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Things to do in Mandan

    Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park  Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park Mandan, North Dakota
    About seven miles south of Mandan, North Dakota lies a most unique and famous state park, called Fort Abraham Lincoln, with magnificent historical structures that are famous in their own rights. These include the On-A-Slant Village, the Custer House and many blockhouses; begin created in 1907 when President Theodore Roosevelt would sign the deed to the land over to the state and create a wonderful estuary of history and culture. In 1575, the Mandan tribe would start a village at the confluence of the Missouri and Heart Rivers, constructing lodges made of earth and lived in the lap of luxury, to them at least, hunting the great buffalo and growing many crops to help them sustain their lives through the difficult winters. Sadly, it would be in another two centuries that the tribe would contract smallpox and watch as it decimated their brothers and sisters; and causing them to relocate. In the 1870s, in the area along the west bank of the Missouri River, just about where the Mandans had located their old village, the US army constructed a military post, in 1872, fortifying it with two companies of the 6th US Infantry under Lt. Col. Daniel Huston, Jr. as Fort McKeen, which was just across from Bismarck, Dakota territory. Within six months, the garrison was enlarged with another company of infantrymen, and changed the name of the post to Fort Abraham Lincoln, and expanded to the south that would include a cavalry post that would be able to accommodate six companies of cavalry. The post had 78 permanent wooden buildings including a telegraph office, post office, six cavalry stables, laundress quarters, log scouts quarters, seven officer's quarters, a granary, quartermaster storehouse, barracks for nine companies, a guardhouse, bakery and hospital. Water would come to the fort by hauling it from the Missouri River in wagons, with the firewood being supplied by contract. The 7th Cavalry would move in during 1873, to make sure that the Northern Pacific Railroad could continue its expansion west without worrying about Indian trouble. The first commander of the bigger fort would be Lt. Col. George A. Custer, that would hold that position until his death in 1876. The army would leave the post in 1876 as part of the Great Sioux War of 1876-1877, that would leave Custer in charge of a depleted force, which in turn would facilitate his defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, when they were supposed to push the non-treaty Indians back to their reservations. Custer and half of his troops would never return to the fort after that battle, which would be abandoned in 1891, when the railroad had completed laying tracks as far as Montana in 1883. About a year after the fort had been abandoned, the townspeople would come here and disassemble the fort piece by piece taking the boards and nails that they would use to construct their homes. A new fort would be constructed on the Bismarck side in 1895, and the CCC would come in 1934 to construct a visitor's center, roads and shelters.

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    Five Nations GalleryFive Nations Gallery Mandan, North Dakota
    Five Nations Gallery sells authentic, hand-crafted Native American works of art, from the local area, ranging in price from the inexpensive jewelry and dream catchers to the exotic and elegant sculptures and original oil paintings, created by these outstanding artisans using their centuries old traditional techniques and natural materials that have made these exemplary examples of their cultural heritage works. From ancient basketry to museum-quality quilt works, the magnificent keepsakes will awe you and your family, as well as any of the people that you might give them any of these hand made treasures. It is the pride of the northern great plains people with skilled artists like Kathy Whitman and Butch Thunderhawk, it is no wonder that folks keep coming here for the fabulous history and genuine trinkets. The gallery is located in the old Northern Pacific Railroad depot in Mandan, North Dakota, helping to support Fort Abraham Lincoln. The artists strive to make sure that every piece is genuine and a one-of-a-kind piece so that you can be sure that what you are purchasing is a one of a kind piece of jewelry, painting or sculpture. They also will take requests to create something special that you have in mind and will have it ready before you leave.

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Local Restaurants in Mandan

    Frieds Family Restaurant
    Entrees; served with veggies, housemade dinner roll & choice of potato, mashed, American fries, FF, hashbrowns or baked & soup & salad; USDA choice top sirloin 6oz. grilled; hamburger steak 8oz. lean ground beef cooked your way; chicken fried steak 6oz. tenderized cubed steak , hand breaded & grilled with choice of country or beef gravy; pork chop dinner 6oz. center cut grilled; liver & onions 6oz beef liver topped with sautéed onions; veal cutlet is chopped cutlet, breaded & deep fried, smothered in beef gravy; chicken dinner is 3 pieces of honey breaded & deep fried chicken, breast, thigh & leg; chicken strips is 3 golden strips breaded; walleye is 5oz. hand breaded or not; shrimp dinner is 5 jumbo shrimp, breaded & deep fried; shrimp basket 21 pieces of golden brown shrimp; fish dinner is 2 pieces of battered cod fillets deep fried.

    Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant
    With Entrees served with steamed rice; seafood delight; king sauce noodle; orange chicken; Singapore rice noodle; sizzling San Shein; sizzling shrimp; sizzling beef; sizzling chicken; Szechuan shrimp; Szechuan beef; Szechuan chicken; almond chicken ding; almond beef; almond shrimp; almond pork; General Tao's chicken; sesame chicken; lemon chicken; almond boneless chicken; tofu vegetable; tofu chicken vegetable; tofu beef vegetable; spicy fry chicken.


Jumbo Shrimp Frieds Family Restaurant Mandan, North Dakota




Szechuan Beef Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant Mandan, North Dakota

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    North Dakota State Railroad Museum North Dakota State Railroad Museum Mandan, North Dakota
    This railroad museum would become the official state railroad museum in 1989, with a multitude of relics, both big and little, overflowing into every nook and cranny of the building, showcasing the many unique items that had to be manufactured for the items that would become necessary for the operations of the railroad. The museum would begin in 1972 so that it could preserve the history of railroading in North Dakota, operating under the Railroad Museum Historical Society of Morton County, the museum houses a magnificent collection of relics and equipment. The museum houses such outstanding exhibits like the unique display of HO model hopper cars that was first photographed by Dr. Kenneth J. Johnson from Bismarck, that would then bring the photos home and replica the hopper cars he saw in his travels that he would photograph. Then he would make models of these cars for his collection that now numbers over 200. There is a special collection of Timetables that show many of the nations railroads when the passenger service in this country was at its peak, and a comprehensive collection of photographs from Ron V. Nixon that showcase different classes of the Northern Pacific steam engines and North Dakota scenery. They also have numerous pieces of rolling stock and great railroading memorabilia. The museum has a BN yard mule, 16 ton, a NP speeder & push cart, an SOO caboose #228, made of wood in 1913, and many others that are sure to make you and your family happy for hours on end.

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Avis Discounts
Avis Discounts

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    Custer HouseCuster House Mandan, North Dakota
    The recreated Custer House is where the famous Indian fighter and his wife lived while they were stationed at Fort Abraham Lincoln, in Mandan, North Dakota, with a tour beginning every half hour. This tour brings you back to the days of 1875 when the couple occupied the original house, with guides dressed as laundresses or soldiers from that period, with interpretive tours offered of On-A-Slant Village and the earthlodges that were reproduced like the house. The house is filled with the books, dishes and furniture of the Custer's; but another visitor is believed to be present, wandering the house at all hours and adding a mystique and doubt about the house. Some people have seen or believed that they saw, Libby Custer in various parts of the house, and other oddities that make the house something more than just a copy of the original Custer home. Doors slam shut by themselves, or unseen visitors, shadows on the walls, when there shouldn't be any shadows, and sounds like people playing billiards in the billiard room; with some just hearing voices come out of the shadows. However, after going there three separate times, a local paranormal team hasn't seen, felt or heard anything out of the ordinary, yet. In 1874, Custer would leave the post for a secret mission, with a thousand men, over a hundred wagons, and hundreds of horses, cattle and mules, heading into the Black Hills to see if they could find an area to construct a post, and the secret part was to confirm or deny, the existence of gold. For over two months, the cavalry searched the hills, eventually finding gold in French Creek, where present day Custer, North Dakota sits. Custer would immediately send out a message to General Alfred Terry about the magnificent views, gorgeous valleys and flowing streams, as well as the discovery of gold. That discovery would lead to the eventual gold rush that brought tens of thousands to the Black Hills, that would lead to the creation of Deadwood, and the inflammation of the Sioux nation, leading to the Black Hills War.

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