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Things to do in Abilene

abielenezooFor a fun family day in Abilene, Texas head over to the Abilene Zoo. Spend the day walking about the habitats with the family, grab some ice cream, take some pictures, and let the day slip away. As you enter the zoo walk over the Giraffe Bridge and for once be face to face with these large majestic animals. You are more than welcome to pat one on the head of even have an opportunity to feed one. Next head over to the Discovery Center and find the Creepy Crawler Center is the local herpetarium where you can get a little closer to the things that creep in the night or crawl across the ground. The center includes 49 naturalistic exhibits with over 80 different species of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. What an awesome opportunity to get up close to an octopus and a snake in the same building.  Also within the discovery center is the indoor Tropical Aviary which is home to all the tropical birds located in the zoo the outdoor aviary offers even more birds so if you want a chance to talk to the Macaws or parrots be sure to check it out before heading to Abilene’s backyard. The Elm Creek Backyard that is. In the Backyard you can get up close to the cougars, coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, and river otters. A great opportunity to see everything the backyard can offer in one location makes for an awesome family experience. The Wetlands Boardwalk is an elevated boardwalk that will let you and your family get up close to some alligators and flamingos before having to leave the zoo. Before you leave stop by the adventure center and grab a souvenir from the gift shop that will remind your family for years to come of the great time you had in Texas.

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A few more things in Abilene

abilenegolfCome on over to the oldest park in town! The Play Faire Park is a fun family adventure of a day. Established in 1947 the park offers a family fun center full of amusement. Whether the kids want to play arcade games all day long or if they wish to join some friendly competition this park is ready for you. The park has been rated year after year as the best date spots in town so if you are looking for a fun date in town you have found your spot. The park offers concert series, tournaments, fundraisers, birthday parties and festivals aim to support the local music scene and provide a hip spot close to downtown. If you have an upcoming birthday party this may be a great spot for you. The park offers a full air castle that is ready to be bounced and jumped all over. There is always a source of live music in the park. The park also offers two 18 hole golf courses that are always clean and ready for a game. There are group rates for larger families and with all of the festivals and monthly tournaments there is always a great reason to stop by.