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Things to do in Fremont

    Louis E. May Historical Museum Louis E. May Historical Museum Fremont, Nebraska
    The museum is located in a twenty-five room mansion that also has a general store, library, rose garden and one-room schoolhouse, in the mansion that had been constructed in 1874. The interior is beautifully adorned with period antiques and memorabilia, that include household utensils and other items that were used during the 19th and 20th centuries, all set in the brick structure that has a magnificent flower garden located near it, along with other outdoor activities, especially all the available sights to photograph. The house was constructed in the Italianate revival style by Theron Nye, and his son would inherit it in 1900, who then would spend time and effort remodeling it from 1901 until 1912. The architectural style would be changed from Italianate to Georgian or classical revival and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, with the grounds now a Nebraska arboretum site. The interior is fabulous with wood paneled rooms and outstanding wood moldings everywhere, as can be seen by the image to the right that seems to call you into it. All the rooms have been refurbished with period antique furniture and furnishings that are spread across hard wood floors beautifully maintained, with superb wall coverings and fabulous lights. With marble fireplaces in many of the rooms, and Turkish rugs, the museum is a place to sit and ponder the many images that permeate your mind while you enjoy the fantastic furnishings of the wealthy in that period. The family room has a magnificent white marble fireplace, with burgundy velvet coverings, and antique furnishings that will amaze the average visitor and cause some to wonder how these austentacious folks lived. The fabulous grounds are adorned with the most exquisite flowers, showcasing all the colors of the rainbow, set up in such a way as if they were painted on the grounds instead of being grown.

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    Nebraska Railroad MuseumNebraska Railroad Museum Fremont, Nebraska
    The Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad is the state of Nebraska's biggest and longest railroad, dating from the 1920s, although the track itself had been already laid out in 1869, and until the mid 1980s, would be the gateway route for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad to northern Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. The route that led to Wyoming would become known as the Cowboy Line, and is in the process of being changed into a trail, as many other railroad tracks no longer in use have been done around the country. It is owned and maintained by the Nebraska Railroad Museum, operating on 17 miles of track from Fremont, Nebraska to Hooper, Nebraska with numerous s excursion trains for the public that use diesel locomotives. Starting out originally as the Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad, the original line would run to Norfolk, and cross over the northern region of the state to Fort Robinson, and its trains would be the first to go to the Black Hills. The line had a western extension that ended near Yellowstone Park in western Wyoming, and it almost became a transcontinental line after merging with the Chicago and Northwestern Railway in 1903. If you rode the rails now, you'll cross the historic Indian road, which had been the route of Major Stephen Long's 1820s western military expedition, the 1840s Mormon Trail and the end. If you were to take the ride to Hopper, Nebraska, you would be able to visit and enjoy the town's excellent 1890s Main Street, that is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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Local Restaurants in Fremont

    J's Steakhouse
    Entrees; ribeye, top sirloin, NY strip, tenderloin filet; cedar plank tilapia slow cooked on cedar wood, finished with dark cherry chutney & boursin cheese, mashed potatoes; grilled Alaskan salmon is chargrilled, topped with wild berry BBQ sauce; Pacific mahi mahi fresh, grilled & topped with house island salsa, served on bed of orzo; broiled walleye & chef's tartar sauce, served over wild rice; pan-seared duck breast served with wild berry demi-glaze & wild rice; makers mark pork chop is 9oz. center cut, glazed in a makers mark & maple syrup reduction, served with boursin mashed potatoes; grilled chicken breast with merlot & wild mushroom ragout & orzo; pork scaloppini is pan-seared pork medallions, Yukon fingerling potatoes & house peppercorn brandy cream demi-glaze; beef tournedos is beef tenderloins in rich mushroom & black peppercorn sauce with Yukon gold fingerling potatoes; flat iron kabobs skewered with onions, green peppers, pineapple & tomato, served with boursin mashed potatoes; tortellini carbonara is cheese filled, tri-colored tortellini in house light cream & garlic carbonara sauce with prosciutto ham, peas, mushrooms & sundried tomatoes.

    Outpost Grill & Restaurant
    Entrees served with choice of 2 sides; whiskey sirloin marinated & grilled to order; jumbo fried shrimp 5 breaded & fried jumbo shrimp served with side of cocktail sauce, mammoth ribeye hand cut, cooked your way or grilled, chicken fried steak breaded, fried & topped with country gravy; smoked BBQ ribs half rack smoke pork ribs smothered in rich BBQ sauce; wild Alaskan salmon grilled perfectly.  


