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Alamo Discounts
Alamo discounts 

Dayton Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - 3600 Terminal Dr.

Things to do in Beavercreek

    Dayton Art Institute Dayton Art Institute Dayton, Ohio
    The Dayton Museum of Fine Arts was founded in a downtown mansion in 1919, and has become one of the top ten best art museums in the nation for children, and is considered to be in the top 3% of every art museum in North America, welcoming over 300,000 visitors. The museum would originally be founded in a mansion, but eventually be moved to a purposely constructed and newly designed structure by Edward B. Green in 1930. It was modeled after a casino from the gardens of the Villa Farnese at Caprarola, and the front staircase of the Renaissance garden stairs at the Villa d'Este by Rome. The museum would eventually change its name to the Dayton Art Institute when it started an art school and the 60,000 square foot structure has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It holds over 20,000 works that cover some 5,000 years of history, culture and art and would host the The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt show that traveled to just eleven art galleries in the nation. It is the biggest collection of ancient relics to ever leave the country of Egypt. The museum sits in an Italian renaissance structure that sits atop a summit that looks down on the city of Dayton, with an outstanding collection of Asian 17th century baroque works, contemporary art and 18th and 19th century American artworks. Some of the most famous works held here include the paintings Water Lilies by Claude Monet, the Song of the Nightingale by William Adolphe Bouguereau, Allegory of Four Seasons by Bartolomeo Manfredi, Study Heads of an Old Man by Peter Paul Rubens, Scene in Yosemite Valley by Albert Bierstadt, High Noon by Edward Hopper, Stacks in Celebration by Charles Sheeler, Aurora Red Ikebana with Bright Yellow Stems by Dale Chihuly and After the Bath by Edgar Degas.

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Dayton Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 3600 Terminal Dr. 
Budget Car Rental Dayton - 1323 Wilmington Ave.
Fairborn Budget Rental Cars
- 523 W. Xenia Dr.
Budget Car Rentals Dayton - 326 N. Springboro Pike 

    Dayton International Peace MuseumDayton International Peace Museum Dayton, Ohio
    The Dayton International Peace Museum in Dayton, Ohio is the second peace museum to be created in the nation, with the first in Chicago, and has become a marvelous adventure for both adults and children. It showcases a way to use nonviolent alternatives to the violent culture of today, with a traditional museum that exhibits peace related items of permanent value, as well as serving as a activities center for those people that seek a community of peace. It features temporary, traveling and permanent exhibitions that showcase the marvelous history and potential of nonviolent solutions. The museum had been founded by Christine and Ralph Dull, Steve Fryburg, Lisa Wolters and J. Frederick Arment, after Ralph and Christine wrote a book called Soviet Laughter, Soviet Tears: An American Couple's Six Month Adventure in a Ukrainian Village, which chronicles their work in the old Soviet Union in 1989, and was made to make friends with the Soviet people. Ralph would go on to write Nonviolence Is Not for Wimps: Musings of An Ohio Farmer and it outlines the basic strategies for modern nonviolent conflict resolution, his musings and their trip to Iraq. Arment wrote Backbeat: A Novel of Physics that applies physics to the human condition and he is the current executive director of International Cities of Peace, while Steve is a veteran for peace, after having served as a police officer and Director of Missing Peace Art Space, who had been along time leader of that museum.

Enterprise rent- a- car Beavercreek

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Beavercreek Enterprise Rental Car - 2230 US Hwy. 35
Enterprise Car Rentals Fairborn - 125 N. Broad St.
Centerville Enterprise Rental Car - 280 Loop Rd.
Enterprise Car Rentals Dayton - 1120 Wayne Ave.

