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Things to do in Yuma

  • Tumco Historic Mining Town Tumco Historic Mining Town Yuma, Arizona
    Tumco, a whisper in the wind, was a small town just over the border from Yuma, Arizona, into California, which once was a thriving, gold mining town. Now, decades later, and with not much left of the buildings or other signs of life that was part of the wild times that were had here, it is dead. You can find it easily enough, on the east corner of Imperial County and close to Yuma, but most of the original buildings and mining equipment has gone with the wind. It is terribly hot in the summer months here, so the best time to visit is in the fall or winter. The town's name Tumco, is just an acronym for the Union Mining Company which took over the mining process from the Golden Cross Mill and Mining Company in 1910. At one time, at its height, the town had a population of 3200, with murders, saloons and a red light district. It wasn't the best place to live, or die, but it was jumping in its heyday. The cemetery is still there with its old and occasionally new grave markers, as is the rusted vats of where the cyanide was kept to help separate the gold from the ore. There were many buildings in the town, with the grocery store run by Charly Sam, a Chinese immigrant, and the Stingaree Saloon owned and operated by the local constable Billy Horan; as well as a fire department, dance hall, and the saloons and other establishments that helped take the workers pay. The remains of the mill can be seen by its foundation and beer bottles and cans that litter the area. An old antique dealer came there in 2008, and found a bottle from 1920. The gold was found in 1853, and some think that the Spanish were mining the area before that. But the established mine in the mysterious Cargo Muchacho Mountains is steeped in legend and not much recorded history. The tall tales of great treasures still are heard in various areas, but only whispers and jokes about the usual tales that come from an area that is gone and lost. One was the story about a railroad worker named Pete Walters who had found some mica schist full of gold and prospectors started coming here in the 1880s. The town started as a tent city in 1884, called Gold Rock Camp, and by the 1890s had become Hedges after the VP of the Golden Cross Mill and Mining Company. It went bankrupt and then Tumco took it over. There are other sights out here, that will pique your curiosity, including the California Registered Historical Landmark 182, placed on a stone obelisk and old wooden crosses spread throughout the area. It is some 25 miles north of Yuma, just over the state line. Water for the town was piped in from the Colorado River, but the heat just beat the workers down, and anyone else that was crazy enough to come here in the summer. A hotel was never built, since most people that lived here had a shack or shanty made of wood or stone; and if you didn't come here to work, then you probably shouldn't have come. Another version of this story is that when Hedges had made enough money he sold the mine to the condensed milk king, Borden, who created the United Mining Company and the town's new name. The mine finally ran out in 1909, and everyone started drifting away since the only reason the town existed was the mine and work in related businesses. It started its quick decay after that, with every grave in the cemetery marked, but not with any names or information, just that a grave was located there. Another story has it that the area was being mined over 300 years before it became known as Tumco or Hedges, with many times that the mine was flush, then busted. The Spaniards started moving north from Sonora, and one night, two young boys entered their camp with shirts full of gold ore. The "loaded boys" were called muchachos cargadas in Spanish and thus the name of the nearby mountains were born. Soon there were many small mines run by the Mexicans. In 1877, the Southern Pacific Railroad finished a line from Yuma to Los Angeles as part of its transcontinental route, and since it passed through the mountains workers heard of the mines and soon people were coming here in hopes of getting rich. Once the first claims were placed, the bigger mining companies came in and bought them out, and further developed the mines. It is said that the wooden pipes bringing in water from the Colorado were pumping up to 100,000 gallons of water every day. The railroad brought in the wood timbers to shore up the walls and ceilings of the mines, and homes for the workers. Over 200,000 ounces of gold was mined and it was great while it lasted. Now it seems that in 1995, another company called the American Girl Mining Joint Venture has restarted operations there since the value of gold has continued to rise. It isn't surprising that many of these old mines that were thought to have been played out are now being reconsidered because of the tremendous value that gold has attained.

