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Mago Grill & Catina If you traveling its hard to find a restaurant that serves food like its from home. That is especially true if you happen to be Latino in Illinois. The residents and tourists of Arlington Heights are lucky enough to have a great restaurant serving Mexican and Latin Cuisine. By name the Mago Grill & Catina was created by Chefs Ric Munoz and Luis Gonzalez. They previously were head chefs of the popular Fuego Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar that was near by. There is something about a Latin restaurant that makes you want to get a margarita or in this case a Mago-rita. The Bar at Mago serve sup the best Margarita’s in town blending the best ingredients like Jimador reposado tequila and fresh squeezed lime Juice. There is a large selection of great food to go along with the drinks here in town. The Guacamole was one of my favorites, the menu didn’t tell us much about it besides that it is “smashed to order.” Was absolute delicious and tasted as if it fell right off the avocado tree. A special at mago is the mole. This isn’t the mole that digs in the dirt but instead is a flavorful and very complex blend of Mexican sauces. There is no one correct way to create a mole because each region of Mexico has its own flavors. Mago has tried to replicate each and you really need to try them if you stop by.

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Prairie Aviation Museum Breakfast is the best meal of the day to enjoy with your family on a vacation. It sets the tone for the entire day. If you have a bad breakfast then your family is going to be remembering it all day. While traveling through Arlington Heights I found the Egg Harbor Café. This Café is open from 6:30 to 2 daily and serves up the best gourmet breakfast I’ve ever had. I’m a breakfast nut and I really enjoy a nicely cooked meal and let me tell you Egg Harbor Café was spot on. The eggs weren’t over done, the hash browns were crispy but soft on the inside. The café lives by one simple statement and that is “Improving service in every sense” I didn’t get what it was on the wall at first but by the time we finished eating I understood. The Egg Harbor Café doesn’t want to be the average restaurant that just gets by they want to excel and expand and to do that they need to be the best they can be. No mater what you might fancy for breakfast you can find it here eat a duo of delicious Benedicts and eggs. Enjoy some fresh toast grilled on the flattop with steak and scrambled eggs covered with onions peppers and any other veggies your heart could desire. If you want something a little more at home then try some of the fresh pancakes or crepes cooked to order.