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Things to do in Altoona

quaintWhile in Altoona take the kids to the Quaint Corner Children’s Museum. A great place for kids to discover innovations and use their creativity to learn. Located in the fully restored Victorian beauty the museum offers room after room of creative fun. In the rock climbing wall room kids can climb from floor to ceiling in an creative fashion they want using and discovering problem solving skills to discover to path to get them where they want to be. Let your kids discover the wonder of gravity in the spin art room. Pick your colors and set the machine in motion and watch your creation in motion. One thing kids will truly love it the face painting room. Where walls of vanities and special crayons let your kids do the unthinkable: Draw on their own face! Let them make themselves into rock stars, animals, or knights as imagination and hand eye coordination come together. The giant pirate ship along with the sea set mural will encourage your child to hoist the sails and swab the deck to their own fascination adventure. An entire magnetic wall and thousands of magnetic words encourage your child to write a story, make up a poem, or maybe just a goofy sentence but what child doesn’t love magnets! The laser room lets your kids turn off the lights and turn on lasers in different patterns to see what they can create with light patterns on the wall. The kids take to the stage and make up their own puppet show in the stage room. The blocks and puzzle room let your kids take problem solving to hands on level. Kids can also use hands on creativity to create their own statue, puppet, or windchimes in the oohy googy craft room. An all in all great day for kids awaits you in Altoona.  

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A few more things in Altoona

tobogganWelcome to Lakemont Park! Opening in 1894 Lakemont Park is the 8th oldest amusementin the united states and home to the oldest roller coaster in the world. Ride the bumper cars and challenge your friends. For more of a challenge ride the go carts and race the track as fast as you can. Check out the skyline in the skyliner. Take a trip back in time and ride some classics; the Scrambler, the Tilt a Whirl, Ferris wheel, and some water slides. The German Swing Chair will take you for a thrill as you go round and round the track. Take the family on the paddle boats. The antique merry fo round and race cars await you. The arcade awaits your family inside and leaves you to take the tokens as your own. And for those hot days take off to the water park. Truly something for everything is what awaits you in Lakemont Park.