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Things to do in Windsor Locks

    Noden-Reed Museum Noden-Reed Museum Windsor Locks, Connecticut
    The Noden-Reed Farm Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut continues to be a work in progress with many outstanding household relics that have managed to capture the period of the house from decades ago, with oil paintings and music related materials housed in the living room or parlor; including a piano from the early 1800s. The state and city's own Governor Ella Grasso has numerous relics of her political life being showcased in the parlor as well that also includes many of her awards and documents. The rooms of this old farm still contain toys, photographs of the early city buildings and people, as well as Civil War rifles. The huge brick barn contains the majority of the historic farm tools and a marvelous underground time capsule that has numerous pieces from the year 1976 in the front. It was the former home of Gladys Reed that lived on the farm for many years and donated it to the city in 1972, with the stipulation that it would be used as a park, with 22 acres of land included, it is a special place for the community to come and enjoy yesteryear, as well as many lovely plants, trees and shrubs. The farmhouse contains a wonderful collection of old newspapers printed in the city that are from the 1800s, and have become one of the finest research tools for the citizens and historical society. Other memorabilia from the 19th century include collections of clocks, arrowheads, scouting materials, industry records and documents, tools, political items, antique irons and furniture, World Series Little League baseball items, unusual W. L. toilet paper and so much more that it would behoove you to visit it and get all the best information there. The barn was constructed in 1826 and the barn is one of only a few brick style barns left in New England, with a small collection of carriages from the 19th century, the farming tools used to cultivate and harvest tobacco. The house was built sometime after the barn, during 1840, and perhaps was a replacement for any older house that had been destroyed or otherwise taken down to make room for the more modern style. There are magnificent hand stitched quilts and blankets that cover the antique beds, along with vintage clothing and uniforms, with quite a bit of accessories being showcased. It almost seems as if the house and barn museum have become a repository for the area's antiquities, since there are also collections of jugs, wooden utensils, bottles, tin utensils and other unique kitchen items. The property is one of nine that were homesteads during the Revolutionary War era, with the park sitting on the site of a former Hessian soldier that came to live in this country, named Henrick Roddemore, whose cabin had been located on the property. According to an old story or legend, this cabin would be the site of the first Christmas tree placed in a home in the nation in 1777.

    New England Air Museum
    New England Air Museum Windsor Locks, ConnecticutThe New England Air Museum (NEAM) is situated in the Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut preserved in three big exhibit structures that cover over 75,000 square feet of space with the outside yard available for tours in good weather. The excellent displays include the history of Sikorsky Aircraft, the history of air mail, the Tuskegee airmen, early war aircraft, the Flying Mollisons, the 58th Bomb Wing Memorial and early French aviation with a special Lafayette Escadrille. The museum opened a more kids friendly exhibit called the KidsPort in 2009, which is a joint venture between NEAM and CATAVIA, LLC, that is one of the educational software companies for children. Their library holds extensive volumes, technical manuals, books, the National Air and Space museum photographs on laser disks, which have been cataloged and are available to any researchers that might need more information about their holdings. As microfilm, movies and photographs are donated, the materials are immediately cataloged into the marvelous collections as they come in. Some of the fantastic aircraft being displayed include; an F-105D Thunderchief 57-5778, a CH-54 B 69-18465 that is considered the pride of the fleet, a Burnelli CBY-3 Loadmaster CF-BEL-X, a Boeing B-29A Superfortress 44-6195 - Jack's Hack, a North American B-25H Mitchell 43-4999 Dog Daze, Chance-Vought XF4U-4 Corsair 80759, which is the official state airplane. All together there are 66 airplanes, 1 dirigible, 8 missiles, 1 blimp, 7 gliders, 6 balloons and 1 autogyro. The current main structure was constructed after 1981, when a tornado swept through the area destroying the old structure which had been located by Rt. 75 and that happened in 1979. The numerous one-of-a-kind displays include a Kaman K-225 helicopter which is the oldest surviving Kaman-built aircraft, the last remaining S-44A flying boat, the Sikorsky S-39 the oldest surviving Sikorsky aircraft and the Silas Brooks Balloon Basket, the oldest surviving aircraft in the United States.

