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Adventure America I’m a sucker for ziplines there is something about flying through the woods suspended with nothing but a simple metal wire. The wind blows by your face and in some places you can even reach out and touch the passing trees. Its an amazing experience and one that I try to enjoy when I can. Asheville is home to one of these places that I just love to explore. Adventure America Zipline Canopy Tours is a tree top extravaganza . Adventure America is one of the best zip line parks I’ve even see and that is because they have 6 locations throughout the east. Two of which are located right in Asheville you might think that would be redundant however its not because one is right outside of town and is a treetop park and the other is in town and one of the first urban treetop adventures. In town you can experience 10 high flying zip lines that range from 70 feet all the way up to 1200 feet long and you can go as fast as 40 miles per hour. It has spectacular views of the mountains and the city scape. The treetop course doesn’t have as many views however it is the view it itself. There are around 50 different challenges at this park including climbing, jumping gaps, repelling and zipping from tree to tree. A zip line challenge is a great place to take the family for some bonding or an exciting place to take the office on a day of relaxation.

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What to eat in Asheville

Chocolate Fetish Chocolate brings people together, there are few people that would turn down the dark milky goodness. In fact in the past when kings and queens still held power it was reserved for nobility and most of the world’s population could not afford to indulge in it goodness. Today the residents of Asheville are lucky enough to have a family run chocolate shop named The Chocolate Fetish. This family ran business has been operating since 1986 under the knowledge of Bill and Sue Foley. They have a beautiful shop and bakery that is open normal daily and welcomes everyone. Buy chocolate by the pound or pick them out one by one and fill a box. They were the best chocolates I have even had before and so I took the opportunity to use them as Christmas gifts. Yes, They ship chocolates you can easily go online and go their there shop to select each and every chocolate that you want. I even bet they would make sometime special for you if you wanted something not on their menu. That is the joy of a locally owned shop. They are the boss and can interact with the customer one on one.