  • Yuma River Tours
    The Yuma River Tours company offers some of the most exciting and colorful trips along the Colorado River, either in complete comfort of the sternwheeler or the many other water crafts that are available. They have jet boat tours that go to historical sights, canoe or kayak trips up and down the river, field trips, bird and photography trips or you can create your own special tour with whatever is available. There is a lunch or dinner cruise on the Colorado King sternwheeler, with cruises to the Imperial Dam, Imperial Wildlife Refuge, historical miner's cabin, Norton's Landing, the Native American petroglyphs or the Picacho State Park. Some can be relaxing and just enjoying the serenity of the region with its magnificent birds and other wild critters running around or just getting a drink of water. The jet boat tours can be very exciting as they fly along the water under the bright blue sky and beautiful southwest desert. The group of experienced pilots and captains can help with film production or locations, salvage operations or explorations and other customized charters that you are interested in.

  • Cibola National Wildlife Refuge
    The refuge is on the floodplain of the lower Colorado River and is encompassed by magnificent desert ridges and washes that has created a mecca for all creatures that need the water to live. The historic Colorado River channel is included in the refuge, as well as the channels that were built in the late 1960s. There are numerous backwater areas that have become a home to all the animals, birds, reptiles and other creatures that live here; although the temperatures can reach 120 degrees in the summer months with only two inches of rain each year. There is great fishing here for the anglers among you with carp, sunfish, smallmouth bass, tilapia, striped bass, crappie, catfish both channel and flathead. You must get a Colorado River fishing stamp to fish the area though. Hunting is allowed in certain areas, with great opportunities to get cottontail rabbits, Canadian geese, mule deer, snow geese, mourning and whitewinged doves, ducks, coots, Gambel's quail and gallinules. The refuge has a great vehicle tour that will give you plenty of chances to photograph the wildlife mentioned above, as well as beautiful panoramic scenes that are prevalent only in the southwestern parts of the United States. It is a birdwatchers paradise and there are many places that will afford you perfect views of the birds that come here and live here.

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  • Imperial National Wildlife RefugeImperial National Wildlife Refuge Yuma, Arizona
    Over 15,000 acres of pristine wilderness is preserved in the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge near Yuma, Arizona, along the last 30 miles of the Colorado River before it goes into Mexico. The slow moving river and the many wetlands that surround it have created a wonderful oasis that sharply contrasts the desert and mountains that run alongside the river. This wilderness area is protected by law so that nature, not people should be the main influence on the area. It was started in 1941, so that migratory birds and native wildlife would have a safe haven to live and breed. The marvelous wildlife is most plentiful during the winter months, when the beautiful and exotic birds like the cinnamon teal and northern pintail arrive in the refuge. During the summer, many common birds like the egrets and muskrats take over the area, while black tailed jackrabbits, mule deer, bighorn sheep and western whiptail lizards come to seek water. Many decades ago, the river was lined with many willow and cottonwood trees, that were kept going by the frequent flooding along the banks, but as time went by and man moved west, wild fires, woodcutting and dams have all but devastated the forests. These magnificent tree stands were perfect for the breeding, shade, resting and feeding of many birds and animals, but they have migrated or hibernated and come out into the hot heat only when necessary. One, the southwestern willow flycatcher is now endangered because of the loss of their trees. Today the park's staff, along with other governmental agencies are trying to regrow the willows and cottonwoods so that nature can recreate the mecca that once thrived here. Birds are brought here in the winter so that they can live and breed while the weather is more conducive and the very infrequent rain makes the days sunny and balmy. There are numerous roads to travel through here looking for beautiful scenes to photograph, like the Painted Desert Trail, or the Ironwood, Smoke Tree and Mesquite Points that will give you some spectacular views of the Colorado River Valley.

