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Things to do in College

    Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum College, Alaska
    The Fountainhead is the farthest north antique automobile museum in the United States, located in Fairbanks, Alaska, housing more than 70 historically important American autos, as well as a magnificent exhibit about the heritage of the automobile in the state's post gold rush days. This fabulous collection contains rare treasures like an 1899 Hertel, a 1938 Elto Midget, a 1904 Stevens-Duryea, a 1933 Auburn V-12 dual ratio custom speedster, a 1917 Owen-Magnetic and a 1921 Heine-Velox. Some of these vehicles are the only surviving examples of their kind, still known to exist, that includes an 1898 Hay Motor Carriage, a 1906 Compound and a 1920 Argonne; and seventeen of these fabulous cars had been part of the William Harrah and Parker Wickham collections. A few of these beautiful machines are still in their original condition, but many looked like they just rolled off the showroom floor. The walls of this museum are covered with large photographs of the state's motoring history, with over 70 historic photos that showcase the first autos that arrived in the state, and its mining camps, displayed, with photos taken in Valdez during the famous 1908 New York to Paris Race. The museum also has outstanding images and exhibits that show how the first motorists faced difficult challenges unique to Alaska, including some ingenious methods modifying the machines to run on snow, cut firewood, ride the rails and even power a paddlewheel boat going down the Yukon River. There is a vintage fashion display from the late Victorian period to the early swing era, with changes in clothing styles as varied as those in the automotive design. There are over 130 vintage hats, coats, dresses, men's suits, shoes and accessories that span eighty years, with about fifty exhibits that showcase how and why styles would change with the period and how the automobile would influence some of them.

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Fairbanks Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 6400 Airport Way Ste. 6
Budget Car Rental Fairbanks - 6171 Old Airport Rd.
Fairbanks Budget Rental Cars
- 2601 S. Cushman St.

    Yukon-Charley Rivers National PreserveYukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve College, Alaska
    This magnificent preserve is situated in east central Alaska, as it rests alongside the border with Canada, comprised of 115 miles of the Yukon River's 1800 mile length and all of Charley River's basin. There are many rustic cabins and historic sites found in the preserve, along with many reminders of how significant the river would be during the Klondike Gold Rush, as well as paleontological and archeological sites that are able to inform us today about the environment that thrived here thousands of years ago. In the high bluffs that look down on the river, there are numerous places for nesting peregrine falcons, and many rolling hills that fill the landscape of the preserve that is home to a fabulous amount of wildlife. The main trees found here are the black and white spruce, since it is one of the main areas of the Yukon catchment of the westernmost limit of the black spruce. In 1978, it would be proclaimed a US national monument, and redesignated a national preserve in 1980. The Charley River, itself, has been made a national wild river, and since it is such an isolated region, that are not too many manmade buildings located in the preserve. Two of the most significant include Slaven's Cabin that is usually occupied by the preserve's superintendent in the winter months, and Biederman's Cabin that is one of the oldest structures in the region. What is especially outstanding about this preserve is that there are seven public use cabins available on a first come, first serve basis, with a few easily accessed from the Yukon River, and others that require you to hike a bit before getting there. All the cabins are rustic with wood burning stoves, because they are much more efficient than just fireplaces that are usually less than fifty percent efficient, and once out, will allow very cold winds to come down the chimney into your cabin. It is a trip like no other, without the amenities that the majority of Americans have become used to, but would be a fantastic adventure for those that love to trek and explore in the wild.

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Anchorage Intl. Apt. Enterprise Rental Car
 4940 W. Intl. Apt. Rd.

Enterprise Car Rentals Anchorage -  906 E. 5th Ave.

Local Restaurants in College

    The Pump House
    Entrees; king crab dinner with a pound of crab with chef's rice & fresh veggies; fresh Alaskan salmon grilled or blackened with lemon beurre blanc or mango vinaigrette; fresh Alaskan halibut grilled or blackened with mango vinaigrette or halibut Florentine topped with spinach & cream sauce; Alaska rockfish pan seared, brushed with miso glaze, served with Asian cabbage slaw; banana leaf halibut cheeks is Alaskan delicacy wrapped & baked in banana leaf finished with citrus ginger butter sauce, served with chef's rice & fresh veggies; prime rib slow roasted with smashed Yukon potatoes & au jus; pump house premium filet burger is fresh ground choice beef with specialty house topping with Yukon gold au gratin potatoes & fresh veggie; alder smoked rib eye steak smoked in house in custom built smoker, served with house demi glace with Yukon gold au gratin potatoes & fresh veggie; filet mignon grilled, with herb steak butter & house demi glace with Yukon gold au gratin potatoes & fresh veggie; alder smoked St. Louis ribs slow smoked in backyard & served with whiskey/mustard/BBQ sauce, FF & house slaw; osso bucco is served in own braising juices & with smashed Yukon potatoes & fresh veggie; reindeer tenderloin grilled & served with raspberry orange Cumberland sauce, braised red cabbage, Yukon gold au gratin potatoes; elk meatloaf made with Delta raised elk, bacon wrapped, served with smashed Yukon potatoes & fresh veggie.

    Entrees; Brewster's sirloin charbroiled with Alaskan amber dipping sauce, Tuscan mashed potatoes or Brewster's fries, chef's veggies, soup or salad & garlic bread; NY steak charbroiled with Alaskan amber dipping sauce, Tuscan mashed potatoes or Brewster's fries, chef's veggies, soup or salad & garlic bread; baby back ribs hickory smoked, slow cooked & smothered in house Alaskan smoked Porter BBQ sauce served with Tuscan mashed potatoes or fries, roll & cole slaw; penne pasta with roasted garlic tossed with mushrooms & sundried tomatoes in roasted garlic-parmesan cream sauce served with garlic toast & chef's veggies; deep fried shrimp served with lemon & cocktail sauce; coconut shrimp covered in light breading & sweet coconut flakes with housemade jalapeno jelly.


