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AikenThoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame   South Carolina is filled with exciting history. One aspect that sometimes goes overlooked is horse racing. South Carolina has had a rich history with racing horses and Aiken is at the forefront of it. To preserve that rich history Aiken has created the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum. This historic Museum preserves all things import to the race houses. Aiken is the perfect location for this because the Aiken Training Track has raised thirty-nine different champions. Each of these thoroughbred champions has been immortalized by one way or another in the Lselin's carriage house. Lselin's carriage is a beautiful little place and perfect for Aiken's Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame. The Museum is open Thursday through Friday and Sunday from the hours of 2 to 5 pm and open on Saturday from 10-5. These hours are weather permitting so if its a stormy day please find their number and give them a call. Tickets for the museum are the best deal in town because the are free. The museum is small but has a few great exhibits. One of the more interesting exhibits is a tribute to MacKenzie Miller formally known as "Mack". Mack was not a horse or a rider but he was a trainer. Mack trained horses for nearly 50 years and conditioned 72 stake winners. Mack was the first trailer to build 3 separate horses into Turf Champions and six United nations winners. Out of all the years which he trained winners he only won once at the Kentucky Derby in 1993 with his horse Sea Hero.

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What to explore in Aiken

DuPont Planetarium   When the sun goes down and all the lights are off what can you see? If there is a full moon you can see quite a bit. However what can you see in the sky? On a clear night you can see hundreds and thousands or stars. Forming patterns and moving all threw the night. What are there names? What shapes and things to their outlines form? I personally don't know but then again I don't work at the DuPont Planetarium in Aiken. The DuPont Planetarium is part of the University of South Carolina Aiken and is an aluminum dome measuring 30 feet in diameter. The camera system that projects the night sky on the dome is a special camera known as Camera Obscura. Its a projector that doesn't use any lens. It has a very bright light source then a then film that goes over the light and what makes it through the film is the picture that you end up with. The DuPont Planetarium is also an observatory housing the Bechtel Telescope. The Bechtel Telescope comes in at $30,000 and is extremely powerful. While visiting the Planetarium be sure to look around because there is sure to be pictures taken from the Telescope. The DuPont Planetarium houses 5 other type of smaller telescopes a well and opens them to the public sometimes after shows. There is a 17.5 inch Dobsorian reflecting telescope, an 8 inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegran Catadioptric telescope, an 7 inch scheer refraction scope, 90 mm Orion Skyview refractor scope, and the smallest is a 40 mm Coronado Personal Solar Telescope. The Dupont Planetarium is a great place to take your family and learn about the night sky, it will teach and show you things and places you didn't know existed.