; bruschetta with garlic croutons; panzanella salad; pasta Genovese; Greek orzo salad; Sicilian caponata; Caesar salad; insalata Mediterrano. Entrees; Tuscan spiced rotisserie chicken, calamari fritti, glazed carrots, cauliflower olive pomodoro, garlic mashed potatoes, chianti peppercorn gravy, eggplant parmesan, arancini is rice balls, fritti mozzarella, zucchine fritti, meatloaf Madeira, sausage with bell peppers & onion, pesci fritti is lightly fried fish, lemon caper sauce, chicken cacciatore, roasted rosemary potatoes, lasagna Bolognese, chicken parmesan, calamari fritti. Fresh made pasta; farfalle carbonara, chicken marsala pasta, spaghetti marinara, mama's meatballs, rigatoni Bolognese, penne tomato vodka, spicy sausage cavatappi, fettucini alfredo & broccoli, pasta del Giorno.

    O's Steak & Seafood
    Social plates; tapas sampler with stuffed pepper, air dried meat, mahon cheese, cured olives; grill bread with ratatouille & eggplant garlic; prosciutto flatbread with olive tapenade, brie & air dried prosciutto; wood roasted mushroom flatbread with artichokes, tomatoes & goat cheese. Small plates; spicy tuna tartare & seared hamachi with miso mayo & seaweed salad; beef carpaccio with grilled polenta, parmesan; seafood stew with mussels, scallops, tomatoes & roasted garlic toast; red romaine Caesar with fried capers, cotija cheese & avocado; baby iceberg wedge with tomatoes, applewood bacon & house made bleu cheese dressing; roasted red & golden beet salad with haystack goat cheese, arugula, toasted hazelnuts; spicy shrimp with papaya salad, togarashi spice; blue lump crab cake with avocado relish. Large plates; Colorado striped bass with saffron fennel, Spanish cous cous; NY strip with five peppercorn crusted, frites & chipotle aioli; line caught tuna tempura with Asian veggies & ponzu; pan roasted organic chicken with marble potato cake, coffee BBQ sauce; braised beef short rib with polenta, haricot verts; the burger with bacon, onion ring, bleu cheese, roasted mushrooms & tomato jam; pork tenderloin medallions with roasted mirepoix & mustard beer emulsion; sweet potato encrusted Atlantic salmon with cannellini beans & Swiss chard; tenderloin of beef with whipped potatoes & wild mushroom jus; roasted cauliflower & mushroom ravioli with creamy cauliflower, spinach, parmesan.