  •  Kofa National Wildlife Refuge
    The Kofa Refuge was created in 1939 so that the desert bighorn sheep could be protected, and it is located northeast of Yuma, Arizona on over 665,000 acres of the Sonoran Desert. There are many sloping hills and sharp peaks in the rough terrain and very few waterholes that still bring in the birds and keep the plant life growing. The Kofa name comes from the old gold mine that was here at one time, the King of Arizona, which operated from 1897 until 1910. It was in 1936, that the Arizona Boy Scouts started a state wide campaign to save the awesome bighorn sheep and the making of Kofa. Frederick Russell Burnham, also called the father of scouting, was a well known conservationist who enlisted the aid of George F. Miller, executive scout leader of the council in Phoenix to help save the less than 150 bighorn sheep left in the state. Burnham was very interested in saving the sheep because they were majestic and sturdy animals that thrived in diverse conditions and may be the key to saving domesticated sheep from any virus that might arise. Other important people from the state also became involved in the project and soon a poster contest was started in schools throughout the state. Burnham gave out prizes and showcased the posters in store front windows all around the state. The contest winner created a bighorn emblem that was soon put on the scouts neckerchief slides and given to over 10,000 boy scouts. Soon the Audubon Society, the Izaak Walton League and National Wildlife Federation was helping. In January of 1939, some 1.5 million acres of land in the Kofa and Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge were saved for future generations and the home of the bighorn sheep. That same year, in the spring, Burnham made the dedication speech for the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and now the desert bighorn sheep is the official mascot for the boy scouts of Arizona. Today, over 1000 desert bighorn sheep run the hills and mountains of the refuge, mostly in the Kofa Mountains and the Castle Dome Mountains that are located in northern Yuma county and southern La Paz county. The mountains aren't that high, but they are so rugged and rise so quickly that the natural habitat is perfect for the bighorn sheep to thrive. The herd that lives here has helped to create herds elsewhere in the state and other states that had the majestic creatures many years ago. Other fantastic wildlife that can be found in the area is the kit fox and desert tortoise, with birds like the orange-crowned warbler, whitewinged dove, phainopepla, northern flicker, American kestrel, Say's phoebe and cactus wren. Some years ago, mountain lions began living in the refuge and it is an exciting time for all that visit this spectacular refuge.

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Local Restaurants in Yuma
  • The Crossing
    The Crossing has been a mainstay in the city of Yuma for many years and is one of the locals favorites for great home cooked food and plenty of it. The menu is large, but starts with soups; clam chowder, tortilla soup, one chef choice or soup of the day. Beef offerings; roasted garlic ribeye steak is 12 ounces glazed with garlic herb sauce served with steamed broccoli and baked potato; Cajun peppercorn sirloin steak is 6 ounce certified Angus center cut sirloin with spicy Cajun peppercorn season under bed of grilled red onions served with seasonal veggies and garlic herbed mashed potatoes; hamburger steak is half pound flame broiled burger topped with sautéed mushrooms and gravy, mixed seasonal veggies and mashed potatoes; Kentucky bourbon glazed flat iron steak is 8 ounce certified Angus flat iron steak basted with house rancher marinade, mixed seasonal veggies and cattlemen baked beans. Chicken & pork entrees include; hand breaded chicken strips are breaded and fried to golden perfection, served with seasonal veggies and seasoned fries, with choice of sauces, ranch, BBQ, chipotle mayo, honey mustard or buffalo style; Santa Fe chicken is grilled margarita marinade chicken topped with melted cheddar and Monterey jack cheese then sprinkled with diced tomatoes, chives and tortilla chips with seasonal veggies and baked potato. Seafood entrees; blackened salmon is 8 ounce North Atlantic salmon seared and broiled to crisp outside and tender inside with steamed broccoli and baked potato; grilled mahi mahi grilled and lightly basted with garlic butter served with seasonal veggies and garlic herb mashed potatoes; deep fried farm fresh catfish is breaded and deep fried to golden delight with seasoned fries and seasonal veggies; hand breaded shrimp is 6 tiger shrimp prepared fresh onsite with seasonal veggies and baked potato; teriyaki pineapple tilapia is filet grilled and glazed with teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple with mix of sautéed veggies, rice and pineapple. Entree combos; side choices baked or mashed potatoes, fries, seasoned fries, rice or baked beans. Choose two of these; boneless chicken breast, half rack baby back ribs, top sirloin steak, 4 hand breaded shrimp.

