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Things to do in Cranston

    Museum of Natural History Museum of Natural History Cranston, Rhode Island
    This marvelous museum opened in 1896 by the city, that continues to operate it today, and founded with a spectacular mammal and bird collection from former Providence resident, John Steere. That donation would coincide with the outstanding museum construction era that sweeped the nation in that period. It would become popular with the local community and become a site of civic pride, as well as a visionary monument to science as it approached a new century. It contains over a quarter of a million objects, although can only show a small part of its exciting collection at any given time. These specimens are about 85% natural history and some 15 % of cultural objects, with the majority coming from within the state of Rhode Island. In their fabulous natural history collections, there are 175,000 preserved animals and plants like birds, mollusk shells, plants, mammals, insects and some 15,000 earth science specimens that include rocks. fossils and minerals. It houses a really outstanding collection of plant fossils from the Coal Age Rhode Island that are believed to be older that the dinosaurs that roamed the earth over 350 million years ago. Their cultural collections include over 20,000 archaeological relics that have been discovered in North America and 4000 ethnographic objects like tools, carvings, textiles and baskets that pertain mostly to Native North America and Oceania. It contains a magnificent treasure of informational resources that includes a reference library for stall use and a large document and photographic archive. The photographs contain a lot of images about the history of the park and the museum. These marvelous collections have been acquired from many different sources, that come here from state residents and other areas, since the state doesn't have a natural history museum of its own. Their outreach programs include some for adults, children, families and scouts, along with numerous special events held during the year.

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    Rogers Williams Park ZooRogers Williams Park Zoo Cranston, Rhode Island
    The Rogers Williams Park Zoo of Providence, Rhode Island contains more than a thousand animals that represent over 130 species in very natural settings, and named after its founder, Roger Williams, the 17th century protector of religious tolerance, although it wouldn't be officially opened until 1872, making it the third oldest zoo in the country, which closed for a time during the years 1978 to 1980 for remodeling. In the late 2000s, the zoo would begin a massive renovation project, calling it the New Zoo, and add a bald eagle display, rejuvenation of the Fabric of Africa exhibit and create a seasonal butterfly display. When the zoo opened in 1872, it housed a limited amount of small animals, that included peacocks, anteaters, guinea pigs, hawks, raccoons, rabbits, white mice and squirrels, with its first structure, the Menagerie opening in 1890. As the 20th century approached, it would begin spreading across the park's surface, and start to feature such comical and diverse animals like monkeys, big cats, hoof stock and bears. The zoo's 130 species are divided into various groups, with quite a few of them considered rare, and these can be found in the sections called; farmyard, North America where the visitor can enjoy watching and learning about red wolves, harbor seals, American bison, bald eagles and penguins or Australasia that houses the wallabies, tree kangaroos, binturongs and babirausa, the Marco Polo Trail with red pandas, camels, snow leopards and Asiatic black bears. The last area is the Tropical America section that houses birds, crocodiles, cotton-top tamarins, bats and anteaters.

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Local Restaurants in Cranston

    Twin Oaks
    Entrees; choice open steak small filet mignon 12oz.; choice black angus sirloin 12oz.; choice black angus 20 oz.; broiled lamb chops 2 thick; broiled pork chops 2 thick; filet mignon big 1 pound; broiled chopped sirloin pate; broiled Hawaiian ham steak; baby rack of lamb; teriyaki tenderloin; provimi milk fed veal cutlet parmesan; provimi milk fed veal cutlet; breaded veal parmesan; breaded veal; macaroni, peppers, meatballs & hot sausage; sauté lobster with toast points; steamed Alaskan king crab legs with drawn butter; sauté snow crabs with toast points; cold snow crab with drawn butter; baked native sea scallops with butter, white wine, bacon & cracker crumbs; fried bay scallops; fried clams; fresh broiled Native Swordfish steak; baked salmon; baked scrod; tuna salad plate, lobster salad plate, native fried sea scallops.

    Spain Restaurant
    Entrees; served with mashed potatoes & chef's daily veggie; Smithfield Farms prime beef sirloin 14oz. or 20 dirty; premium certified angus choice filet mignon 10oz. 15oz. , 20 dirty oz.; Chile rubbed pork tenderloin is served with wild currant, shiitake mushroom & port wine sauce; grilled center cut fillet of salmon is marinated in fresh dill, turmeric & olive oil; pasta vigo is Romano & sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, grappa & garlic herbs; pasta champignones is rigatoni morel & wild mushrooms tossed in light sherry cream sauce garine with parmesan cheese; corunesa is veal cutlets sautéed with portabella mushrooms & cognac sauce; Madrid is veal cutlets in light egg batter, sautéed with white wine & citrus sauce; Jerez is veal or chicken cutlets sautéed in sherry brandy sauce with fresh asparagus, spinach, imported jamon Serrano, topped with smoked provolone cheese.


