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Phoenix International Raceway Avondale isn’t famous for many things but there is one big thing the city is famous for and that is hosting some of the best Nascar Races at the phoenix International Raceway. The Phoenix International Raceway or PIR is a great 1.5 mile tri oval that is raced on during two separate weekends during the Nascar Season. Pir opened in 1964 and was original a 2.5 mile road course that used the oval track. As Nascar became the more popular sport the track was reconstruct into the 1.51 mile track it is today. It can house up to 67,000 screaming fans. The Pir is a great place track and a fantastic place to watch Nascar. If you have never watched Nascar live then you are missing out because it’s a thrill that everyone should enjoy at least once. The rush of cars flying by at high speeds shacks the stand and you can feel it in your seat. PIR is especially great for first time Nascar fans because the small track makes for quick labs that are more entertaining then the longer ones. Tickets can start as low as 65 bucks which isn’t bad for an all-day event. If you don’t feel like spending the day out in the sun then be sure to grab a seat in one of the many clubs that line the track. There is nothing better than getting fine dining and watching Nascar at the same time.

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ONO Hawaiian BBQ There is southern BBQ than there is Hawaiian BBQ. Personally I can’t tell you which I like more. They are both so delicious and so different at the same time. Hawaiian BBQ can also be considered to be a healthier open because instead of serving a heaping dish a smoldering baked beans most sides to Hawaiian BBQ consist of light flavorful rice or brightly colored fruits. At Ono Hawaiian BBQ in Avondale Arizona they are dedicated to bringing the Hawaiian BBQ cuisine inland. Ono Hawaiian BBQ is one of my favorite places to eat in the Avondale area whenever I’m passing through I make sure I make time to stop. Even if I’m not feeling a full meal Ono has Mini Meals for the guests who don’t want a full size dinner. Not all of the Hawaiian BBQ is what you would expect appetizers at Ono range from Steamed rice to Spam Musubi. The Musubi is a block of ride with teriyaki sauce Spam then wrapped in Seaweed. The Spam Musubi was something that I just had to try and it was a great dish. I was surprised that the spam went well with the rice and Teriyaki sauce. Pricing at Ono Hawaiian BBQ is about average expect to pay about 8-12 including drink or a little less if you plan to go with water.