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Things to do in Atlantic City

atlanticaquaWelcome to the Atlantic City Aquarium one of the best aquariums that the north East has to offer. Step into the Tropical Rainforest and meet the crazy reptiles that inhabit this mystifying environment. Walk up to the shallow water interactive touch tank where you can gently touch find horseshoe crabs, Bahama stars, sea urchins, and hermit crabs. In the brackish tank you will find the unique animals that live in the half fresh water half sea water environment. Included in this unique mix of animals is the Diamondback Terrapin, an endangered turtle species found in New Jersey. The aquarium has a wonderful sting ray exhibit that will give you the opportunity to see these wonderful creatures interact in their natural environment. There is also a touch tank for these sting rays where you can walk up to the 900 gallon tank that allows you to touch Spotted bamboo sharks, Cownose Rays, and Southern Stingrays. There is also a Sea Horse exhibit for the sea horse lover in all of us. The best part is the ocean oddities section were you can see some of the more unique animals as weird as there appearances or actions are. Turtles, fish, Eels, and ton of Jelly Fish also await you in this awesome aquarium but the part you’ll be waiting for is feeding time. “Dive and Dine” is the opportunity that waits for you as you watch a diver climb into the 25,000 gallon fish tank as hand feeds the rays and sharks in the tank. Watch dinner time and the interaction between humans and animals.

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A few more things in Atlantic City

atlanticpierWhile you are in Atlantic City you should come and see what is known locally as the hottest family entertainment places in town! Come play all of your favorite arcade styles games alongside the breathtaking beach. Come down and try your hand at the addicting crane machines or the coin pusher. There a slot machines and poker for the adults. From skeeball, video games, and shoot em’  up games the arcade is fully prepared for your family. The pier is also home to one of the largest over and under Nascar style go kart tracks so if you are ready for some family friendly competition head on over. The pier has plenty of places to catch a bite so be prepared to make a night out of it and when  you find out this place has a paintball course you will probably want to make a day out of it too. Just when you thought this place couldn’t get any more addicting just wait. The pier is home to New Jersey’s largest redemption center, no more winning cheap plastic lizards here you can win thousands of prizes to choose from, such as plush animals, designer purses, iPads, iPhones, laptop computers, large screen TVs, music and game electronics, household items, and much more. I fun time will await you in Atlantic City.