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Lasertron When Lasertron popped up on my list of things to do while traveling through Amherst New York I had to stop and give it a try. The inner kid in my just took over and I got really excited about it. I was hoping that it wasn’t your standard little kid laser tag but something a little bit more exciting and I was right. Lasertron takes pride in their establishment and design it so its fun for kids of all ages. The true pride and joy of Lasertron is the giant two level Arena. Totaling in at 9200 square feet is nearly 8 times larger than my apartment. The Arena is designed to be fun for any number of players and for an assortment of game types. Teams can play a simple team death match where the team with the most points win, or if the teams are willing they can enjoy a friendly game of Capture the Flag. What am I kidding Capture the Flag is never friendly its cut thought and a ton of fun. If laser tag isn’t your cup of tea then don’t worry there is lots of other fun things to do. There is mini-golf, pool tables, full bar, go kart racing, and even the Cyber Sport. What is Cyber Sport you may ask well it is bumper cars meats lacrosse. You have a small net and the objective is the pass the ball downfield and score.

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What to eat in Amherst

Duff's Wings When people hear wings they often times think Buffalo Wings, and when talking about New York Buffalo isn’t too far off either. So its hard to make the connection between Wings and Buffalo. Wings are a great part of any meal and driving force of most Bar kitchens. While traveling in Amherst New York I heard about Duff’s from a local and was forced to check it out. I brought up the Buffalo thing earlier because Duffs specialty is wings and their first location was in Buffalo. Duff’s has been so good that they have expanded to more locations and one of which was in Amherst where I went. The location was nice and clean which is string for a Wing place but I was very nice. The staff was friendly and didn’t mind us chatting there ears off. The first Duff’s was opened in 1946 and every since has been expanding. The wings are the heart and soul of Duff’s and they take pride in calling their wings Famous. This isn’t an empty claim either a quick visit to their website can reveal the 12 awards they have on display almost all of which are for Best Wings. Duff’s is a great place to bring the family and chow down on a large platter of wings. Try all of the flavors and enjoy wing after wing.