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Things to do in Albuquerque

Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States with over half a million residents. Downtown Albuquerque has a variety of museums, galleries, shops among other points of interest for the tourists. Not too far from the city center is New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, located near Old Town Albuquerque. The museum’s permanent exhibits include hall illustrations “journey through time” which portrays the birth of the universe, a planetarium, space exploration galleries and history of personal computer. It also houses a café, a gift shop and a theater. Another tourist destination close to the museum is Albuquerque Biological Park. This beautiful park features an Aquarium, a Botanic Garden, a Zoo and a Beach all in close proximity of each other. 285,000 gallon ocean tank at the Albuquerque Aquarium contains saltwater species from the Gulf of Mexico. Rio Grande Botanic Garden is a 36-acre facility which houses plants and trees from the desert and the Mediterranean climate zones. Rio Grande Zoo hosts more than 250 species of exotic and native animals including elephants, lions, tigers, camels, polar bears, hyenas, white rhinos and seals. Tingley Beach features a fishing lake, a boating lake and picnic areas. There is also a narrow gauge railroad that connects these four facilities of the park. There is more; Sandia Peak Tramway is a must-see destination for tourists in Albuquerque. It is one of the longest aerial tramways in the world. The ride takes visitors 2.7 miles to the 10,000-foot peak of the Sandia Mountains. From the peak, you will see the spectacular view of the mountain and surroundings. Be sure to go before the dark so you can hike and explore the peak of the mountain.

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A few more things in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Sunken GardensIf you are looking for more things to do in Albuquerque then you are in luck. There are plenty more to do in this New Mexico city. You can take your family to Cliff's Amusement Park, a small amusement park with rides and entertainment for the whole family. The park offers three different types of rides: thrill rides, family rides and water rides. Some of the thrill rides at the park are the Super Fire Ball, the Rattler, the Sidewinder and the Cliff Hanger. They also have rides just for little kids such as Frog Hopper which is a wooden roller coaster or Balloon Wheel which is similar to a Ferris wheel. Your next stop could be Indian Pueblo Cultural Center owned and operated by 19 Native Indian Pueblos of New Mexico. This 10,000 square-foot museum showcases authentic history the Pueblo people through ancient artifacts and contemporary art exhibits. There is a large gift shop and a restaurant in case you want to bring a memento with you or want to take a bite. Finally, if you are in Albuquerque also called the balloon capital of the world; you must not miss the opportunity of ridding in a hot air balloon. Plan your trip in October because each year the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the world’s largest hot air balloon festival takes place in October when more than 300 resident balloonists participate. It is a unique sight and amazing feelings that you only get to experience while you are drifting over the Albuquerque countryside in a hot air balloon and looking down from the distance.