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Things to do in Appleton
Appleton History Museum at the Castle

  Anytime I see a castle I just have to see if I can get in and check it out, and the Appleton History Museum at the Castle is no exception. Now I have to be honest this isn’t your typical castle with a moat and Draw Bridge but it’s awesome all the same. The building was built in 1854 as a Masonic temple. Now if you don’t know what a Masonic Temple is you are not alone I didn’t either the first time I went. It is where the free masons would gather, a secret group of people that many conspiracy theories involving them. They are said to have shaped the government during the late 15th century. Throughout the castle you can see markings of the free masons one of which was the swastika. Yes, that is the same symbol used by the Nazi Party during the horrific World Wars. Before, the Nazi Party adopted it the swastika was a sign of power in many different cultures. While exploring the beautiful castle it is also worth pointing out to look at the light fixtures more specifically in the auxiliary lodge. In the lodge you will notice that a tiny little flower a lotus. This lotus is sacred to Egyptian and is thought to bring renewal of the seasons. It truly is interesting to see all the different pieces of art brought together. Now in modern day the castle is a museum and most notable for its Houdini exhibit. Yes, Harry Houdini the famous magician, this is because Houdini claimed the little town of Appleton to be his home. While exploring the Castle the Houdini exhibit is worth seeing as there are interactive games for the children. Houdini isn’t the only exhibit at the castle there are many other great things to see like an exhibits on Joe McCarthy and Edna Ferber. Admission is very reasonable at $7.50 for adults and $5.50 for students and seniors. There is also a flat family fee of $20.

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A few more things in Appleton
The Barlow Planetarium

  Time travel is something that we might never be able to achieve. But, one thing we can do is look back in time. When we look at the stars we are looking back in time, when you might up a telescope and look into the night sky the light given off of the stars isn’t from this instant. It is from the past and took time to travel from another solar system. This Fun fact is just a little something that you can learn from the Barlow Planetarium in Appleton Wisconsin. The Barlow Planetarium is a part of the University of Wisconsin in Fox valley and became available to the public in 1998. This amazing place has to be on the list of stops for your family. The planetarium consists of a 48-foot projection dome that can seat up 102 people. While watching the Amazing 3-D shows you will surely feel the power of its 10,000 watt surround sound system. Each chair in the planetarium is equipped with a state of the art interactive keypad. These keypads allow guests to get involved in the show and make each viewing exciting and personal. The planetarium also has other exciting events like laser shows, it takes the 10,000 watt sound system and pumps exciting music from Pink Floyd, Men In Black, AC-DC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and other all-time favorites. This turns the giant dome into an exciting place to watch the music come alive as the lasers flow with the music. Spending an hour relaxing staring at the sky or enjoying the tunes of classic artist could never get any better than what the planetarium has to offer. Admission varies slightly depending on the show, ranging from $5 to $12.