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The Egg The last time I was in Albany I was siting down having a bite to eat and out of nowhere I started to hear people talk about the Egg. How they were going to the Egg. Then I started to hear names of great artists like, Ken Burns, Dark Star Orchestra, and the Robert Cray band. Those were a few names I knew and I got interest. They ended their conversation and left but I was still wondering what in the world the Egg was. I knew they couldn’t be talking about a regular egg from a chicken. After some quick internet searches I found it. The Egg and I was surprised at what the Egg really is. Just a few minutes from the Albany International Airport you can find the Egg. It’s a one of a kind musical theatre, that feature two separate Theatres under the same roof. Depending on the venue needed there is the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre and the Lewis A. Swyer Theatre. The Kittyle Theatre has a resounding number of seats at 982. This is a large room and has been designed with perfect acoustic it is perfect for band and events that require a lot of seating. The Lewis A. Swyer Theatre is a little smaller at only 450 seats. The Lewis theatre offers a intimate venue for those artists who want to be up and close to their audience. With only 9 rooms in the theater each seat is close and offers an amazing view of the stage. Both theatres also have a great amount of legroom for even the tallest guests.

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What to eat in Albany

New World Bistro Bar I was actually in a restaurant while I heard the locals talking about the Egg. It was at the New World Bistro Bar the Bistro is a great his spot that serves up some of the best fresh food you can get in the area. The bistro is considered to be a Gastro pub and sits right on Deleware Avenue in Albany. The area has recently been renovated so everything around is pristine including the restaurant. The renovations however kept in mind the history and heritage of the building. The dark open bricks and dark black iron pipes were kept as part new theme. It serves as a way of connecting the building today to what it used it me. They went one step further and even included the bar top from way back in 1939. The bar top was originally from the World’s Fair. As the seasons change the food that is fresh also change. If a restaurant is truly doing what they should and are using the freshest ingredient than the change in season is going to impact what is up on the menu. At the New World Bistro Bar the menu changes with the season. It means that you won’t get tired of the dishes if you come all year long because they are going to be different.