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  • Meadows Museum of ArtMeadows Museum of Art Dallas, Texas
    The Meadows Museum in Dallas, Texas, is a division of the Southern Methodist University Meadow School of the Arts, contains one of biggest and most complete collection of Spanish art that is located outside of Spain, with marvelous artworks that date from the 10th to the 20th century. This incredible collection contains masterpieces created by many of the world's best artists that include; Picasso, El Greco, Miro, Ribera, Goya, Velazquez, Murillo and Sorolla. Features of the magnificent collection include; impressionist landscapes, modernist abstractions, monumental Baroque canvases, beautiful rococo oil sketches, Renaissance altarpieces, polychrome wood sculptures, a special array of sculptures by well known 20th century masters like; Oldenburg, Rodin, Smith, Maillol, Moore and Giacometti, and an excellent collection of the graphics of Goya. The University Art Collection that is managed by the museum contains gorgeous works by the finest artists of the area; William Lester, Frank Reaugh, Alexandre Hogue, Jerry Bywaters and Otis Dozier. The Meadows opened in 1965, with a wonderful collection of Spanish art and the galleries for their subsequent exhibit were the gift of Algur Hurtle Meadows, a Dallas businessman and founder of the General American Oil Company of Texas to the Southern Methodist University. In the 1950s, Algur would often travel to Madrid on business, where he would visit the Prado Museum and become inspired enough in the art of Spain's Golden Age to purchase many artworks. He had collected enough of his own works by 1962, that it would become the nucleus of the museum's collection. After the museum had opened, some doubts about the quality of the collection caused Algur to start another newer type of collection from 1967 to 1978, that was added to the nucleus. Ever since 1978, the museum has strived to increase and preserve that collection with the excellent support of the Meadows Foundation, which is a general purpose philanthropic organization that was started and incorporated by Meadows in 1948. The relationship between the two organizations has proved to be quite fruitful, achieving a great atmosphere of conservation, important acquisitions, especially in the genres of 20th century, Baroque and medieval art, and support of scholarly research of the collection. The museum is located in a neo-Palladian building with significant naturally lit painting galleries and expansive display space, that has been underwritten by the foundation.  The museum owns the complete first edition sets of Goya's four outstanding print series; Los Caprichos, Los Desatres de la Guerra, Los Disparates and La Tauromaquia. The Meadows also holds numerous prints by Picasso and other well known artists. Since the works on paper are in such fragile condition, they are not shown all the time, since light does cause some problems with these marvelous works. There are shown for a short duration, as long as the lighting is controlled, although they are always available for study by scholars, artists and SMU students. The Elizabeth Meadows Sculpture collection is one of the legacies that was started by Algur in honor of his second wife, with the collection growing by additions from the museum. A fantastic huge sculpture called Wave, by Spanish architect and artist Santiago Calatrava graces the front entrance, sitting above a black granite reflecting pool, and is a kinetic sculpture of 129 steel bars coated in bronze. The plaza that encompasses the museum contains many sculptures by well known artists like Claes Oldenburg, David Smith and Henry Moore plus the works of contemporary artists James Surls.

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  • African-American MuseumAfrican-American Museum Dallas, Texas
    The African-American museum has become a cultural beacon in Dallas, Texas for over a quarter of a century, as well as the southwestern part of the country that begin in 1974, as part of the Bishop College Special Collection, but has been independent since 1979. It is the only museum in the southwest that is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of African American cultural, historical and artistic materials. It contains one of the biggest African American folk art collections in the nation, incorporating a large variety of visual art forms and historic documents that showcase the African American experience in the nation, the southwest and the state. Its main purpose is the presentation of a meaningful experience to the children and adults that don't usually visit museums. This wealth of history of black art and heritage is held in four vaulted galleries, complemented by a marvelous research library. Actual living African American culture is shown by educational and entertaining programs shown in the theater, classrooms and studio arts area. Their permanent collections include; community archives, African art, magazine, political and historical archives, and African American fine art.

January 11, 2011