Local Restaurants in Beavercreek

    McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant
    Entrees; bourbon glazed sockeye with sautéed Swiss chard & roasted potatoes; filet & shrimp scampi with gruyere potatoes, garlic butter sauce; lobster stuffed salmon with spring veggie & prosciutto ham risotto; cod fish & chips is beer battered & poblano tartar sauce; rainbow trout almond crusted, spring veggie orzo with cucumber dill relish; gulf shrimp fettuccini with garlic parmesan cream sauce; parmesan crusted sole with cremolata, fried capers, chives & lemon butter; buttermilk fried jumbo shrimp with slaw & Chesapeake fries; Atlantic salmon stuffed, blue crab, bay shrimp, brie cheese; sea scallops with spring veggie & prosciutto ham risotto with herb oil; house center cut filet mignon; roasted maple brine chicken pan jus & spring veggies.

    Wellington Grille
    Entrees; Wellington grille signature offerings with house salad & fresh baked artisan breads; Indiana roasted duckling with port wine Swedish lingonberry sauce, wild rice & steamed asparagus; tarragon braised beef in burgundy sauce with root veggies, whipped Idaho potatoes & onion strings; braised pork osso bucco with pork jus reduction, fresh herbs, root veggies & whipped Idaho potatoes; pecan chicken with grand Marnier sauce with whipped Idaho potatoes; Tuscan style brick chicken with rosemary chicken jus & fresh herbs, butter & parsley red skin potatoes & country green beans; French fried gulf shrimp with baked potato with cheddar cheese & sour cream, fresh lemon & cocktail sauce; ahi tuna with soy, ginger & garlic marinated sushi grade tuna served rare with sautéed Asian veggies; Maryland crabcakes with spiced remoulade sauce, butter & parsley red skin potatoes.


Bourbon Glazed Sockeye McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant Beavercreek, Ohio




Indiana Roasted Duckling Wellington Grille  Beavercreek, Ohio

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Hertz Rental Cars Beavercreek- 725 Alpha Rd.
Dayton Hertz Car Rental - 1524 Miamisburg Centerville Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Dayton Huber Heights
 6000 Executive Blvd.
Dayton Intl. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 3350 Valet Circle

    Dayton Museum Society Natural History Dayton Museum of Society Natural History Dayton, Ohio
    The Dayton Museum of Natural History started in 1893 as part of the Dayton Metro Library and museum, with donations given to the museum by important and wealthy Dayton citizens that were traveling all around the world and donating all their natural history relics to the museum. In 1952, a number of local people would start the Dayton Society of Natural History that would take the responsibility of the collections and arrange them in collections. In 1958, the Museum of Natural History's main structure would be finished, and by 1991, a new planetarium would be added, that would enlarge the collection and create the need for more space. The society would continue to stay committed to inspiring children so that they could also embrace science as a vital part of their lives by the exhibits and programs held at the museum that would be both educational and entertaining. It would add a Digistar II Planetarium to the complex in 1991, and in 1993, a group of folks would consider the idea of creating a children's museum that could create such a museum that would be able to reach children ages two through 12 that would allow them to instill a love for learning as well a better appreciation for the world around them. All the work was done and a place downtown was searched for. By 1995, the children's museum and the natural history museum would be merged with the bigger natural history museum and became a reality in 1996. Now, the museum oversees the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery as well as the SunWatch Indian Village, that is a museum of the region's 12th century Fort Ancient culture, and Finley Nature Preserve. The museum's permanent exhibits include the Hall of the Universe, Science of a Sphere, Oscar Boonshoft Science Central, Explorer's Crossing, the Discovery Zoo, Glowing Geology, Nesiur the Mummy, the Bieser Discovery Center, Mead Tree House, the Tidal pool and others.

avis discount rental car Beavercreek

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

J. M. Cox Dayton Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 3600 Terminal Dr.

Avis Car Rental Kettering
- 1900 E. Stroop Rd.
Fairborn Avis Rental Cars
- 523 W. Xenia Dr.
Avis Car Rentals Dayton - 33 E. 1st St.

