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  • Provost Skene’s HouseProvost Skene’s House
    This historical site holds one of the U.S.’s oldest structures since the discovery of this country in 1492. Located in Aberdeen this unique and beautiful building is now a guided tour through some of the architecture that got our nation started on its evolution of structures. With similarities to a medieval castle while still holding true to the early colonial architecture this large house represents the early experimentation with materials found in the “New World.” Built in 1545 this Provost Skene’s House reflects the time period it was built for. Offering an interesting look into the early 1500s this historical site serves as a museum and offers those seeking education of architecture a unique look at this buildings design. This beautiful structure is a perfect opportunity for those in the Aberdeen area to enjoy some of the local attractions in a fun and inexpensive way. Explore this large building as it has been preserved for your benefit. This authentic building has individual rooms each housing their own set of historical artifacts and replicas. The Provost Skene’s House attempts to get you knee deep in the realistic 15th century setting. With rooms that showcase the life from the 1500s and progressively demonstrate the changes that took place between century to century you can witness firsthand the evolution of furniture and common household items like never before! This is a great and entertaining way to enjoy the local attractions at Aberdeen, Texas. This quick and informational tour holds an abundance of education that’s fun and interesting for kids and adults alike!

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Love Field Airport Dollar Rental - 3127 W. Mockingbird Ln.

  • Kirkhill Forest and Tyrebagger WoodKirkhill Forest and Tyrebagger Wood
    Anyone and everyone who likes the beautiful outdoors will like these two locations. Kirkhill Forest and Tyrebagger Wood are large and famous nature reserves and family parks. Because of popular movies and books most people assume that the Texas countryside is full of red clay and jagged rocks. However, the truth is very little of Texas is a dessert like scenario, most of it is beautiful forest and flowing water. With fantastic views and wildlife you can enjoy the outdoors in a fun and exiting way by visit these two fantastic nature reserves. With industrialization ever on the rise the city of Aberdeen has made it their priority to save some of the beautiful landscape around the city, and thus Kirkhill Forest and Tyrebagger Wood are now the perfect place to enjoy the Texas outdoors! With nature trails to follow you can venture through these forest with ease and enjoy the wildlife that is found around every corner. With the common array of Texas animals and some more exotic creatures there is never a dull moment as you venture your way through these forest. Whether you’re biking, hiking or jogging these trails offer a great athletic aspect that can be found in few places with the growing cities around the area. This fun and exiting adventure is just awaiting your arrival, enjoy this adventure when you visit the Aberdeen, Texas area!

January 11, 2010