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Things to do in Allentown

allenUpon visiting historic downtown Allentown you will be overwhelmed with the antique buildings and preserved architecture that surrounds you. As you start your tour look at the Old Lehigh County Court House walk inside and observe the old library and museum. Then across the street pay respect at the bronze memorial of the Vietnam Veterans who have died in battle. At the next stop you will have to take your eyes to the sky and look at the tiger, buffalo, lion and other gargoyle animal heads gaze down from the top floor of the B & B or Breinig and Bachman Building. Admire the Italian architecture of the Americus Hotel built in honor of Amerigo Vespucci.  Listen for the whimsical sounds of the Allentown Symphony as you pass the Lyric Theater. Inspire your gothic side at the dark stone church as you take in the rough beauty that composes it. Look for the Roman temple as you walk up to the Hamilton Mall, take a second to stop inside and grab a few souvenirs but as you gaze up at the Vermont granite monument standing 99 feet high. In center square you will see a piece of history as you pass the incorporated building at the college that was originally built by a founder. Next look at the Farr building and admire the large bronze Revolutionary War Plaque that stands as respect to the battle sight. After this take a residential stroll down the neighborhood of old historic homes. In the next block is the location of Allentown's traditional burying grounds. The first cemetery on your right is known as the Old Allentown Cemetery.  As you finish the street you will see the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company's tower building, the Georgian style stone dwelling known as Trout Hall, and the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum. As you end up back where you started you will have a great opportunity to walk inside the Allentown Art Museum and watch the artwork that displays the history you have just seen.

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A few more things in Allentown

davinciAllentown is a city that cares about more than just great looks, friendly people, and a booming economy. Allentown has a vision to promote educations and places an emphasis on learning about science, math, and technology. The Da Vinci Science Center is a fun facility that encourages learning through hands-on problem solving. The Science Center contains more than 200 fun, interactive exhibits that teach people to think and question what they see and probes their minds. Intellectual exploration is the future of the world and investing in the young is the best way to show this. The Da Vinci center offers breaking technology that offers you the availability to watch star formation or see electronic images direct from NASA on a large screen and breathtaking still images of the Orion Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Art Exhibits of Da Vinci’s work is also available to view while inside the Science Center. Ride on the gyrosphere. Construct your own contraption to problem solve in Build It Up!  Go to What In The World, to explore some of Earth’s more interesting creatures. There is even a small learning center for toddlers. Outside you can even witness a working Wind Turbine.