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The Maine State Museum in AugustaEveryone likes a good museum, and here in Augusta Maine you can find one of the best. This fantastic museum features world-class exhibits that change on regular bases, so every time you visit you can find something new to learn about. But, what sets this museum aside from the rest is its size. With four floors for you to explore and discover you can learn everything there is to know about Maine. So much in fact, that you can travel all the way from the Ice Age to the 1960s. The Maine State Museum is open every day of the week, so you can enjoy a visit on any day you visit. With so many exhibits for you to take a look at there is something for all ages in the family. If you are looking a little more than just the museum the Maine State House is right next door, designed by Charles Bullfinch it is something worth looking at. The best part about the Maine State Museum is that it is such an affordable place to visit. Bring friends, family, school groups and more, because you can rest assured it will be inexpensive. So make sure to visit the Maine State Museum while you are in the Augusta, we assure you it will be worth your time.

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A few more things in Augusta

Augusta Maine's Old Fort WestThe Maine State Museum isn’t the only place in the area to learn about the history of Maine. In fact one of the greatest and most preserved historical landmarks in U.S. history can be found right here in Augusta Maine. Located right on the Kennebec River the Old Fort Western is a seventeenth century National Historical Landmark that is still in perfect working order. The for is Maine’s and New England’s oldest wooden fort still surviving, and stands as a testament to the New England cultures nearly two hundred and fifty years ago that dominated the area. Garrisoning the fort in the 1750s and 1760s was the Company of James Howard, who guarded the head of navigation on the Kennebec River. The fort was also used by Benedict Arnold to help stage his assault on Quebec in one of history’s boldest moments during the American Revolution. Take a browse through a wide variety of exhibits that transport you back in time to the seventeen hundreds where you can learn everything there is to know about Old Fort Western. The best part is that this great historical location is inexpensive, offering you a full day of fun and education that is inexpensive. Be sure to stop by and explore this great fort when you visit the Augusta area!