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Things to do in Prato

    Galleria degli Alberti Galleria degli Alberti Prato, Italy
    Just a few blocks from the Palazzo Datini, a pinkish structure stands out against the warm Italian sky, containing both a large bank, the Cassa di Prisparmio di Prato Bank and right above it there is a magnificent collection of paintings that are the envy of many worldwide museums. With masterpieces by such famous artists as Giovanni Bellini, Caravaggio better known as Michelangelo and Filippo Lippi, with a smaller collection of local sculptor, Lorenzo Bartolini standing against its walls as well. The marvelous Tuscan and Florentine baroque paintings are more than enough reason for the patrons of the bank to spend a few moments, or hours, viewing the beautiful old paintings, from some of the finest painters of the Middle Ages. At the entrance of the gallery, there are other magnificent works, that are not of the baroque period, but are considered splendid enough to hang with the masters. This exciting gallery contains about sixty works of art, with other rooms filled with beautiful works from previous periods that complement the entire collection and its surroundings. The polifunctional gallery houses many excellent 16th to 18th century works, with more works by such artists as Santi di Tito, Giusto Sustermans, Tommaso di Stefano Lunetti, and in the western wing, there are magnificent works by painters from the 17th century Florentine school, like Matteo Rosselli, Carlo Dolci, Baldassre Franceschini, Giovanni Bilvert and Francesco Furini. The Studiolo contains baroque period works created by Dandini, Alessandro Rosi, Giuseppe Poli, Gherardo and Giovan Domenico Ferretti. And before leaving the museum, be sure to enjoy two battle paintings, with one done by Sienese painter Giuseppe Pinacci.

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Local Restaurants in Prato

    Ristorante Lo Coglio
    Entrees; bistecca alla Fiorertina; entrecote of beef with green pepper; entrecote undergrowth; escalope of veal with porcini mushrooms; veal scalloppine with lemon; escalope of veal in white wine; sliced beef with artichokes & pecorino cheese; sliced beef with mushrooms; sliced beef bacon, rosemary & potato gratin; sliced beef with rocket & parmesan; sliced chicken on seasonal veggies & balsamic restricted; Catalan lobster with fruit; fillet of sea bass all'isolana; fillet of sea bream on the bottom of zucchini & clams; filled of John Dory in a crust of potatoes & seasonal veggies; fried fish; shrimps & prawn Catalan; shrimps & prawn grilled; citrus prawns; granfritto; grilled fish with grilled veggies; fish of the day grilled; fish cooked in salt-day; strips of cod cream of white beans; thinly sliced tuna with arugula, cherry tomatoes & pine nuts.

    Pepe Nero
    Entrees; fillet of beef wrapped with bacon & pepenero chianti sauce; fillet of beef with balsamic vinegar; fillet of beef with green pepper; fillet of beef with marsala cream with black truffle & foie gras steak ; fried chicken & rabbit, artichokes & anchovy sauce; chunks of turkey with capers & vin santo; rabbit with olives tagami; sliced tuna with Catalan veggies, beans & soya sauce; cod with stewed leeks; fillet of sea bass in a potato crust with creamy shellfish & zucchini julienne; imperial prawns with veggies & soya spagettini the plate.


Veal Scallopine Ristorante Lo Coglio Prato, Italy




Fried Chicken & Rabbit Pepe Nero Prato, Italy

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    Duomo di Prato Duomo di Prato, Italy
    The Cathedral of Prato was dedicated to St. Stephen and is one of the oldest churches in the city, constructed originally in the 10th century to become the parish church of St. Stephen, and the major church of the village of Cornio, which was the predecessor of the city of Prato. The magnificent church would be rejuvenated from the 10th to the 15th century, with a marvelous two tone facade made from green marble quarried locally and limestone. The current church dates back to the 12th century, which consists mainly of the tower and sides, with the last cell being installed in 1356, and during that century, the Holy Girdle, or belt of the Virgin Mary, that had come to the city in 1141. They would construct the transept first, who many believe was designed by Giovanni Pisano, and then the chapel of the girdle, with every structure that had been in front of the church being torn down to make room for the huge square in front of the church to welcome the faithful crowds that would gather for the religious ceremonies. Although there have been numerous architectural changes to the church over the centuries, it has an outstanding appearance that looks unified and seamless. The facade of the late gothic church would be constructed as close to the square as possible, with a corridor going to the pulpit, which was created by Michelozzo and then decorated by Donatello, sometime between 1428 and 1438. Their gorgeous pulpit would be built to exhibit the Holy Girdle, that is brought out for Christmas, Easter, May 1 and August 15, as well as their most solemn celebration on September 8, the Feast of Nativity of Mary. This pulpit contains bronze frames on the capital, that are concentric white marble accents, and the parapet, with the original one housed in a nearby museum, resembles a temple that contains groups of angels that are weaving bright girotondi, with a marvelous umbrella canopy crowning the entire pulpit. The interior of the church is even more fabulous, with artworks contributed by Giudetto, Ferdinando Tacca, Antonio Rossellino, Maso di Bartolomeo, David and Ridolfo Ghirlandaio, and the famous Giovanni Pisano.