Calamari Fritti Cinzzetti's Westminster, Colorado


 Colorado Striped Bass O's Steak & Seafood Westminster, Colorado

Pork Tenderloin Medallions O's Steak & Seafood Westmnister, Colorado


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    Denver Zoo Red Panda Denver Zoo Denver, Colorado
    The Denver Zoo occupies 80 acres in the City Park of Denver, Colorado that began way back in 1896 and is now the most enjoyable attraction in the city and has been since 2005. It all started when an orphaned black bear was donated, and a bear mountain enclosure was constructed, the first in the nation to use a more natural habitat to house the animals that would eventually arrive. As it grew, the next enclosure was the primate panorama that used enormous mesh tents as well as open areas to contain the monkey and apes, then predator ridge which houses three different areas so that the animals can be rotated through the various terrains to develop environmental enrichment. The newest Asian tropics display is going to be separated into five different habitats that will also rotate those animals that are going to be displayed here. Over the years, many changes have occurred at the zoo, but with the animals health and welfare the main focus of the changes, and offering visitors the best possible experience available at any public zoo. Mayor Robert Speers was the first person to suggest using alternative habitats to house the animals, something that was more personalized to them and their offspring, so that these animals could grow and thrive in an environment that was totally man made. The New Deal funds that became available were only utilized to built the monkey island, in 1937, because many of the city's mayors didn't pay much attention to the zoo or its inhabitants. That changed in 1947, when Quigg Newton became mayor, and overhauled the entire zoo starting in 1950, with improvements, enhancements and additions that put the zoo on the road to recovery and recognition. In 1994, twin polar bear cubs, Snow and Klondike were born to the first time mother Ulu, but she later rejected them and the cute little furballs were then raised by the staff and became a very popular attraction, but eventually these cubs would grow and be shipped off to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, where they still reside. In 2007, a zookeeper named Ashlee Ptaff was attacked inside a jaguar enclosure and had to be put down, with Ashlee later dying. The attack happened even though there was a strict policy about the direct contact between the large cats and zookeepers, but after having an investigation, it was learned that Ms. Ptaff had made a critical error. The zoo today, houses many types of animals from all over the world, that includes; fish, hoofed mammals, reptiles, primates, carnivorous mammals, birds and pachyderms. The zoo is laid out in a large loop with exhibits on the inside and outside of the loop and the exhibits available today include; primate panorama, bear mountain, jewels of the Emarald Forest, Predator Ridge, Monkey Island, Shamba, Feline house, Asian Tropics, Giraffe house, Mountain sheep habitat, Pachyderm Habitat, Bird World, Forest aviary, Northern shores, Wolf Pack Woods, Lorikeet Adventures, Nurture Trail, Bird Propagation Center, Tropical Discovery, Endangered Species Carousel, Pioneer train, Gate Wildlife Conservation Education center and Wildlife Encounters.

    Broomfield Depot Museum
    Broomfield Depot Museum Broomfield, ColoradoThe Broomfield Historical Depot Museum is located in a magnificent historic train depot station that was moved from its initial site at 120th and Wadsworth, to its present location in the Zang Spur Park, in Broomfield, Colorado. It is only one of nine constructed in the nation that would house the railroad agent and his family, as well as baggage area, agents office, waiting room and the apartment that contained kitchen, two bedrooms upstairs with the rooms mentioned and the parlor. Their unique collections include old city directories, maps of the city, a large collection of Broomfield photographs, city newspapers, the Lakeview Cemetery records up to the 1920s and excellent vintage children's clothing. The station was built in 1909 and the living room houses a majority of the memorabilia of the city's past while the waiting room exhibits the original Post Office fixtures. Alongside the museum, the old Honey House group is located that was constructed in 1905 and includes the small house, the outhouse and pump house that were found on the Miles Crawford estate and moved here.

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    Denver Museum of Nature & ScienceDenver Museum of Nature & Science Denver, Colorado
    The Denver Museum of Nature and Science houses a natural history and science museum in Denver, Colorado and has become a marvelous resource for informal science learning in the Rocky Mountain area. Using modern themed displays, activities and programs, the museum encourages visitors to learn more about the natural history of the state, the earth and the universe, with a half a million square foot structure that contains over a million items that pertain to natural history and anthropological objects, and a wonderful library and archival resource. It is a nonprofit that employs over 350 full and part-time staff, a 25 member Board of Trustees and over 1600 volunteers. The museum offers six different program area that utilize lectures, exhibitions, classes, and IMAX films to enhance their main core programs in the fields of zoology, anthropology, health science, space science, geology and paleontology. It welcomes over 178,000 students and teachers each year in their outreach programs, with special opportunities for families, schools and the surrounding areas with teacher professional training workshops. The museum started in 1900, and located in the city's park with magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains and the city, under three different names that include; the Colorado Museum of Natural History, the Denver Museum of Natural History and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It really began with the efforts of a pioneer naturalist named Edwin Carter, who had dedicated his life to the scientific study of the state's fauna, birds and mammals; with the collection growing from his small amount, kept in a lonely log cabin, the biggest natural history museum in the western parts of the nation, with over a million items housed in its collections. The museum has also became well known and recognized for its Gate Planetarium, Egyptian mummies, children's discovery area, colorful minerals and gems, the Space Odyssey display, Expedition Health display, wildlife displays, educational programs, the Prehistoric Journey, IMAX films and temporary displays. Visitors to the city and the museum will get the best views of the city and mountain range from the Anschutz Family Sky Terrace and Leprino Family Atrium, both of which are located on the west side; getting beautiful views of the Front Range, which extends from Longs Peak in the north to Pikes Peak in the south.

