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New York cities are crowded, and crossing the road can sometimes be a dangerous situation. There are only a few solutions to this problem, order a taxi and pay a ridiculous price to get across town, or rent a car from Alamo for and affordable price and avoid public transportation all together! With Alamo Rental Car Coupons you can really save on your rental car purchase!

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Things to do in Yonkers

  • Philipse Manor Hall

    Philipse Manor HallThis large museum is actually a converted house, stretching back since the 1682 when a Dutch carpenter and trader inherited 52,000 acres of land. The estate was built, and then later added to throughout the generations to support the growing family. The 52,000 acres of land owned by Frederick Philipse would later becoming the city of Yonkers. It is clear to see why this large structure played a key role in the found of the city, and thus has been converted into a museum and protected historic site to preserve its history. The Philipse Manor Hall is home to a wide variety of fun and educational exhibits. You can learn about historical interests far and wide as well as indulge in the city of Yonkers local history. Tours of this house are given weekly, where you can learn about the history behind the Philipse family and the construction of this beautiful manor. The Philipse Manor Hall was built by a skilled carpenter, Frederick Philipse, the architecture behind this large house was ahead of its time and constantly changing over the years. The Manor house originally started out as a small two story building, and later expanded into what you see today. This fun and educational house is open to all, come and enjoy history in a hands on experience. The city of Yonkers recognizes the historical interest of this great building, and this inexpensive adventure is open to you.

Budget rent a car Yonkers, New York

Avoid long walks across the city and go wherever you want whenever you want when you get the freedom of a rental car from Budget. With a wide selection of vehicles to choose from you can find the car that suites you and your agendas. With professional service and Cheap Budget Rentals you can get the vehicle you need at just the right price when you rent a vehicle from Budget!

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  • Hudson River Museum

    Hudson River MuseumEveryone loves to get knee deep in some fascinating and interesting history. However, very few enjoy a dull demonstration or lecture. Lucky for you the Hudson River Museum is here to help. Introducing history, science, art and more in fun and exiting ways is their policy and they are sticking to it. Exhibits here at the Hudson River Museum change on a regular bases; making every visit a new experience. Exhibits range from scientific discoveries to men and women who changed history as we knew it. Some of the most impressive exhibits that have traveled around the country have been known to make a stop here, that’s just how good this fantastic museum is! Enjoy these educational exhibits like never before when you get an up close and hands on learning experience that can only be described as fun! The Hudson River Museum has won many awards for its amazing and entertaining way of presenting these amazing exhibits and now it’s your turn to explore these amazing showcases. Browse by yourself or take a tour and get all the information you need behind these great looks into fascinating topics. This is a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy your time while in the Yonkers area!

Enterprise rent- a- car Yonkers, New York

Get the freedom you need to enjoy your vacation, business trip, family reunion or other venture to the Yonkers area. With quality customer service and Enterprise Rental Car Discounts your sure to have a quick, easy and affordable visit when you rent a car from Enterprise. Choose from a wide selection of cars to find the vehicle that suits your needs and meets your requirements!

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  • Dunwoodie Golf Course

    Dunwoodie Golf CourseIf you’re a fan of the great sport of golf than you’re in luck, because Yonkers New York is home to a famous golf courses in the state! Dunwoodie Golf Course is home to 18 beautiful and unique holes to challenge your skills. The golf course is located at the very center of the city offering a wide selection of beautiful views. Because the sport is so popular in the state of New York the games here at the course are inexpensive and very flexible. Anyone who has played on this golf course will tell you that precise shots will provide you with that edge that you need to make par. The course cannot be defined as a particular plain because each hole is its own unique set of obstacles and terrain, offering all lovers of the sport their opportunity to shine in their strong areas. Because it’s located in the city and the elevation of each hole varies wind and elevation make the obstacles seem more daunting, however these are just more obstacles that need to be calculated into each swing. The course is kept open and in prime condition through out the year and offers a nice getaway while your in the Yonkers area.

