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  • MuzeoMuzeo Anaheim, California
    The Muzeo is the newest Southern California museum that houses many various types of exhibits and displays, special events, classes and weekend festivals born to celebrate and understand the world class traveling exhibits that come here to delight and enthrall the community of Anaheim and its millions of visitors. It is located in Anaheim, California and was started to invite the community to come and explore the diverse culture, arts and heritage by showcasing innovative programming. The museum hosts three traveling exhibitions each year that would be shown in the region unless invited by the museum. Each of these special traveling exhibits are improved by activities, special programs and events that bring the utmost information about the displays. Current exhibitions include the "State of the Blues: the living legend of the delta"; and it runs through to August, 2010. This wonderful exhibit honors the living legends of the Mississippi Delta blues shown through many intimate portraits. These illuminating photos of Jeff Dunas, has been hailed as an important display that honors the women and men who have exemplified the art into the powerful venue that it has become today. The spectacular and inspirational music of the delta, an African-American legacy, has been, continues to be and will always be, an important influence in all the contemporary music and other venues that has been saved in our generations by such special and talented people as B.B. King, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Charlie Musselwhite and John Lee Hooker. Using world wide vibrations, the blues have created poetry of sorrow, and discovers humor and irony in the many hardships that face us all in life; but more specifically, the black men that faced the bitter hatred of racism in the south and many other places in the world. The songs speak of love lost and found, the tireless struggle to feed our families and the endless fight for dignity in a world that have always judged people by their differences, be it color, religion or appearance. This has always been an unfortunate byproduct of humanity, or more appropriately, inhumanity, that many people have had to degrade others so that they themselves can feel better about themselves; although in the end, nothing will change a person, except that they learn that we are all different in marvelous ways that make this world a better and more interesting place. We all have something to offer each other, if nothing else than the mere support to help each other through a difficult time. Mr. Dunas has elevated the blues and the people that brought them to us to a lofty position that is envied by many. He had documented the landmark juke joints and blues hideouts that created a magical highway traveled along the routes to New Orleans, through the delta and into the many cities of this nation. A splendid exhibit that will make us think a moment about the world we live in and the music we grew up on. Another excellent exhibit is the Frogs: A chorus of colors, runs until September 2010 and introduces us to the incredible world of anurans or frogs. These unique amphibians are unbelievably one of the most visually spectacular, audible pleasing and adaptive life forms in the world. The display contains more than 100 live frogs, where you can learn about their expansive and diverse realm, discover their evolution and biological prominence to the ecosystems in our world, and the increasing threats that face them in the growing environment today.

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  • Mother Colony HouseMother Colony House Anaheim, California
    The Mother Colony House, was built in 1857, and thus began the new settlement of Anaheim, California; with an architectural style called American territorial, and made of redwood, with three small rooms and a gable roof. The roof has a decorative crest, with a continuous flaring eave that goes out and covers the entire front porch. In the 1870s, an addition was built on the rear of the house. George Hansen, a surveyor from Los Angeles, had been hired by some 50 German colonists to build a town, naming it Anaheim, constructed this house for himself and to house his office; and became known as the "father of Anaheim". Numerous families occupied the house after Hansen, with Senora Vicenta Sepulveda de Carrillo, widow of two important Californians coming in next. She was the widow of Thomas Yorba and Ramon Carrillo, buying the house in 1872. In 1884, Frederick Ruhmann, popular saloon owner would purchase it next, who was known as "Five Cent Fritz"; and then in 1929, it was saved from destruction by the Mother Colony chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. They had the house moved from the corner of Anaheim Boulevard and Cypress Street to its current location, since Marie Horstmann Dwyer donated the land and for the next two decades, it would be used for meetings. Marie's husband then set up an endowment that took care of the house's expenses for many years. Dedicated in 1929, this house is the oldest museum in Orange County and in 1950 became a State Historical Landmark.

January 11, 2010