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Reiman Garden College Campus’s always impress me. They are a collection of brilliant minds that create beautiful things. The Campus of Iowa State University is just beautiful it has art thrown all over it. The most noticeable piece of art is actually a building. It’s not your normal building but actually a giant green house. Its located right at the entrance to the college and creates a beautiful centerpiece for the campus. Its more than a piece of art but has an abundance of utility. The Greenhouse and surrounding gardens are open to the public daily and even has a gift shop. Admission is only 8 bucks for adults and 4 for youth under 17. The Garden is beautiful and its caretakers are currently focusing on creating a garden that Is not only beautiful but is useful in that it grows edible plants and herbs. The Garden isn’t just here to be pretty but also to teach those who visit how to better cultivate the land to get the best yield from each crop. The Reiman Garden is beautiful and a great place to relax. Kick back and enjoy the plays or waltz though quickly to get a glimpse of what mother nature has to offer. The Garden has about 100,000 visitors annually making it a well-traveled tourist spot get their early to see the fresh buds opening. My kids loved the garden it was full of bright colors and did I mention butterflies. There are two butterfly gardens are just beautiful and full of life.

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What to eat in Ames

Hickory Park Restaurant Co. When I have the choice of charcoal, gas, or wood fires I always choose wood. There is just a flavor that burning wood like hickory installs in food that can’t be replicated by any rubs or chemicals. In Ames there is a restaurant that was established in 1970 and has moved 3 times but over the year stayed true to its name. Hickory Park Restaurant Co. produces the best consistently cooked food in Ames. The locals rave about it and you can smell the rich wood from blocks away. When they are roasting meats or grilling steaks everyone is going to know it. Hickory Park also has a reputation for providing generous portions and there has been consideration of just serving each dish in a to go box because no one ever finishes their meal. The menu is large and expansive with over 100 items to choose from, Hickory park is a great place to bring the family or the friends as there will be something for everyone. When entering the first thing you notice is the hickory smell coming from the kitchen but after that it is the pink and teal walls covered with local antiques. It is a busy design but works well with the basic mismatched wood chairs. Hickory Park doesn’t claim or want to be a fancy sit-down place with high price tags but instead is a friendly location with paper place mats and plenty of napkins for when the BBQ gets messy.