    National Aviation Hall of Fame, Inc.National Aviation Hall of Fame, Inc. Dayton, Ohio
    The American National Aviation Hall of Fame in Wright-Patterson Air Force base located in East Dayton, Ohio honors the exploits of men and women that have given so much to aviation over its history. They gave to their country, with ingenuity, courage and vision, their challenges and failures, along with their outstanding determination and triumphs. The hall has created the learning and research center to reflect this passion and innovations, with excellent exhibits and interactive displays that hopefully will inspire the youth of today to embrace this marvelous technology and to take them farther into the spaces yet to be conquered. The center holds many wonderful events during the year to showcase their contributions and achievements through the years, and is a fantastic place to bring a family so that they can learn more about this venue, and the people that have given so much to accomplish it. The hall began in 1962, and in 1964, President Johnson gave them a national charter that would inspire the public, appreciate the country's extraordinary aviation legacy and to understand the practical wonders of flight. The learning center at the hall is dedicated to telling the public about their great accomplishments and give visitors a better understanding of aviation history. There are seven major parts to this center and include; enshrinee lab, early flight, WWI, golden age of flight, WWII, the jet age and into space; which seems to have run into a roadblock, but because of the distressed economy, is quite understandable.

Thrifty Car Rental Beavercreek

  Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business for many years.  Our customers will get the biggest selection of new quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service.  Thrifty Rental Car will give you the BIGGEST savings in the world. Thrifty Savings

Dayton Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - 2700 W. National Rd.

    Sunwatch Indian VillageSunWatch Indian Village Dayton, Ohio
    The SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park in Dayton, Ohio, is a replicated Fort Ancient Native American village that is located beside the banks of the Miami River, where amateur archaeologists would discover some materials in the 1960s, which would lead to professional excavation during 1971 to 1988, and those findings would help to reconstruct the village. It would be called Sun Watch, since scholars believed that the complex of posts in the center of the discovery pertained to astronomical measurements and the ancient culture peoples would use the area for rituals around a solar calendar. The village has since been opened as an open-air museum, offering interpretive tours, as archaeological excavations now continue, with outstanding opportunities for adults and school children. There are magnificent exhibits inside the museum that help to interpret the history and culture of these ancient peoples, and describe how many of the relics had been discovered at the site. In 1974, it would be added to the National Register of Historical Places because of the historical and archaeological significance that have occurred at the three acre site, that would reveal much about this ancient civilization. In 1990, it would become a National Historic Landmark and bring visitors from around the region to learn more about the early inhabitants that lived here.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Beavercreek

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Dollar Printable Coupons

Dayton Off Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 2700 W. National Rd.

    Paul Laurence Dunbar HousePaul Laurence Dunbar House Dayton, Ohio
    The Paul Laurence Dunbar House in Dayton, Ohio is the former residence of poet Dunbar, when he lived here from 1904 to 1906, and today is a historic house owned by the state of Ohio and run by the Dayton History, for the Ohio Historical Society. Dunbar would only live here until 1906, because that is when he passed away here. In 1962, it would become a National Historic Landmark and included in the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park in 1992. There is an old barn located on the property as well that houses many artifacts from him as well as those belongings in the house that he live behind. As a visitor enters his website, the words that greet you are; "We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries to thee from tortured souls arise. We sing, but oh the clay is vile beneath our feet, and long the mile, But let the world dream otherwise, We wear the mask!" Paul lived in this house until he was called; it is a turn of the century Italianate house that continues to showcase his talents and literary treasures, personal items and family's furnishings. He didn't live a long live and had been ill for the majority of that, dying of tuberculosis in 1906, with his mother, Matilda, continuing to live in the house, keeping constant vigil over his belongings until she passed on in 1934. In 1936, the house would become the first state memorial to honor an African American, and has become part of an elite group of men that belong to the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, and those are , Wilbur and Orville Wright and Paul Laurence Dunbar.

National Rental Cars Beavercreek

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National Cheap Locations

Dayton Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 
- 3600 Terminal Dr.