  • Yuma Landing Bar & Grill
    Real family dining in a comfortable atmosphere and decent prices bring the regulars here all the time. House specialties include; BBQ pork ribs is big portion of mesquite smoked ribs smothered in house BBQ sauce served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; BBQ chicken breast is char broiled chicken breast with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; chicken fried steak is breaded steak grilled and smothered in country gravy, served with veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; liver and onions is beef liver cooked to personal tastes, topped with grilled onions and bacon, served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; ribeye steak is 8 ounce hand cut steak broiled to perfection, served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; pork chops is center cut chops broiled to perfection, served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; top sirloin steak is 6 ounce hand cut steak broiled to perfection, served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; chicken tender platter is deep fried chicken tenders served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; roast beef dinner is tender choice beef sliced and smothered in beef gravy, served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad; grilled prime rib is char broiled prime rib served with seasonal veggies, choice of potato and garden salad;

Kentucky bourbon flat iron steak Crossing Yuma, Arizona


Santa Fe chicken Crossing Yuma, Arizona


Mahi Crossing Yuma, Arizona



 6 ounce steak Yuma Landing Bar&Grill Yuma, Arizona

Roast beef dinner Yuma Landing Bar&Grill Yuma, Arizona


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  • Lower Colorado River Lower Colorado River Yuma, Arizona
    The lower Colorado River separates two great deserts in the southwestern parts of the United States, the Mojave Desert in California and the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The Colorado River is the fifth largest river in the country and flows from the great Rocky Mountains to the gulf of California, draining the vast amounts of water that fall or melt along its route. It drains the entire state of Arizona, and slowly flows into Mexico after passing Yuma, Arizona, where the Gila River drains into it. There are multiple agencies that manage the areas around the river as it flows south from the Rockies, and has created some of the most magnificent geological sights in this country. One of the most spectacular is the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona and many other beautiful rock formations throughout its trek to the ocean. More than 20 dams have been constructed on the river, and sources have figured that of the possible 9.5 million horsepower, only a fifth has been developed. The Moreles Diversion Dam is the southern most dam on the river, and is on the Mexican Arizona border, in fact, it is the border for some 17 miles. The flow of water along this river has diminished over the last century as the dams have been built which have cause the river to slow down to a stream as it nears the Mexican border. Many canals have taken water from the river to irrigate the thousands of acres along its route and the majority of these lands would not have been well off if not for the river's drain off. The lower Colorado River is part of an ecological conservation program that was started in 1994 because of the endangerment of four big river fish; the Colorado River squawfish, humpback chub, razorback sucker and bonytail chub.

  • Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park
    This site was once the storehouse of the U.S. Army for military supplies that would go to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada army posts. Five buildings remain of what once was constructed here, with four of them containing displays about the history of the depot and the history of the Bureau of Reclamation's building of the main irrigation projects that occurred in the early 1900s around Yuma, Arizona. The park is found in the larger Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, that strives to save, enhance and interpret the cultural and natural resources of the region. There are many exhibits, a visitor center, videos, restrooms, gift shop and picnic area. The depot would always carry a six months supply of food, ammo and clothing for the areas mentioned above, and were brought in by ships coming to California and going around the Baja peninsula and up to Port Isabel near the mouth of the Colorado River. The supplies were then transferred to steamers that would travel the river up to Yuma. There was a stone reservoir nearby where they were unloaded and brought up a track going from the river docks to the storehouse center. Afterwards, they were sent north by pack mules or river steamers. At one time, the depot housed some 900 mules and teamsters to take car of them. When the Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in 1877 in Yuma, it was the end for the needed depot and Fort Yuma. The railroad went to Tucson in 1880, and the duties of the depot were moved to Fort Lowell in Tucson. In 1875, a telegraph and weather station had been built by the Signal Corps, and while the supply depot and all the pumps, equipment and steam engines moved to Fort Lowell, the signal corps stayed in Yuma until 1891. The U.S. Weather Service was taken away from the signal corps and stayed at the depot until 1949. The co's quarters were given to the U.S. Customs Service in 1908, and the remaining buildings were used by the Bureau of Reclamation, Yuma County Water Users Association, Boundary Commission and the Assistance League of Yuma, during the 20th century.

