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  • Indiana State MuseumIndiana State Museum Indianapolis, Indiana
    The Indiana State Museum is set in the White River State Park in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana and contains many exhibits of the history of the state that spans from the prehistoric period to the current times, and has one of the four IMAX theaters in the state. It began in 1862 by the state librarian R. Deloss Brown who started it as a natural history museum and it was housed in numerous rooms in the state capitol building in Indianapolis. They moved into the first permanent home for the museum in the old city hall building in 1967, starting the Indiana State Museum Society in 1969 as a private funded support organization. In 2002, the museum moved into its present new structure that had cost about $105 million located on the Indiana Central Canal. The magnificent museum holds over 40,000 square feet of space, showcasing more than 300,000 relics in the entire collection that spans the history of the natural world, cultural history, Native Americans and the future of the state. The galleries housed inside the magnificent example of modern architecture are outstanding and inspiring; , in the Governor Frank O'Bannon Great Hall is the Dean and Barbara White Auditorium, the treasure cases, and the Legacy Theater: the Indiana African American Experience; on the first floor, the ancient seas, the Native American, the birth of the earth, the age of ice and the R.B Annis Naturalist's Lab; on the second floor, the nineteenth state, American originals, the Hoosier Way, Heritage Corner, Crossroads of Indiana, Global Indiana and Enterprise Indiana and on the third floor are; footprints, Rapp Reception Hall, Tomorrow's Indiana, the Ford Gallery, Changing Exhibit Gallery and the NiSource, Inc. Gallery of Indiana Art. Another exciting and awesome display is the 92 County Walk, that is a one-of-a-kind experience highlighting the state's 92 counties which has one original sculpture for every one. These marvelous sculptures are blended into the building's facade, sidewalks and also a stair rail. These beautiful sculptures showcase the excellent craftsmanship of the state's artisans and has been designed to enrapture your imagination about the fantastic cultural history of this great state. The Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites are part of a statewide institution, containing 12 historic sites throughout the state; although they don't have the funding that the museum has and have been overlooked by state administrators often. A few of the exciting sites include Angel Mounds in the far south, one of the archaeological sites that holds large earthwork mounds that were constructed by the Mississippian culture about 1000 years CE, and author Gene Stratton-Porter's two houses in the north and east, that were the scenes for many of her prose works that include native habitats and vivid wildlife.  One of the latest exciting and stimulating exhibits is "With Charity for All: The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection" that tells who Lincoln was or who they believe he was. Abe was born on a small farm in Kentucky, over 2 centuries ago and the stories and legends that have been passed on since that fateful day in 1865 continue to grow and expand in every sense. Lincoln was a loyal friend, independent son, lenient father and compassionate husband, and perhaps the greatest President that this country ever had. Or will have. Although it is someone for all to emulate and try to achieve the greatest of Abe. The Library of Congress is also exhibiting a traveling display of the great man, called "With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition; also being shown at the Indiana State Museum.

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  • Medal of Honor MemorialMedal of Honor Memorial Indianapolis, Indiana
    The Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial sits along the north bank of the Central Canal in Indianapolis, Indiana, dedicated to the men and women that have given their lives for their country and were honored with the highest military award for valor, above and beyond, the Medal of Honor. This extraordinary memorial was first shown on May 28, 1999, on Memorial Day. It is made of 27 glass panels set into concrete bases and have been arrayed in 15 walls, with each wall representing an armed conflict that had a person awarded the Medal of Honor, with each recipient having their names etched into the glass. The magnificent memorial has an intricate lighting system that illuminates different panels in relation to a 30 minute audio tour played over an audio system. This system is made of stories of the various conflicts and the heroic actions of the living Medal recipients. The Memorial itself was the recipient of the 2001 Merit Award that was given by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

January 11, 2011