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  • Jamie Hayes GalleryJamie Hayes Gallery New Orleans, Louisiana
    The Jamie Hayes Gallery is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the home of one of the most unique artists of today, somehow managing to catch the flavor of New Orleans, using colors and styles that have made him known and recognized all over the world. One unusual fact that stymies many people is that Jamie is color blind, using dots to make the hair on his characters and paintings something special. Evidently, the small round dots are really color blind tests, which many believe, explains why his colors are so vibrant and exciting. His work is collected by all, the rich and famous to the poor and infamous; plus the huge amount of fans that he has gathered over the years. He is quite well known for his Mardi Gras posters, as well as writing and illustrating children's books. Some of his favorite themes include Pucker Fish, Cajun Chefs, Music, Kitties, Sun & Moon, Blimps and other New Orleans type of themes. His greatly successful doll collections have taken over the world, like the Big Lip "The Better to Kiss You With" and Voodoo Child Dolls "The Better to Stick You With". His magnificent gallery and doll company can be found in the heart of the city's historical French quarter, just half a block from the St. Louis Cathedral and the Cafe de Monde. On his web site, as well as in his gallery, you can see the beautiful artworks and even purchase them for your loved one. His kitty series are signed and numbered, with only 500 copies per image, which is a great opportunity to get one of these awesome prints for a fairly inexpensive print that will give you or your loved ones enjoyment for years to come.  His images are spectacular and unique, something that you can buy for your children that will save and enjoy them for years, even passing them on to their children for their enjoyment. His shop is a journey into wonderland, filled with visions of colors and shapes, that brings the child that has escaped so far into your hidden reaches of the mind that it may take you some minutes to bring them out to see the world anew and different. Take a moment and visit his shop or website and you too will see what a delightful and marvelous adventure it could be with you and your family.

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New Orleans-Louis Armstrong Intl. Apt. Dollar Rental Cars - 1675 Airline Dr.

  • St. Louis CathedralSt. Louis Cathedral New Orleans, Louisiana
    The Saint Louis Cathedral has been referred to as the Basilica of St. Louis, King of France, and is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, Louisiana and is the oldest operating cathedral in the nation. The initial church that was constructed here was built in 1718, and the third, which was constructed in 1789, was raised to cathedral status in 1793. It was then enlarged and mostly rebuilt in 1850, so that not much of the original is left. It is located in the French quarter of New Orleans, on the Place John Paul II, which is a promenaded part of Chartres Street that runs one block between St. Peter Street that is by the upriver boundary and St. Ann Street that is opposite on the downriver boundary. Sitting next to Jackson Square and looking out over the Mississippi River in the heart of the city, it sits between the historical structures of the Presbytere and the Cabildo. The church is one of the few in the country that faces a square of major importance. There have been three churches built on the spot since the first one in 1718 since the first one was just a wooden building in the early days of the city, but a bigger one of brick and timber was started in 1725, and finished in 1727. The Great Fire of New Orleans in 1788 on Good Friday destroyed the second church, which led to the cornerstone of the new church being placed in 1789 and finished in 1794. Before that, the church was raised to the cathedral status, in 1793, and became the See Diocese of New Orleans, thus making it the oldest in the country. They would add a bell tower and clock housing in 1819. By 1834, they had to consider the possibility of making the church bigger so that the needs of the increasing congregation could be met, and they consulted with J. N. B. de Pouilly, who had designed the St. Augustine Church in Treme, which was the first church that was dedicated as a parish church that was located outside of the city. The Mortuary Chapel, located on North Rampart was dedicated in 1827 as a chapel, while the St. Vincent de Paul church was only a small framed church built in 1838 and not dedicated. In 1849, the archdiocese commissioned John Patrick Kirwan to increase the size of the cathedral and to renovate it so that it was more updated in regards to certain items. They did want him to use de Pouilly's designs to do the work. Those plans stated that everything except the lateral walls and lower parts of the towers on the front facade, should be taken away. In the reconstruction, the workers realized that the lower walls would also have to be taken away, so in 1850, the central tower collapsed, with both Kirwan and de Pouilly being replaced. Because of those changes, the original Spanish colonial styling would be lost, with the structure standing there today being rebuilt in 1850. They could reused the old bell, where it still rings today, and while they worked on the construction and changes, St. Patrick's Church was used. In 1909, a dynamite bomb went off inside the cathedral, blowing out the windows and making a mess of the galleries; as well as getting more damage in the New Orleans Hurricane of 1915. Then the next year, a part of the foundation fell, which meant the building would have to be closed until the repairs could be made and that was from Easter 1916 until Easter 1917. In 1964, Pope Paul VI made it a minor basilica and Pope John Paul II came here for a visit in 1987. During Hurricane Katrina, two huge oak trees were knocked down, falling and destroying 30 feet of the ornamental gate, and the marble statue of Jesus, that stood near it, would lose His forefinger and thumb. The horrific wind would tear a hole in the roof that let damaging rain inside, and that did terrible damage to the Holkamp pipe organ.

January 11, 2011