Hertz Car Rental Yonkers, New York

With thousands of locations around the globe this rental car company has quickly scoured the earth and planted locations everywhere. There's a good chance that there is a Hertz rental car company near you or your destination. With affordable prices and quality cars you can choose from a wide selection of available vehicles for the car you need. Save even more when you use Hertz Rental Car Printable Coupons!

Yonkers, New York - 165 Tuckahoe Road

  • Local Favorite Restaurants of Yonkers

  • Xaviars on the Hudson

    Xaviars on the HudsonYou haven’t experienced food until you have eaten at this amazing restaurant. Few chefs come close to Peter Xaviar’s cuisine, and the gourmet style food served here is nothing but spectacular. If you’re looking for gourmet then you have come to the right place, for over two decades Xaviars on the Hudson has been serving has been professionally serving the city of Yonkers. Anyone in the Yonkers area can vouch for this perfect restaurant, the luxurious dining area combined with the food that defies even the best of your taste buds is the most romantic solution to any night in the city. This picture perfect restaurant makes all the others look like cheap diners, enjoy a wide selection of cuisine that looks to good to eat. With an abundance of experience in the culinary environment your chefs are sure to please on every night. With fine wine and fantastic food this restaurant simply blows the others out of the water. So if you’re ever in the city of Yonkers be absolutely sure to put this restaurant on you schedule because you will enjoy every plate and every moment of your visit to Xaviars on the Hudson.

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Don't waste your time waiting for public transportation, it's a slow and tiresome wait. Taking the subway service requires you to plan your day way ahead of time to meet up with trains, and if one is slow you have to reschedule everything. The best solution to traveling is a rental car, and Avis has the solution for you. Save even more when you rent a vehicle from Avis when you use Avis Rental Car Coupons, a quick and easy way to save money for those Yonkers souvenirs.

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Thrifty Car Rental Yonkers, New York

Get the freedom you need to enjoy every moment of your vacation, business trip or other venture when you visit the beautiful city of Yonkers. With a rental car of your choice you can find exactly what you need at Thrifty car rental! Save even more when you use Thrifty Rental Car Discounts, a quick and easy way to save more so you can buy those souvenirs for the family back home!

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  • DeCosta’s Fine Italian Dining

    DeCosta’s Fine Italian DiningIf your tastes buds have a fancy for Italian food then you’re in for a treat, because here in Yonkers you can dine on some of the best Italian food at DeCosta’s Fine Italian Dining. With professional service and smiling faces there really is no better solution to a fun and tasty evening. This restaurant has seemed to have stolen the taste buds of everyone in town, because if you ask around everyone will point you in the direction of this fantastic restaurant. With a wide selection of Italian food to choose from the food here is to die for. DeCosta’s is small in comparison to the many large restaurants you would normally find in a major city, however this only limits the customers to a manageable size ensuring that you will you get the service you need. That is to say, call in ahead because this place is going to be full. The restaurant is a romantic paradise, a quick escape and a fantastic solution to any Italian food lover’s taste buds. Food quality at this restaurant overshadows those of any other Italian restaurant in town, when you eat at DeCosta’s you really are participating in fine dining. Enjoy fine wine and gourmet food all nights of the week when you visit DeCosta’s for all your food desires.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Yonkers, New York

Avoid the long waits for public transportation and the expensive fairs for taxi services when you get a rental car for Dollar! With professional services and quality customer care renting a car is a quick, easy and stress free process. Save on your Dollar rental car when you use Dollar Coupons, to make your vacation, business trip or other venture cost even less!

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National Rental Cars Yonkers, New York

When your looking to rent a vehicle be sure to check with National! Finding a rental car company that suites you and your expectations can be hard, however with National you couldn't steer wrong! With professional service and quality customer care your in good hands! With a large selection of vehicles to choose from and National Rental Car Discounts you can get the vehicle you need at exactly the right price.

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