    Westminster Historical Society
    Westminster Historical Society Westminster, Colorado
    The Westminster Historical Society started in 1962 and devoted itself to preserving the city's history, as well as the surrounding area that began in the early 1850s, as the home of antelope, bison and the Arapahoe Indian nation that kept a semi permanent village near Gregory Hill. After gold was discovered in the vicinity of Little Dry Creek in 1858, the area saw an enormous influx of miners and other settlers since they saw no reason to continue onward to California when this area was closer and more recent. With the arrival of the Homestead Act of 1862, the area saw an insurgence of immigrants and emigrants coming from all over the country and world, trying to carve out a home for themselves and their families. Jim Baker arrived and was later named the forgotten mountain man, serving as a guide, interpreter and scout for the government, knowing how to speak numerous tribal dialects, as well as being a chief of the Shoshoni for a while. In 1846, he would marry Marina, and settle on land near 52nd and Tennyson in 1859, and then homesteading in 1863. He ran a toll ferry and store by Clear Creek, where the old Cherokee Trail crossed over and it became known as Baker's Crossing. Jim moved to Wyoming in 1871, but there is still a glass window in the state capitol that honors him and his many contributions to being the first white man that had ventured this far west, as well as making way for the many that followed. Actually, the first settler to construct a house in the Westminster area was Pleasant DeSpain, who in 1870, constructed a home on 160 acres of farmland by the future intersection of 76th and Lowell Boulevard; where he and his five sons would plant grains and fruit trees of apples and oranges. Eventually, other settlers came to the area that was called DeSpain Junction, including one Edward Bruce Bowles that came out west driving his herd of cattle to also homestead in the area in 1871.

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    Westminster CastleWestminster Castle Westminster, Colorado
    Westminster Castle in Westminster, Colorado has been referred to locally as the Pillar of Fire and the Big Red Castle, and is a historic landmark added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. The castle is presently owned by the Pillar of Fire Church, beginning out in 1890 as hopes and dreams of becoming the Princeton of the West, after New Yorker Henry T. Mayham got an approval to construct a Presbyterian university on land that he owned sitting above the city of Denver. The magnificent property had been called Crown Point, and was the high-test point in the county at its beginnings, with architect E. B. Gregory designing and laying the cornerstone for the college's initial main building; using gray stone from the Coal Creek area. The building was slow going because of the lack of money, so Mayham then hired NY architect Stanford White to come and complete the design and watch over the construction. White would change the usage of gray rock to red rock from the Manitou region, and finished in 1893, an outstanding 160 foot front, by 80 foot deep, three stories high, structure with a 175 foot tower, all built in the Richardson Romanesque style. Even though the university's main building was finished, classes didn't begin until 1908 since the 1893 crash of silver caused many concerns and problems. Mayham had continued to obtain funding and when the first 60 students started classes in 1908, with a $50 dollar year tuition and indoor plumbing. In 1911, there were some changes in the region, beginning with the name of the town that the school was located in, which had been called Harris after one of the first settlers, but then changing it to Westminster, to honor Westminster University, and the ensuing years seemed to roll along quite well, one after another, until 1915, when the board decided to exclude women, which seemed good enough at the time, until 1917, when all the young men had gone off to serve in the first World War. The Presbyterian University would then be forced to close their doors forever. When it had reached its peak, the Crown Point land had been valued at half a million dollars, but after it had to close, and was abandoned for three years, it was bought by Bishop Alma White of the Pillar of Fire Church for only $40,000 in January of 1920. That sale included the house, 45 acres of prime real estate, a power plant and two houses, one for the President to live in and the other as the dormitory for students.  Although there was a lot of repair and restoration work involved, the new Westminster University would open in 1920, only 8 months after it had been bought, and within 6 years of reopening, the college, now called Belleview Schools had gotten its accreditation and ready to teach and instruct for decades to come. During the latter 1920s, the campus became a frequent gathering spot for the Ku Klux Klan and had many meetings and cross burnings, but by 1997, the Pillar of Fire Church no longer wanted any association with the Klan. Presently, it still houses the Belleview Schools, with preschool, Belleview Christian School from K-12th grade and Belleview Christian College and Bible Seminary.

