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Things to do in Braga

    Braga Cathedral Braga Cathedral Braga, Portugal
    The Cathedral of Braga, Portugal just happens to be one of the most significant monuments in the city since it has such a long history and artistic importance, that it is considered to be one of the most prominent structures in the country. The diocese dates back to the 3rd century AD, and is one of the oldest churches in the peninsula, as well as being the center of Christianity in Gallaecia. As the Germanic tribes began invading the region, Roman power was waning, and the city would become the capital of the Suebi Kingdom around the last of the 5th century and the end of the 6th. Bishop Martin of Dumio would become a great religious figure during that time, and converted many of the Suebi to Catholicism around 550 AD. During the Visigoth period, the city would lose some of its importance and when the Arabs came and conquered the province, it would lose its bishop seat. In the 11th century, the bishopric would be returned to Braga, after it had been brought back into the Christian folds, and Bishop Pedro began to construct a cathedral that would be consecrated in 1089. Beginning in 1093, the county of Portugal would be ruled by Count Henry of Burgundy, who, with the Bishop Geraldo de Moissac, was able to convince the pope to turn the city into an archbishopric in 1107. That archbishopric would control much of the area in northwestern Iberia that included the majority of Portugal and part of Galicia, that is in today's Spain. The cathedral would then be continued, and construction would last until the middle of the 13th century, although any details have been obscured. The original structure would be incorporated into the Burgundian Romanesque style of the monastery church of Cluny and influence other churches and monasteries being built in the country. During the ensuing years, the cathedral would be modified many times, so now it has become a blend of gothic, Romanesque, baroque and manueline styles. Some of the more significant changes include more chapels being added, a new manueline main chapel, the entrance gallery in gothic style and other additions like the baroque towers, chapels and inner decorations. The interior would be designed with outstanding craftsmanship as can be noted by the organ's image to the right.

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Local Restaurants in Braga

    Entrees; grilled or baked cod with potatoes; steak cooked your way; BBQ roasted chicken; BBQ veal chops; loin roast.

Baked Cod Churrasqueiradas Braga, Portugal

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    Museo dos Biscainhos Museo dos Biscainhos Braga, Portugal
    The Biscainhos Museum occupies the palace of the same name, in Se, Braga, Portugal and dates back to the late 16th century, and just as other manor houses in the period, it has enjoyed numerous restorations and additions. The most significant period would be during the 18th century, with beautiful interior walls in azulejos and ceilings of magnificent relief stucco work and paintings of the period. The baroque framing of the gardens would be complemented by the fabulous gardens that surround the palace, and the museum inside showcases on a permanent basis, the magnificent collections of decorative arts that have been integrated with other aspects and furnishings of the 18th century. The collection contains ceramics, European glass, furniture, European and Portuguese watches and clocks and European and Oriental porcelain. The outstanding gardens have been decorated in a unique style, and constructed on three levels, all encompassed by a wall with buttresses and sentries, just as if it were a 16th century fortress.

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    Populo ChurchPopulo Church Braga, Portugal
    The Populo Church in Braga, Portugal is a marvelous example of a neoclassical church that had been started in the last part of the 16th century, by order of the Archbishop, D. Frei Agostinho de Jesus, and it was to invoke the Virgin Mary that was glorified in Santa Maria del Popolo church in Rome. In the 18th century, the facade would enjoy some neoclassical changes designed by Carlos Amarante, a Portuguese architect, and the interior would be enhanced and decorated with beautiful blue and white tiles that showcase a beautiful pictorial image and value as well as the baroque altar. Some distance down the block, an ancient monastery is located and is part of the Town Hall services. The church had originally been part of a convent and constructed in the mannerist style, before being changed in the 18th century to neo-classical.

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    Cathedral TreasureCathedral Treasure Braga, Portugal
    The Cathedral Treasure is of course, located in the cathedral of Braga and consists of five magnificent collections that include; bells, treasure, statuary, azulejos and carvings. Azulejos are painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tiles that were introduced into the region by Moors in the 15th century and have been in constant use for five centuries now, embellishing the interiors and exteriors of churches, train stations, palaces, houses and subway station. The treasure collection includes clothing from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries that could either be oriental or Portuguese, many objects made of gold, silver and precious stones that had been used for services, like crosses and chalices, exquisite ornaments that had been used in religious services, a Hispano-Arab casket from the 10th century in ivory and an iron cross that Frei Henrique de Coimbra would celebrate the first mass in Brazil, after Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived. The various wood carvings kept in that collection includes altars, candelabras, musical instruments, like the two organs housed in the cathedral and many others. The statuary inside the museum include various works of sculpture from different periods, in different materials that had been created from the 14th to the 18th centuries and included images of the Christ, Virgin Mary and saints. The beautiful azulejos collection has many from the hispano-arab period and others that are magnificent. The final treasures of this collection are the two hundred bells that had been created in various periods by a local bell company.

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