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  • Saihati Camel Breeding Saihati Camel Breeding Yuma, Arizona
    If you are interested in a really unique opportunity to visit something out of the norm, then consider the camel breeding farm in Yuma, Arizona. Here is a genuine working farm that raises Arabian one-hump camels, as well as other exotic birds and animals. The camels are known as dromedaries and come from central Asia originally; whereas the two-humped camels come from the same area, they are called Bactrian camels. They store fat in those humps so that they don't go hungry when they can't find food. They can live a long time without water, many days when it is hot, and weeks when the weather is cooler and they can eat green plants. While most humans and animals can continue living with a loss of 10 to 12 percent of their bodily water, camels can go up to losing 40% of their water without loss of life. It is the flat feet of the camels that allow them to travel the desert sands so well and they have long eye lashes that keep the sand from blowing into their eyes. These one-hump camels don't spit their cuds when bothered, only the two-humped and llamas do that, and their babies are born without any humps. Other marvelous creatures that live and thrive here are emus, fallow deer, ostrich, Arabian wild cats, Sicilian miniature donkeys, bobwhite quail, golden pheasants, mandarin ducks, African spurred turtle, four-horned sheep, zeedonk, Arabian horses, silkie chickens, Transylvanian naked necks or turkens, Barbados sheep, Patagonian cavys, coati mundis, English bantams, Pharaoh quail, ring-necked pheasants and Chinese pheasants. School groups are more than welcome, as well as other groups or tours.

  • Tranquil Sensations Hot Air Ballooning over Yuma, Arizona
    Here's your chance to fly high over the Sonoran Desert and see the sights of Yuma, Arizona as you never have before. Hot air ballooning is one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime, as you soar into the clouds and blue skies in early morning bliss, overlooking the Eastern Mountains and joining the birds of the sky. You will arrive in time to watch the balloon as it inflates with hot air in the cool breeze of the morning, then climb aboard and start the experience of your life. The pilots are certified and specially trained to give the best scenery possible as you float along the breeze and clouds above Yuma. The flight usually last an hour, although with the inflation and other related events, you should plan for three hours. This company will bring you back after a magnificent flight over the most beautiful scenes you could ever see, treat you to mimosas and a gourmet brunch; and finally present you with you certificate of flight. They have three very gorgeous balloons, the Sky Gypsy, Spirit of Yuma and the Tranquility; which is what you will be experiencing the entire time. The equipment is FAA certified and they are completely insured, although their track record has been perfect. Each and every flight is treated with the utmost enthusiasm and is considered a momentous occasion. They also have senior, group or military rates, will help you celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, team building tours and other special occasions. Their evening or sunset flights also have a champagne dinner. You will need to make advance reservations so that no scheduling conflicts occur. Comfortable and casual clothing is always suggested, and the temperature inside the balloon will be about the same as it is on the ground; so if you need a thin windbreaker on the ground, take it with you in the balloon and you should have no problems.

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  • Yuma River TubingYuma River Tubing Yuma, Arizona
    For a good time call the Yuma River Tubing company and take a lazy float down the river. The river is the Colorado River, the lower part to be exact, and you are shuttled to whichever launch point you choose, and the rest is up to you. The longest float is about 5 miles and goes from the joining of the Gila River to the Colorado, and is great, as well as exciting. Their 2.5 mile ride is about 3 hours long, although they all depend on the flow of the Colorado or if you decide to stop. There is also a "happy hour" float that goes from the ocean to ocean bridge or a mile, and you will just relax and enjoy the soothing qualities of the float. They also have tubes for sale if you want one to keep, or just rent one for the great ride along the river water that is so awesome in the summer heat. The season usually runs from April 1st to the end of October, but it all depends on the weather, the water and if people want to float. Whatever your reasons, or if you have never tried, this is the place to start and see if floating along in a tube is for you. There are many places all around the country that have tubing and some are more exciting than others, so it is best to try a calmer environment than to start out with a gorging rapid that will put you in the weeds or water more often than you would like. Try it, you'll like it.

  • Yuma City Sports
    The city of Yuma has some great venues for sports enthusiasts like softball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, in-line hockey and over-the-line softball. The winter months are the time for playing softball and hockey, while the spring holds the tournaments and championships for these leagues. The sports that are played here in the summer are at night games with the basketball games being held indoors on the courts. Also in the summer are the men's and women's softball games, at night, 4 person sand volleyball tournament, late night softball tournament and the adult league basketball games and final tournament. You are always welcome to come out and support any team you would like to and the players and local supporter are thrilled to have visitors come watch their family members play. It is always a fun time for both players and audiences, with some exciting and thrilling moments occurring. So, if you are in Yuma and jonesing for a sports game, in real live action, and not the same old bleeping TV games, then try some local games for the fun of it.

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