    Denver Mint
    Denver Mint Denver, ColoradoGrand Isle, Westminster is home to one of the oldest log cabins in the nation.  It is a one The Denver Mint is one of the branches of the United States Mint that struck their first coin in February, 1906, and still produces coins for circulation, plus commemorative coins and mint sets. The coins made here bear a D mint mark, and it has become the biggest producer of coins in the world. Before the Denver mint opened, the Clark, Gruber & company made the coins, which had started in the Pikes Peak gold rush, using gold dust to mint the coins that were brought here by the miners. For the next three years, the company made gold coins and ingots and finally were bought out by the US Treasury in 1863. An act of Congress in April 1862, the mint at Denver opened for business in late 1863, as the US Assay Office and started in the same facilities that the Clark, Gruber and company had been located and purchased for $25,000. The mint didn't begin producing gold coin like its predecessor because of the war, the Indians and bad white men along the trail. Gold and nuggets were eventually brought here, and made into gold bars, and then returned to their owners with the weight and fineness of the gold stamped on it, with the majority of it coming from the great beds of placer gold discovered in the streams and found in 1858, the same year the city was founded. After the gold had been exhausted in the river beds, the emphasis turned to lode mining, which involved finding veins of ore that contained a high percentage of silver and gold. As of 1859, the yearly value of gold and silver that was deposited at the assay office was more than $5.6 million, and during the first few years of the city, the assay office was the most significant structure. In 1897, a new mint was in the construction phases but because of various problems didn't start minting any new coins until 1906, with 167 million coins being mass produced in its first year. These included $20 dollar gold pieces called double eagles, $10 gold eagle, $5 gold half eagles and many denominations of silver coins.  

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    Westminster City ParkWestminster City Park Westminster, Colorado
    The Westminster City Park is one of the 14 city parks that are located here, and contain some 50 square miles. The City Park has a lot of shade to keep you and your family out of the sun's heat and shine, with many amenities that include a tot field, numerous ball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball nets, restrooms, 2 pavilions and filed lights. The Westminster City Park Recreation center houses a aerobic dance studio, sauna, natural stone rock climbing wall, hot tub, ceramics and pottery room, racquetball/handball/wallyball courts, community room, gymnasium, weight room and locker rooms. There are numerous trails running around and through the park that make for great runs, jogs or walks, with plenty of areas for skateboards, rollerblades and bikers, making this a great park for all kinds of activities and ideas for families to enjoy the day. The weather is usually excellent for outdoor sports and the fields are kept up by the parks department's great staff, always striving to keep the park in the best shape for its citizens and families.

    Eagle Trace Golf Course
    Eagle Trace Golf Course Westminster, ColoradoThe Eagle Trace Golf Club in Westminster, Colorado is a majestic Dick Phelps designed 18 hole par 72 with outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains, real bent grass greens, 65 sand bunkers, 5 big lakes, enormous native cottonwood trees and a very challenging golf course. The 3500 square foot club house has just been redone with a full service bar and restaurant, outside pavilion on the lake. There are meeting and banquet rooms available for a large family or business outing, with splendid views and excellent fairways that are challenging for any player, regardless of his skill level and the right place to utilize all those clubs. The course has a wonderful practice range that will ensure you're ready to play at your par when you head out to the tee. They rent pull carts for those of you wanting to incorporate your exercise schedule into a great round of golf, as well as the usual carts to make the round go faster if you are pressed for time; although the views available are sure to slow you down, as you go around the course. The club has a great membership program that will help you get out there more often at a cheaper rate, with quite a few tournaments being held here throughout the year to pit you against others that love the game and course as much as you do.

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