Pork Medallions J's Steakhouse Fremont, Nebraska







Fried Jumbo Shrimp Outpost Grill & Restaurant Fremont, Nebraska

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    Fremont State Recreation Area Fremont State Recreation Area Fremont, Nebraska
    This state park in Fremont, Nebraska is one of the state's most popular areas for recreation, with some 40 acres of land and close to 300 acres of sand pit lakes, located just three miles from the city. It is one of the best areas for fishing, water sports, boating and other activities that seem to blossom when the weather is sunny, and the beach becomes filled. There is a ramp for putting boats into the lake, as well as a handicap accessible area for personal watercrafts. There are excellent camp sites, with water and showers, with 200 hard surfaced sites and electrical hook-ups, with 600 primitive camping sites for all types of tents. One favorite, especially for the locals, is in the picnic areas, underneath the shaded trees. It has become a favorite for all the locals, wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, taking time to relax and unwind in the beauty of the many lakes and small forested areas. But beware, this area welcomes almost a million visitors each year, so you can understand why it becomes crowded fairly quick. There are modern toilets, a shelter house, trailer dump stations, playground equipment and fire pits, all waiting for you to come for a great visit.

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    Musbach MuseumMusbach Museum Fremont, Nebraska
    This museum is located in a historic structure built in 1884, and opened in 1973 to commemorate the German pioneering heritage with outstanding special events, displays and excellent collections of kitchen china, antique farm equipment, glass items and medical equipment. The museum also has an old doctor's office, vintage band uniforms, an antique country store and many other interesting and unique memorabilia. One of the oddest antiques is a vintage cake, baked and dried in the 1930s, and then eventually painted white, although no one knows exactly why or who arranged for this unusual cake to be made.

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    Dead Timber State Recreation AreaDead Timber State Recreation Park Fremont, Nebraska
    This Nebraska state park includes 200 acres of magnificent land, set at 1266 feet above the sea, open all year round for the most exciting and interesting recreational activities in the region. You can fish, boat, walk, run, jog, camp and enjoy the beautiful sights that surround the area, just north of Scribner, Nebraska; once the site of a seasonal Indian camp. There is an old legend that says the area got its name after an Indian fire would get out of control and burn most of the standing timber around here, which is how it got its name of Dead Timber. It sits between the Elkhorn River and an oxbow lake that had been part of a nearby river. These Indians would camp along the river in the summer months, and then move behind the river bluffs and settle in the area of the oxbow. An oxbow lake is formed when a river begins to meander due to the river constantly rubbing against the banks and eroding them through what is now known as hydraulic action and abrasion/corrosion. After many years, the meander changes into a very curved place in the river, so that after a time, the neck of the meander will touch the other side of the river and cut through the neck, stopping the meander so that what is left creates an oxbow lake. The park would be settle by Europeans in 1856, with the white man eventually displacing the Pawnee among the other tribes, although it was a very difficult winter that year. These immigrants would begin feeling quite threatened by the Pawnee living so close to their settlements, and after some time, the Pawnee sent a delegation to the townspeople threatening a war. This conflict would end when the white people agreed to give the Indians food. By 1859, the Pawnee would be moved to a reservation, thus quelling the fears of the white people living in the region. The Dead Timber State Park is small and mostly undeveloped, with recreation limited to camping, picnicking, boating and fishing, although all the boats had to be human powered. There are seventeen pads located there for camping, with electricity and 25 pads without electricity.

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    Bryson's Airboat ToursBryson's Airboat Tours Fremont, Nebraska
    One of the most exciting and enjoyable ways to take in the magnificent beauty around Fremont, Nebraska is going on a high speed airboat adventure on the Platte River, one of the country's most beautiful and best airboating rivers. You will travel into the heart of the Platte River country, viewing animals in their natural habitats, like white tail deer, blue herons and bald eagles, soaring over the magnificent river looking for that perfect fish for dinner. The company will cater to whatever your needs or desires are, whether it be a short ride with lunch or a longer one with dinner, all the while enjoying the beauty and wonder of the great north. The company actually began as a favor for a friend that wanted to go for an airboat ride on the Platte since she was a cancer patient. In 2004, this young man did that young girl a favor and she began to tell her friends and co-workers about the fantastic trip and adventure that they enjoyed on the Platte River. Soon, the phones began ringing off the hook, with more requests for rides and it wasn't long before it would evolve into a full time business. These rides would lift the spirits and feelings of those going for a ride, and now it is a full blown business, offering all types of rides and adventures on the river. Whatever the client wanted, Bryson would deliver, whether it was to view the magnificent scenery along the river or the splendid animals that you could see as they came for a drink. The boat is a Panther airboat, 21 feet long, nine and a half feet wide so that it can comfortably fit 11 riders. The seating is set up movie style so that every rider has a perfect view, and with a 700 horsepower motor, this boat can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. All the pilots have many years of experience and safety to deliver the right kind of ride that you are looking for including those that want a lunch, dinner or just snack.

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