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    Basketball Hall of FameBasketball Hall of Fame Springfield, Massachusetts
    The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts was opened to honor the outstanding basketball players, referees, executives, other significant contributors and coaches of the game, which was named after James Naismith, the creator of basketball; that is devoted to preserving and promoting the game at all levels and has become the ultimate library of the sport's history, thus far honoring 295 people and 8 teams. The hall was started in 1959 by Lee Williams, the former athletic director at Colby College, who opened the first public museum at Springfield College in Springfield in 1968, with a newer structure being opened in the downtown area in 1985, located off-campus. A brand new $45 million, 80,000 square foot structure was opened adjacent to the old building and it was designed by the well known firm of Gwarthmey Siegel & Associates in 2002. The structure houses a 300 seat theater where various ceremonies are held during the year, along with a game gallery and honor ring of all the inductees that have been added to the hall since it opened. This hall of fame honors international professionals, as well as international and American amateurs besides the American professionals, unlike the other two halls that pertain to baseball and football. The museum has four screening committees that search and identify possible candidates, with one for international candidates, American, female and veterans. Those players and others that receive at least five votes from a seven member committee in one of the given years will go on to the Honors Committee that is made up of 12 members that will then vote on each candidate and rotating groups of 12 specialists, with one for females, another for international candidates, another for veterans and one for Americans; with the goal of getting at least 18 affirmative votes or 75% of all the votes cast, from the Honors Committee is then approved for the induction ceremonies in the hall. To be considered for induction by one of the screening committees, each player must be completely retired from playing for at least five years, whereas a referee or coach must be completely retired for five years or have been active in their respective craft on the collegiate, high school or professional level for at least 25 years. There isn't any requirement for those that have made an important contribution to the game. Over the decades that the hall has been open, there have arisen numerous controversies, since one of the aspects of the hall's voting procedures included voter anonymity, and at other times, the committees have been criticized for voting for active collegiate coaches or fairly unknown players while omitting some of those that are better or more accomplished. Since it beginning, there have been 301 players, referees, coaches, contributors and teams that have been inducted, while Bill Sharman, Lenny Wilkens and John Wooden have been inducted as both a coach and player; and there have been three occasions when a new class was inducted without honoring any players which were done in 1965, 1968 and 2007. The Final Four of each year's women's and men's Division/NCAA basketball tournaments is also when the hall gives out numerous awards to many college basketball athletes, with the Bob Cousy Award presented to the top point guard from any players in Division I, II and III, being awarded since 2004, with Cousy and a select group of college basketball coaches, writers, fans and sports information directors. Another prestigious award that the hall gives out is the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award to the woman player that is no taller than 68 inches tall or a man that is no taller that 72 inches tall and determined to have been the country's best student-athletes.

    Butler-McCook Homestead
    Butler-McCook Homestead Hartford, ConnecticutThe Butler-McCook Homestead in Hartford, Connecticut was constructed in 1782 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. This marvelous old house would remain in one family for more than two centuries and is well known for the magnificent gardens that were created by Jacob Weideman, and the Connecticut Landmarks runs the homestead as a house museum that contains the personal furnishings and decorative pieces that span the colonial to the Victorian periods. There is a marvelous Main Street history center located here that holds many outstanding exhibits about the early city of Hartford. The Butler-McCook House and garden would be the homestead to four generations of the Butler family that lived here for 189 years all together, taking part in and witnessing many changes that would occur in the city, state and nation as the years passed by, having taken part in the Revolutionary War until the mid-20th century, with the exterior looking as pristine today as it was back then, and the Victorian ornamental garden out behind it was originally laid down in 1865, with the excellent furnishings inside still as they were left by the families. There is state crafted colonial furniture, Victorian period toys, a set of samurai armor that had been picked up by one of the families when they took a trip to Japan and many wonderful paintings that span the two century period. This family would include members of missionaries, doctors, industrialists, social reformers, artists, pioneering educators and globe trotters, as well as a few ordinary types that would help document the history that they would witness. The exhibit that is showcased here is the Main Street display that contains a marvelous exhibit called "Witnesses on Main Street" and utilizes both the Butlers and the McCooks own personal words to describe the scenes that passed in front of them as they watched their neighborhood go through various stages of evolution just as their families did. The neighborhood would change from a number of clapboard houses, artisan shops and taverns into a modern mix of eclectic modern urban structures that included, multi-storied steel, brick and stone buildings that would house cultural institutions, financial, governmental and industrial complexes that have become the facade of the city of Hartford today.