Baked Native Sea Scallops Twin Oaks Cranston, Rhode Island





Sauteed Veal Cutlets Spain Restaurant Cranston, Rhode Island

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    Culinary Arts Museum Culinary Arts Museum Cranston, Rhode Island
    The Culinary Arts Museum can be found in the Friedman Center of the Harborside Campus in Providence, Rhode Island of the Johnson & Wales University that has grown into a splendid educational resource for the food service industry, food scholars, JWU students and the community around it. This outstanding museum strives to preserve and interpret the exciting history of the culinary and hospitality industries, and is now considered to be one of the finest showcases for the work of students, distinguished visiting chefs, faculty and alumni. Using special events and fabulous exhibitions, the museum attempts to interpret the evolution of the regional culinary culture and include many recent and appropriate exhibitions that have excited the student and the novice in its curriculum. CNBC just recently released an article about the city, naming it one of the best "foodie" cities in the country and also praised the museum's dedication to regional culinary culture. The museum opened in 1973 and has risen to become one of the world's most respected museums in the world, producing chefs that have become leaders in their fields, from its new and first of its kind, International Baking & Pastry Institute, to the museum's unique culinary nutrition program. Their College of Culinary Arts has many types of competitions, clubs and organizations, careers in the culinary arts, graduate programs, online learning, adult and continuing education, study abroad availabilities, mentors and more that is sure to help anyone get the best education and learning in the culinary arts field.

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    Cranston Historical SocietyCranston Historical Society Cranston, Rhode Island
    The Cranston Historical Society is located in the fabulous Sprague mansion in Cranston, Rhode Island that was constructed in two parts, the first beginning in the late 18th century and featured a spacious home with central chimney, low ceilings and simple woodworks. The ensuing years would see more changes added and replaced, with the majority being accomplished in 1864, by Colonel Amasa Sprague, reconstructing the simpler homestead into a splendid mansion that he could entertain his social contacts. These changes included a wide hall that was lit by a fan shaped window above the main entrance, as well as replacing the simple straight wooden staircase with a more elegant wide and winding stairway, that contained excellent carved and decorative woodworking in the railings and balusters. The fireplace mantles reflect the wealth of this man and the period, with Italian marble used, especially in the grand ballroom on the first floor where the family would entertain many affluent and wealthy visitors. A beautiful grand 1880 Steinway piano sits on the first floor complementing the ballroom, almost nine feet long and given by the Shaw Safe family of Newport, with a glorious history. There are two big bedrooms on the second and third floors that would replace the numerous smaller ones that had been located there, but the most significant feature of the mansion is the cupola that sits on top of the new section, and from here, would afford the family an awesome panoramic view of the Cranston holdings that included orchards, woodlands, vineyards, a horsecar company, a reservoir, the Cranston Print Works, and two complete villages of mill houses that included a school, meeting house, boarding houses, community store, post office and counting house that was often referred to as the Cranston Bank and a racing track. The mansion has been meticulously preserved, as well as the other historical society house, the Joy Homestead that features many outstanding demonstrations offered there. Both of these houses are excellent examples of the lifestyle of the wealthy folks that lived back then and are prime examples for visitors to enjoy and learn about the many antiques and fantastic demonstrations about the way people did things and created crafts back then for family uses.

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    Ukulele Hall of Fame MuseumUkulele Hall of Fame Museum Cranston, Rhode Island
    This museum began in 1996, and was started to document, preserve and promote the history of the ukulele, its makers, players and its ability to inspire people all over to continue the unique style and music of the instrument, with a fabulous collection of ukulele music, history, players, makers and more. The museum contains a marvelous reference desk that informs visitors about the historical materials they have that are related to the ukulele, and include photographs of vintage ukes, ukulele method books, uke players and groups. Some of the images are very old and extremely interesting. During the first nationwide surge of interest in ukuleles, sometime between 1915 and 1930, that were of methods and songbooks, and the majority of them were written by men, but some women would indulge in doing them as well. May Singhi Breen, would become one of the most prominent ukulele book writers, male or female, and called the original Ukulele Lady. She would go on to write numerous ukulele books, and become the editor of the 1925 Wendell Hall's Ukulele Method, as well as one she penned with her husband, Peter DeRose, called Peter Pan Ukulele Method. Other famous women that played and wrote about the ukulele include Vahdah Olcott-Pickford, Mrytle Stumpf, Jennie Durkee, Angeline Nunes and Lucy Goodwin. One amazing tidbit is the fact that during the 1920s, baseball and the ukulele would begin to see significant changes in the way people looked at them, learning to enjoy both more because the great personalities have shared them; and this includes one Babe Ruth, who also played a ukulele, although it has been said that he played very well.

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    Rogers Williams Park Botanical CenterRoger Williams Park Botanical Center Cranstonk, Rhode Island
    The Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island is called the Jewel of Providence and welcomes over 3 and a half million visitors every year, and considered to be one of the nation's premier historic urban parks, with current plans to construct a new world class attraction. The botanical gardens sit amidst beautiful rose gardens, lush rolling hills and emerald trees, the first of its kind in the state and one of just a few in the region. The magnificent gardens will become a superior facility that showcases a multi-level glass and steel conservatory, that rises up from a unique complex of educational facilities and visitor structures. The park will offer horticultural education to the community and grow to become a year round attraction filled with spectacular scenes. The park has two fabulous greenhouses filled with cannas, palms, elephant ears, cactus, fruit trees and bushes, bougainvillea, and a plethora of tropical plants that are sure to fill your eyes with every color in the rainbow, and more, with another containing various plant societies and display gardens that include the Orchid society, carnivorous plant society, Victorian rose garden and Japanese garden; which is situated behind the carousel. The park is now the biggest indoor display gardens in New England, with the conservatory and greenhouses enclosing some 12,000 square feet of space, as well as housing a marvelous education center and event space.

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