King Crab Dinner The Pump House College, Alaska










 Hickory Smoked Ribs Brewster's College, Alaska





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Hertz Rental Cars Fairbanks Intl. Apt.
 6450 Airport Way Suite 16

    Faulconer Gallery Faulconer Gallery College, Alaska
    The Faulconer Gallery is situated on the Grinnell College's campus, providing outstanding exhibitions of regional, national and international works of art spread through a 7400 square foot space that is state-of-the-art in the heart of the college's Bucksbaum Center for the Arts. The art collection started with just 28 etchings donated in honor of Maude Little Macy and $1200 raised for the purpose of buying artworks during the endowment campaign of 1908. Since that humble beginning, it has now grown to include over 5,000 works, distinguished by its social and political commentary by artists, that decided it was more important to take up the pen and stylus as weapons against human folly, oppression and exploitation with prints by such greats as Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso, William Hogarth, Honore Daumier, the German expressionists and Kathe Kollowitz. In the 1980s and 1990s, drawings from the old Soviet Union and graphic works from the Baltic states and Eastern Europe would be acquired, with more recent works being acquired in photography, sculptures and paintings. More recent works that have been acquired include works by Sandow Birk, Enrique Chagoya, Fred Hagstrom, Bruce Conner, Rockwell Kent, Francisco Goya y Lucientes, John Fraser, Jean Pougny and many more.

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Fairbanks Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 6450 Apt. Way Ste. 5

    University of Alaska Museum of the North University of Alaska Museum of the North College, Alaska
    Sitting on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the museum had been known as the University of Alaska Museum and housed in the Signers' Hall for the majority of its existence, established in 1917, without a real location until 1936, when it would be moved into Signers' Hall. As time flew by, the collection would outgrow its spaces, and a capital campaign began in 1975 to construct a new museum; which would be done in 2001, with the new structure opening in 2005, with a few galleries opening in 2006. Its excellent collections are spread across many areas that include; the Alaska Center for Documentary Film, the Bird collection, Alaska Frozen Tissue collection, marine invertebrates collection, arctic archival observatory, mammal collection, archeology collections, fish, amphibian and reptile collections, earth sciences collection, herbarium, ethnology collection, fine arts collection, entomology collection and the history collection.  One of the most exciting and interesting occurrences that has happened to the museum is the discovery of prehistoric rock art that is more common in other areas of the United States, but quite rare in the interior and northern regions of Alaska. In the 1960s, archaeologists would discover boulders adorned with petroglyphs at three different lakefront sites in the Noatak National Preserve, and had been there, unnoticed for more than four decades, when a team from the museum visited there this summer to make sketches and take tracings. 

Thrifty Car Rental College

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Fairbanks Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars
 6450 Apt. Way Ste. 15

    Eldorado Gold MineEldorado Gold Mine College, Alaska
    Close to Fairbanks, Alaska, the El Dorado gold mine is located, that had originally been founded in the early 1900s, going through a gradual transformation during the last half of the 20th century into a more informational and tourist destination, owned by Alaska Riverways, Inc. and about ten miles north of the city on the Elliot Highway. In the early turn-of-the-century, the Swede brothers of Fairbanks would start the mine as a placer mining claim, which is the mining of alluvial deposits for metals or precious gems. The remainder of this mine's history and who owned it or what happened it quite sketchy, since records had been poorly kept, but the ownership would pass numerous times during the first half of the 20th century. Eventually, the mine would stop producing gold, in the midst of the 20th century, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered its halt in WWII, and individual mining claims would be hindered by the government's imposition of a fixed price for gold. As time passed, small claims would become less and less profitable to mine, and mining operations at El Dorado would finally cease. It would be purchased by Andrew Wescott, a Fairbanks gold miner, in the latter part of the 20th century, when Wescott, who had already realized that the profitable days of solo mining were gone in the state, started rebuilding El Dorado as an informational tourist destination for visitors coming to Alaska for adventure. It would become such a popular stop for tourists that he would start a partnership with the Binkley family of Fairbanks to help develop the mine and some years later, he would sell his shares to the family, which continues to operate it as a tourist destination during May to September with tours of the mines and train tours a number of times during the day. Part of the charisma of this fabulous adventure is the opportunity to pan for gold while you are there, with expert help given and offered.

Dollar Rent-A-Car College

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Fairbanks Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 6450 Apt. Way, Ste. 15

    Dog Mushing Museum Dog Mushing Museum Fairbanks, Alaska
    The Dog Mushing Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska contains the most comprehensive exhibit about dog mushing in the world, with a fifteen panel exhibit of photographic essay materials that is called, "The Driving Spirit: A Salute to Our Sled Dog Tradition". The museum showcases many types of sleds that have been used in the main races, including Siberian skin clothing, many harnesses that detail the progression of style, trophies, state-of-the-art cold weather expedition gear and many other miscellaneous mushing memorabilia. There is a theater there that features mushing videos, with an exciting museum shop that sells items that pertain to dog mushing. Dog mushing is one of the most popular sports in the state today, since Alaskans have been relying on their dogs and sleds to get around the country for many decades, and why it is now one of the most celebrated events in the state. This museum will teach you much about the sport and tradition, with numerous permanent exhibits that honor and celebrate the Alaskan dog sled tradition.

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Fairbanks Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 
- 6450 Airport Way