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Local Restaurants in Windsor Locks

    Maine Fish Market Restaurant
    Entrees; includes salad, fries or rice, bread & butter & choice of Cole slaw, chef's veggie or pasta salad; Pollock is 2 flaky pcs. of Pollock coated in house special batter; haddock is 3 pcs. of fresh haddock in house special batter; whole belly clams in house special batter; fried clam strips; calamari; bay scallops; sea scallops; fried gulf shrimp; Maine Fish Market's famous fried seafood platter with shrimp, Pollock, whole belly clams, sea scallops & seafood langostino salad; fried chicken is 4 pcs. of crispy chicken; chicken fingers; fillet of sole; fried oysters; boiled lobster dinner with 1.25 or 1.5 pound lobsters; baked stuffed lobster; lazyman's lobster dinner is 8oz. hand picked prime fresh lobster meat; steamer dinner with 2 pounds with drawn butter & broth; stuffed swordfish with scallop & crabmeat stuffing; Alaskan king crab legs; boiled lobster & crab legs combo is 1.25 lobster with a pound of crab legs; king crab & steamer combo is a pound of crab legs with pound of steamers; boiled lobster & steamer combo is 1.25 pound lobster with a pound of steamers; fresh salmon broiled or Cajun style; surf n turf is 10oz. Delmonico with choice of any single non-market seafood entree; super surf n turf is 10oz. Delmonico with choice of lazyman's lobster, boiled lobster, stuffed lobster crab legs or other market items; chicken parmesan; grilled breast of chicken prepared your way with either Cajun, BBQ or marinated; baked Boston scrod; broiled fillet of sole; broiled swordfish, broiled haddock; baked stuffed fillet of sole & sea scallop combo; broiled sea scallops; baked stuffed shrimp is 5 jumbo shrimp; broiled shrimp; broiled seafood platter with haddock, sea scallops & shrimp.

    J & G Restaurant & Lounge
    Entrees; served with salad & garlic bread, choose your pasta topped with your favorite sauce, spaghetti, ziti, fettuccine, angel hair, linguine or shells; aglio olio which is garlic & olive oil; butter & garlic; marinara sauce; meat sauce; meatball, sausage or mushrooms; broccoli, olive oil & garlic; primavera sautéed veggies in cream sauce; alfredo thick & creamy sauce; alfredo & broccoli; carbonara is cheese sauce with ham & bacon; red or white clam sauce over pasta; red or white calamari sauce over pasta; baked stuffed jumbo shells 4 pcs stuffed with seasoned ricotta cheese; baked lasagna house made with meat & seasoned ricotta cheese; manicotti in casserole 3 pcs. stuffed with seasoned ricotta; baked ziti or shells Napolitano mixed with seasoned ricotta & meat sauce; baked eggplant rollatini stuffed with seasoned ricotta, ham, mushrooms with choice of pasta; baked eggplant parmigiana with pasta; Italian combo is stuffed shells, manicotti & cheese & meat ravioli; shrimp & angel hair pasta is sautéed shrimp tossed with artichoke hearts & diced fresh tomatoes in roasted garlic & olive oil sauce over bed of angel hair pasta; jambalaya is spicy hot chicken breast, baby shrimp, mussels, sausage, hot peppers, tomatoes, onions & bell peppers served over linguine; steak Diane is USDA choice, 14oz. NY sirloin steak, broiled to your liking & topped with mushroom sauce; Dominic is boneless chicken breast with broccoli, sausage, roasted peppers, garlic & Romano cheese over pasta; chicken parmigiana is breaded cutlet sautéed then baked with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese; grilled, BBQ or Cajun chicken breast is grilled boneless chicken breast with broccoli; chicken alfredo & broccoli is in creamy sauce with fresh cooked broccoli; chicken sorrentino layered with eggplant, prosciutto & mozzarella, baked & served with marinara brown sauce; chicken saltimbocca stuffed with prosciutto & mozzarella, baked & served with prosciutto & cheese with mushrooms in sherry sauce; chicken cacciatore simmered with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms & peppers; chicken marsala is medallions sautéed with mushrooms in marsala brown sauce; chicken francaise dipped in egg batter & sautéed with butter in wine lemon sauce; fried chicken with FF or pasta & salad; fried chicken fingers with FF & Cole slaw; veal parmigiana is breaded veal cutlet sautéed then baked with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese; veal sorrentino is layered with eggplant, prosciutto & mozzarella, baked & then served with marinara brown sauce; veal saltimbocca stuffed with prosciutto & cheese with mushrooms in sherry sauce; J & G special is sautéed with artichoke hearts, capers, tomato & garlic in sherry wine sauce over pasta; veal francaise dipped in egg batter & sautéed with butter in wine lemon sauce; USDA choice steaks offer 14oz. NY sirloin, 14oz. blackened rib eye, 14oz. rib eye steak, chopped beef steak with onions & mushrooms.