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    Palazzo DatiniPalazzo Datini Prato, Italy
    The Palazzo Datini is a marvelous structure in Prato, Tuscany, Italy that was constructed in 1383 to become the home of local merchant, Francesco Datini, and decorated on the inside and out by some of the most famous artists of the period, like Niccolo di Pietro Gerini and Agnolo Gaddi, although some of Gerini's paintings have suffered minor damage over the centuries. In front of the facade, one of the first botanical gardens of the country would be installed, and the Madonna del Cappo statue by Filippo Lippi would be standing in its midst. Datini would welcome Pope Alexander V and Louis II of Anjou, the King of Naples, to his home in 1409, among other prominent people from that period. All of his papers, that had been in his archives, would be shut up in one of the walls of his house after he passed on, but would eventually be discovered in the 19th century and have become part of the museum, with over 150,000 such outstanding documents, as well as 500 account books. It would be a fabulous find, giving researchers and archaeologists of today the finest insight into the man and the times of that amazing century.

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    Museo di Pittura Murale in San Domenico Museo di Pittura Murale in San Domenico Prato, Italy
    The Museum of the Mural is resting in a barnlike church of the Dominican order that had been completed in 1322 by Giovanni Pisano, with a magnificent Niccolo Gerini Crucifix sitting on the second altar, along with two Matteo Rosselli works, called St. Filippo Neri and Madonna, and an Annunciation on the fifth altar. Just before that altar, an Il Poppi Crucifix Speaking to St. Thomas Aquinas rests on the fourth altar, and the chapter house that is located off the cloister houses numerous 15th century fresco pieces that were created by Pietro di Minato, that had to be uncovered from the whitewash paint that had been over it, in the 1980s. Other magnificent works include the 14th and 15th century altarpieces from the Museo Civico and the Museo di Pittura Murale, with many works in this museum, although quite a few have been damage over the centuries, that were create by Agnolo Gaddi, Niccolo Gerini, Pietro di Miniato and a lovely Taddeo Gaddi San Domenico; and some excellent anonymous 15th century graffiti that had been salvaged from the gardens of the Palazzo Vaj. The museum is found on the first floor of the old monastery of San Domenico and had been started in 1974 to preserve many detached graffiti, frescoes and sinopias. Eventually many of the hangings from the old monastery, like the church ornaments and votive paintings on wood that came from different periods of time, and dedicated to the Blessed Benedetto Bacci, with his remains that had been removed from the San Domenico church in 1803, were added to the collections.

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    Villa Medicea di Poggio a CaianoVilla Medicea di Poggio a Caiano Prato, Italy
    The Medicea Villa had been a ruined fortified house in Poggio a Caiano, which had been called the Ambra, with lands and a mill that was owned b Giovanni Rucellai but would be bought by Lorenzo de' Medici in 1473. Initially, the agricultural improvements would be completed, and then in 1485, work would began in earnest on the Medici Villa del Poggio or the Villa on the Hill, with designing done by Giuliano da Sangallo. Before the construction began, there had been big country houses that had been made defensive, with fortified rooms that looked out onto a central courtyard. The villa would become revolutionary in its designs and construction, constructed on a quadrangle base surrounding a big central hall with numerous rooms that had windows looking out in the countryside. When Lorenzo passed on, in 1492, the villa was still not finished, although the work would began once more after Lorenzo's youngest son, Giovanni became Pope Leo X, with the hall itself being named after the first Medici pope. The next century would see the villa being used by the Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany, and in 1587, Francis, the second Grand Duke, and Bianca Capello would pass away within a day of each other from different illnesses that lasted only a short time. It would seem that Francis' brother, Ferdinand, wanted to become the third duke, so he poisoned them. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the architects, Antonio Maria Ferri, Guiseppe and Giovan Battista Ruggeri would make further additions to the villa, with significant enhancements being done to the gardens and become the property of Marie Louise de Bourbon, the Queen of Etruria. It would become the property of the Italian state in 1919, and after being neglected for decades, would become a national museum in 1984, with major attractions like the Pontormo frescoes that showed Pomona and Vertumnus in the main salon. The interior of the villa is now without any of its original furniture, but the furnishings would be restored to showcase that villa as it had appeared in an inventory of 1911.

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