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San Gabriel Mission Museum Bakersfield is home to wonderful little gem. The Kern County museum has been constructed to preserve over 40 historic buildings. The buildings were either purchased or donated and then moved to the museum and restored. Today each and every of the buildings are opened to the public to be toured and explored. Admission to the museum is just 10 bucks for adults. Seniors over 60 and students between the ages of 13 and 17 can get in for $9. Students between 6 and 12 get in for $8, children between 3-5 get in for $7, and kids under 3 are free. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday and closed each Monday. Sunday its only open from 12 -5 and on the rest of the days its open from 9-5. The Kern County Museum is wonderful it has 16 acres of land and it is like a little town. There is a clock tower that used to be at the center of Bakersfield, a blacksmiths shop, carpenters shop, bank, adobe house, assay office, dentist’s office, drug store, and even a courthouse and jail. It is really an amazing place. One of my favorite buildings was the Fallout Shelter. The shelter was actually built by the navy at the museum in 1960 it was to serve as a model and homeowners could actually purchase an above ground fallout shelter. It was double walled and was surprisingly affordable.

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What to eat in Bakersfield

Newport Tan Chag Italian is great, I love it the food and the people. But sometimes there is only so much spaghetti and meatball you can take and especially for lunch. Sometime pasta isn’t the best lunch and instead you need a light salad or a tasty sandwich. That is why Luigi’s Delicatessen was opened. It is a delicious Italian deli shop. It was opened in 2009 and has been running strong. It might be have the year that some other Italian restaurants in the area have but they have used their 4 years in businesses to perfect their recipes. On top of having time to create perfect their food they start out with a solid basis of good ingredients. They take the opportunity and get most of their ingredients from the lush farmland that surrounds California and purchases the food stocks right from the farm. The full kitchen is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and creates delicious itliian classics, its open from 11-2:30. The deli on the other hand is open on from 8-4 Tuesday through Saturday giving you a much larger window to get great food. It is really a gem and you should take advantage of their great food.