Fried Chicken Maine Fish Market Restaurant Windsor Locks, Connecticut


Boiled Lobster Dinner Maine Fish Market Restaurant Windsor Locks, Connecticut


 Eggplant Rollatini J & G Restaurant & Lounge Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Baked Stuffed Shells J & G Restaurant & Lounge Windsor Locks, Connecticut


Chicken Marsala J & G Restaurant & Lounge Windsor Locks, Connecticut


Veal Sorretino J & G Restaurant Windsor Locks, Connecticut

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    Francis House Francis House Wethersfield, Connecticut
    The Captain James Francis House Museum in Wethersfield, Connecticut would be the home for the Francis family for over a century and a half spanning from 1793 until 1969, when it would be donated to the historical society in Wethersfield. James Francis had been a master-builder and he would custom build his house according to his family's needs, using the finest materials and the best craftsmanship that was possible during the period. The 18th century house has been interpreted for different time periods in different rooms of the magnificent house, with a lovely Victorian sitting room that takes you back to the real olden days and then up to Mary Strong's summer bedchamber that reflected early 20th century living and styles. The master craftsman would enlarge the original one and a half story house with a gambrel roof to two stories in 1815 raising the roof. James would also be involved in constructing other houses in the city during his lifetime, with the front and side porches being added by his granddaughter, Jane Francis, in the 19th century. Some of the marvelous houses that James either helped construct or design are still standing in the city, a wonderful testimony to his skills and expertise in building, with many other elements provided by James and his family that would beautify many simple designs during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. There are interesting and exciting properties to visit, so when in the area of Wethersfield, be sure to check them out as well; as they are sure to be mentioned in his papers at the house.

    Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
    Harriet Beecher Stowe Center Hartford, ConnecticutThe Harriet Beecher Stowe Center was created to preserve and interpret her house in Hartford and the numerous historic collections that are located there. The center, today, promotes a lively discussion of her life's work and inspires commitment to social justice and positive change that is still pertinent today. Her most famous novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, that was published in 1852, would change the outlook of Americans towards slavery and eventually the entire world. The book would "demand" that this nation's promise of freedom and equality be delivered to all, not just a certain group of elitists, or rich people, or white people, or Anglo-Saxons or any other particular group of people and it is still written the same as it was over two hundred and thirty odd years ago. The book would for sure change how American would view slavery and inspire an abolition movement that would contribute much to beginning the Civil War, or the War Between the States, which are both moot now, since all we remember are the hundreds of thousands of Americans that gave their lives for an idea that is more than antiquated than this nation. The book would become one of the best sellers of the 19th century, selling as many as 10,000 copies in the nation, in its first week and 300,000 its first year, with those folks in Britain purchasing over 1.5 million copies in a single year. The center contains a lot of information about Harriet, her life, struggles and her dogged determination, supported by a family that was raised in the church and afforded many of the nicer things in life, especially a well rounded education. It also contains an interesting history of the affects of the book, especially after the stage would get ahold of it since there were any copyright laws that would protect the book and its troubling story. The stage shows would become "Tom Shows", depicting the character with black faced white actors, and not much reference to the terrible acts of slavery and what they meant, not only for the slaves, but for the nation that would eventually go to war over it. The Tom shows would continue to tour long after the Civil War, well into the 20th century, as well as being used to produce many products like games, song sheets, wallpaper, silverware, clothing and ceramics, all featuring characters or scenes from the book. Much of the merchandise is still reflected in our society today, sadly, which makes many folks quite uncomfortable, especially since we have elected a man that is part African, but all American in his heritage and beliefs. It is a fantastic place to visit and learn more about this wonderful woman and the period of this nation that would tear it apart, and like the beliefs about black people that hasn't changed too much over a century and a half later, or the deep seated feelings held by southerners against the Yankees.

