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  • Baton RougeBaton Rouge, Louisiana
    The city of Baton Rouge is a special place to visit and enjoy a great number of sights for you and your family, with museums, historical buildings, architecture and parks.  To really get to know the city, take a walk along the streets or ride an open carriage around, try some of the many tours that will take you anywhere you might be interested in or let them help you with highlights.  Go to a park and take a picnic or sample the woodlands or swamps that surround the city.  Baton Rouge is an unusual city, quite different from the northern or Midwestern cities, with great friendly people that will be more than happy to tell you about their city or the wonderful sights that you can see.

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  • LSU Rural Life Museum and Windrush GardensLSU Rural Life Museum and Windrush Gardens Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    This museum is dedicated to the pioneering and agricultural feats that were performed in the past; giving examples of architecture, farm implements and the practices of that era.  The Folk Architecture area showcases the simple structures that were built for utility, and the barn shows tools and other artifacts that were used by Native Americans, rural inhabitants and early settlers.  The entire working plantation replicates the many parts of the plantation life, with a blacksmith shop, commissary and kitchen.  It is an exciting example of life centuries ago; and the beautiful Windrush Gardens nearby show the atypical plants of the period.

March 28, 2011