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White Sands National Park You might think that all deserts are the same that however is a bad misconception because not all deserts are created equal much the same way that not all beaches have the same sand. Some beaches are shelly, some drop off quickly, some are shells less, and yet others are powder white. Those powder white ones are some of the most popular and one of my favorite as well. The sand is fine enough that it actually squeaks are you walk over it. Most deserts are created out of that type of sand however the white sands desert of New Mexico is and its one of the great wonders of this world. The Tularosa Basin is 275 square miles of just sand, every here and there you y run across a osasus but those are few and far between. Plant life is rear but there is something that’s so beautiful about the white dunes that has caused the Nation to take notice and turned a part of the desert into a National Monument. You might think there isn’t a lot to see it’s just a desert but that’s not the case. The staff of the park take pride in their work and have set up sections of plants close to their offices that you can see and learn about how plants survive and even exist in such a hard environment. The park isn’t always open it varies very much on the weather so its best to call if you think It might be closed.

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What to eat in Alamogordo

 Hi-D-Ho Drive In There are some places that when you drive by you just have to stop. I couldn’t resist the temptation to stop at Hi-D-Ho Drive In. The name is just so crazy that I had to see if the food was half as creative as the name. They had great low prices extremely friendly service and a great assortment of burgers which is great because I love a good burger. The drive in was great we got to stay in my truck the whole time. The only downside was my truck only has one cup holder…. Not exactly Hi-D-Ho’s problem but still was disappointing at the time and was the entire trip. The outside of the drive in wasn’t much to look at but doesn’t it really need to be if all your going to be doing is siting in your car and listening to tunes? The tiger burger is the signature and it was crazy good. I have not had a burger this good in a long time. Their French fries were also supremely cooked and did I mention fresh? Almost every fry still had the skin on the end I could tell they are cut fresh daily. The staff spared no expense in making us feel welcome even down to adding cherries onto my carry coke. I ‘m not to sure if it was regular coke with syrup added but either was it was delicious and ill be going back if I’m ever in the area again.