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    Nathan Hale HomesteadNathan Hale Homestead Coventry, Connecticut
    The Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, Connecticut was the former house of the state's hero and his family, Nathan Hale, which had been constructed in 1776, and is the second structure built on that plot of land. Nathan's father, Richard Hale, had become a wealthy livestock farmer and constructed the large house for his big family. The family would be impassioned patriots, with six of Richard's eight sons serving in the Continental Army, while one son, Captain Nathan Hale, would be caught and tried, then hung as a spy at the age of 21 years, by the British in September of 1776. He is the same man that would utter those unforgettable words, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country". Words that meant something to these early Americans, even before they were called Americans, words that have been heard by many heroes over the centuries, that have gladly laid down their lives for their fellow countrymen and women, for their families, their friends and neighbors, in fact, words that would help this nation grow into one of the greatest nations to ever have graced God's green earth, and today, one of the last superpowers of the earth. Once the war ended, sadly, three other sons would die from wounds that they received from battles, so their families would move into the old homestead which meant the between 12 and 20 people would be living in the house at one period. The homestead is a magnificent example of the Georgian style of architecture, but was sold by the family during the 1820s, however, it would still maintain its prime conditions all through the centuries, until George Dudley Seymour began restoring it during the early 20th century. Using modern techniques, the house interior has been repainted in the original colors and is still filled with excellent examples of the furnishings used by the Hale family, as well as other period pieces that were placed in the house by the following tenants and owners. In the 1940s, it would be donated to the state landmarks society, with a majority of the original land becoming part of the Nathan Hale State Forest.

    Isham Terry House
    Isham Terry House Hartford, Connecticut
    The Isham Terry House in Hartford, Connecticut is another time capsule of the genteel style of living in the turn-of-the-century city, since Dr. Oliver Isham Terry purchased the house in 1896, which had been constructed in 1854 and of the Italianate design. The doctor had his office located in the house that he shared with his sisters, Julia and Charlotte, would occupy the house until the 1970s; continuously fighting against the urban renewal projects that claimed so many historic houses in the city. The two sisters would make a few small changes in the overall design of the house, so that it is a marvelous rendition of a house from the late 19th and early 20th century living, with room after room filled with outstanding historical relics and antiques. There are stained glass windows, rare books and paintings, elegant gas-light fixtures, Connecticut made clocks, and much memorabilia from Hartford High where the Isham's attended. The doctor's office, filled with all the paraphernalia that was necessary for an office like his, with its doctor's instruments and medicines, would remain just as the doctor had left it, as well as the rare collection of early Connecticut automobile memorabilia that he had started collecting.

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    Noah Webster HouseNoah Webster House West Hartford, Connecticut
    The Noah Webster House in West Hartford, Connecticut is now a historic house museum that had been the former residence of the American lexographer, Noah Webster and made a National Historic Landmark in 1962; and believed to be haunted by spirits. The house was constructed around 1748 and was part of a 120 acre farm, quite typical of the New England style of house made of wood that many might consider to be a saltbox style. It would be enlarged into a two and a half story house with an irregular shape, and in 1758, it would become the birthplace of one Noah Webster, the author of the first American dictionary in 1828. His father would have to mortgage the farm, including the house, for the opportunity for Noah to attend Yale University, and it would lived in continually until 1962, when it would donated to the city; placed on the landmark list the same year and then opened as a museum in 1966. There are numerous objects that pertain to Webster, and includes many of the earliest editions of the Webster's Dictionary of the American Language, blue-backed spellers, two clocks that Noah owned when he became an adult, glassware, china and a desk. The house has become the headquarters of the West Hartford Historical Society and offers tours, exhibits and programs that pertain the famous author, teacher, lawyer and early abolitionist. The museum includes the lovely house, two exhibition galleries, a one-room schoolhouse, the Jodik Education Center with working reproduction open hearth, the Hamilton gallery and a recently restored visitor's center. It also contains manuscripts, books, decorative arts and ephermal relics that had been part of Noah's life as well as the community's. The house is proud to serve about 10,000 school children every year, and thousands of visitors from across the globe, workshops, history club for young people and summer camps.

