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  • Aquarius Aquarium InstituteAquarius Aquarium Institute Fresno, California
    The Aquarius Aquarium Institute has opened recently in Fresno, California and is an exciting facility that was designed by Arthur Dyson, dean emeritus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, and is a green, state-of-the-art educational aquarium and research institute for the 5th biggest city in California. Sitting so magnificently on its 10 acre site, which had been the Stewart and Nuss sand and gravel mine and asphalt plant location, it was donated by Betty and Roy Jura and family. The mission and goal of this new facility is to concentrate on the education of the Central Valley school children, as well as interpreting the exhibits that tell of the state's aquatic life in the past, the present and into the future. It will continue scientific research about endangered tropical marine life species and will showcase a 2 million gallon oceanarium. It is an exciting addition to the tourist venues located in the city and valley, and will be involved in coral reef research as well. Some of the marvelous features available at the institute will be; observing biologists at work in the Larval lab, where you can see them raising baby marine life and researching the corals that exist here. You can help them discover the secrets of the coral reef organisms that are now known to be so important to the survival of our oceans and the subsequent effect on the people around the world. Exhibits will show the unbelievable diversity and colors of life that is found in the tropical seas, and go face to face with a giant octopus. Watch sea nettle jellies and feel the bumps of a sea cucumber, or the leathery skin of a sea star; all in the California Touch Tide Pool. The humungous oceanarium tank has 17 foot windows that let you watch the spotted eagle rays and hammerhead sharks as they float around this massive recreation of the ancient saltwater sea that covered the entire San Joaquin Valley. Visitors can walk through the native rooftop Jura garden that has a panoramic view of the San Joaquin River and a riparian habitat, complete with interpretive exhibits, that include fish native to the historic wetlands around Fresno. Since the site is relatively new, there are many problems that will need to be fixed or changed so the information about it right now is kind of sketchy. Some of the links on their site are not working, or just haven't been completed, but whatever the reason, this magnificent aquarium is a place that you will have to visit since it has one of the biggest aquarium tanks in the nation, and is sure to overwhelm anyone going there for the first time. Even the location is beautiful with a unique type of architecture that isn't normal for aquariums, but as the 21st century continues to unfold, this is sure to become one of the best destinations in the city of Fresno, and for the state as well. Keep checking their web site to get all the latest news about what is happening and to learn more about it.

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  • Chaffee Zoological Gardens of FresnoChaffee Zoological Gardens of Fresno, California
    The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is located in the middle of Roeding Park in Fresno, California, where the Ross Laird's Winged Wonders Bird Show is one of the best features. Its mission is simple, to give the community a fun, unique and close up type of adventure that will strengthen the bond between animals and people. The zoo started around 1908, with the first animals, as is the usual with most start up zoos in a city, they were unwanted pets that had been donated in this case by Sezer Tamcakir. Their earliest records show that these consisted of two bears and 50 birds of different varieties. A newly constructed amphitheater brought in visitors and interested crowds, coming to see the bears and birds until they added more bears, birds, hoof stock and local cats. The AZA recognizes the official opening day in 1929 as the Roeding Park Zoo. During the 1940s, the zoo had grown and the enclosures became better, with the milestone of 100 animals reached in 1947, plus a bigger number of birds. The first director or foreman as they called him was Eldon "Curly" Blocker, who had been enticed away from the San Diego Zoo, his status helping the zoo enlarge its collection. In 1949, the zoo was able to get an Asian elephant, and through a city wide contest, her name became Nosey; who just happened to arrive during the city's "49ers Days Rodeo Parade" which enhanced the zoo's reputation and delighted the crowds. She had been so popular that the Fresno Zoological Society was born, that would spend time increasing the interest in the zoo and fundraising methodology for years to come. They added 10 bigger exhibits during the 1950s, that included giraffes, monkeys, sea lions, an African bird aviary, polar bear habitat and camels. It joined the AZA in 1957.  And the zoo began to grow with better enclosures for the animals and more animals brought in to fill those new habitats. Soon there were elk, bison, prairie dogs, grizzly bears, more elephants moved into a new place for them, red wolves, and then, in 2009, a new stingray exhibit appeared , with more exhibits and habitats that were for the animals as well as the public that kept coming here.

January 11, 2011