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With a recent change in the way people are looking at the environment more and more people want to go green. One of the companies that emphasize on going green the most is Enterprise. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the largest rental car company in North America. The large company gained respect from people all over the world on their 50th anniversary, in 2007 to celebrate the anniversary Enterprise gave a gift to The Arbor Day Foundation. Their gift wasnít just a one time one use thing, Enterprise formed a partnership with the Foundation to plant 50 million trees over the next 50 years to celebrate the customers that contributed to their success as they prepare for their next 50 years.
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Enterprise and The Arbor Day Foundation have been working with the U.S. Forest Service to plant one million trees each year in National Forests located in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Planting trees in these areas help to restore areas damaged by fires, storms, and disease. Not only is Enterprise saving the trees, they are saving an array of endangered species by providing habitats.

Enterprise Rental Car Coupon

Planting trees isnít the only thing that enterprise does to save the environment; theyíve implemented various cars and techniques that have had a great impact. Including planting the trees Enterprise has 5 major techniques that save the environment as well as saving you money while doing so.

Carbon Offset Program
Enterprise offers customers the opportunity to save the environment by offsetting the carbon dioxide emitted by an average rental car operating in the enterprise fleet. The small fee of $1.25 per rental has been going a long way with customers; Enterprise plans to donate up to $1 Million dollars to their carbon offset program which in turn will remove 30 Million pounds of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

Most Fuel-efficient Fleet
With a fleet of approximately 448,000 vehicles it could get costly to constantly refill a gas guzzler thatís why Enterprise makes it an effort to have a fleet of the most fuel efficient cars. 229,000 of their cars average 32 mpg or better, the other cars average a highway fuel efficiency rating of at least 28 mpg. Every car in the fleet is doing a job to reduce fuel consumption little by little.

Enterprise Rental Car Coupon

Embracing, New, Clean Technology
In August 2006 Enterprise made one of the most important decisions that has been positively impacting the environment since they began. Enterprise launched the FlexFuel initiative which was aimed vehicles that have the ability to burn high levels of ethanol-based fuel as opposed to strictly gasoline. The FlexFuel has not only been saving the environment, it has been saving individual customerís money as well!

Research: Funding the Search for Renewable Fuels
Granting $25 Million dollars Enterprise has inspired growth to the research of reusable fuels. By creating the Institute for Renewable Fuels Enterprise has put the necessary materials on the table for researchers to find a cleaner alternative to our non renewable resources. Hoping to be able to find plants that can be used as fuel Enterprise continues to work closely with researchers to find a better alternative.

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Enterprise is one of the more distinguished companies that have realized early on that their impact in the environment greatly impacts the future of their business. Their display of care towards the environment and our future generations has proved that Enterprise is a company with high standards and great morals. So contribute to saving our environment today with a green rental car!


May 9, 2011