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Things to do in Apex

Jordan Lake State Recreation Area North Carolina is a beautiful state there is no denying that, it is filled with forests full or life and lakes that are stocked with the most beautiful trout. One of the most beautiful areas that you can find in North Carolina is right in Apex. Jordan Lake State Recreation Area is a beautiful park that is open to the public year round. There is even campgrounds that are open year round that can be rented and enjoyed. If camping isn’t your speed then be sure to grab a chair and keep an eye open for Bald Eagles. Jordan Lake Park has the largest concentration of Bald Eagles in the Eastern United States. The Eagles feed of the large number of fish in the lake so it is an awesome sight to see an Eagle Swoop down and catch a gleaming fish. If you rather get in the water than be watching it don’t worry there is lots of sandy beaches that guests can wade and enjoy the crisp fresh water. If getting on the water is your passion there is also lots of boat ramps all around the lake. Its easy to get on the water as many are open 24 hours a day. The fun sometimes is finding which boat ramp you left your car at. I can’t say home many stories I have heard and people I have seen get out of their boat run to the parking lot, then return to the boat again to rush off to the next ramp.

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What to eat in Apex

Daniel’s Restaurant When you first step up to a restaurant you start to build an idea on how you are going to like or dislike the place and especially if it’s your first time. When you step up to Daniel’s Restaurant in Apex you will see a beautiful building with a large outdoor patio. My first impression was that this is a place who cares about their appearance and hopefully care as much about the food as they do the décor. After eating I could tell that they do in fact actually care more about the food then they do the building and there was something they cared even more about then the food. They care the most about their customers. Daniel’s was opened in 1996 and ever since has been created delicious dishes for all their customers. Daniel’s serves up a wide variety of Italian dishes ranging from traditional favorites like Veal Cannelloni and Lasagna to a largest selection of what they call Pastabilities. I couldn’t help but laugh but the name was so perfect as there was endless possibilities for their pasta dishes. The server even said if there was something we wanted but didn’t see to just ask because they could make it easily. The ingredients are fresh and only come from the local farms and markets. To top it all off all sauces are made ‘a la minute’ style which mean the sauce is made fresh for just your dish instead of being created in a big batch.