    Old State House
    Old State House Hartford, ConnecticutThe Old State House in Hartford, Connecticut was finished being constructed in 1796, and designed by Charles Bullfinch as his first project; and is now managed by the Office of Legislative Management of the Connecticut General Assembly. The exterior and the Senate has been renovated to its original Federal style, with the Representative's chambers designed in the Victorian style, with the halls and courtroom in colonial revival. The state house seems to resemble the town hall of Liverpool, England that was constructed in the mid-18th century and many believe that it was shown in one of Bullfinch's architectural books; but all the materials came here from within the nation. The first story is 20 feet high and built from Portland, Connecticut brownstone, while the next two floors made of brick designed in the Flemish bond pattern; and the cornice made of wood. Since its creation, it has been altered, since it was made without cupola or balustrade, which would be added in the 19th century for the protection of the firemen, with the cupola being built in 1827 with a bell and John Stanwood's statue of justice. There used to be a stone spiral staircase constructed in 1796, that led to the top two floors, but was eliminated many decades ago. The Hartford Convention would be held here in 1814, and in 1839, it would be site of the beginning of the Amistad trial. Because of financial concerns, the state house almost closed in 2008, but the state and local officials have managed to find another manager and signed a 99 year lease with them. The state house would become a National Historic Landmark in 1960, with many exhibits concentrating on the history of the city, as well as numerous significant events that occurred during its history. Visitors are encouraged to tour the entire building , including its original legislative rooms. The top floor contains the Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities which features a recreation of Joseph Steward's original 1798 collection of natural history exhibits and curiosities that marvel many of the visitors that come here to learn more about the state's history and the stately house that had been used by the legislature for many years.

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    Connecticut Science Center Connecticut Science Center Hartford, Connecticut
    The Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, Connecticut provides over 150 interactive hands-on exhibits in hopes of engaging young people to become more interested in science, so besides the exhibits, they have a state-of-the-art 3D digital theater, daily programs and events and four educational labs that were created for the enjoyment and exploration of science for children, teens and adults, using all the sciences available to help the community and visitors get a better understanding of this study of science. The marvelous exhibits at the center have brought millions of visitors here to assist the community and schools to learn more and explore more than they would ordinarily. The center uses many exciting tools to interest and excite the children, as well as offering more useful tools to educators and parents so that they can help their children and students bring their textbooks alive and more useful in their academic lives constantly creating new and innovative unforgettable experiences for the kids and visitors that is sure to motivate them further in hopes of getting all the groups to embrace the sciences with a better understanding and desire to learn more, as well as providing a really fun environment that is sure to please everyone, both instructor and students.

    Trash Museum
    Trash Museum's Dinosaur Hartford, ConnecticutThe Trash Museum located in Hartford, Connecticut is a new type of museum and learning center, that has been completely constructed from recycled garbage, with a Temple of Trash and a mural that depicts the unique history of trash management that spans the prehistoric period to today, with a marvelous viewing platform that offers the recycling plant in operation. The museum has a wonderful game for children that visit here, called, "Where's Waldo?", which affords them the chance to cycle through the trash themselves looking for Waldo, the rubber rat. As well as numerous other features, the visitors will learn all there is to know about recycling, the environment, decay and so much more that someday perhaps we will have a generation of recyclers that are determined to save their planet, without filling thousands of acres of usable land with garbage, junk, trash, litter, you name it, because it has grown into such an international problem that every person on this earth should be aware of the continued practices of the past that continues to drain and deplete our natural resources, when we could be using the majority of those pieces of garbage to run our transportation, our homes utilities' needs and even keep the prices of these elements from rising.

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