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Things to do in Bayonne

firestationThe city of Bayonne opened its first firehouse in 1870 called Bayonne Hook and Ladder #1. As time went on the city only continued to grown and this small building couldn’t contain and the building was expanded to vertically as a second story was added. Even though the second story was added soon the street became too small for these growing vehicles and crews. Soon two new fire stations were added to help accommodate for the growing town and the Hook and Ladder #1 became obsolete.  At this point the fire house was already protected under the national list of historic places and the procession was turned over to the wife of the recently deceased Fireman Chief. As one could assume the mourning wife decided to turn the old fire station into a memorial of types. When other people heard of the fact that the Chiefs wife was trying to make a memorial donations came in left and right. The fire station was fully restored and the fire station was turned into a museum.  Now the old historic fire station is available for you to come through and tour the facility. Explore the rooms and find the memorabilia walk through the rooms and see how a fire station looked in the 1800s. This collection includes the oldest hand drawn carriage on display in New Jersey.  A intriguing stop on any trip this will be sure to add a fun story to your collection of Bayonee.

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A few more things in Bayonne

icerinkWhile everyone else is seeking the ocean or some kind of water splashing fun you should look at water another way while you are in Bayonne. The Richard L. Korpi Ice Rink is a great way to get away for the day and experience New Jersey for another way. No matter what your skill level is there is a time to come and skate at this rink. Whether you have been skating your whole life and you want to come sharpen your skates and try that new turn you have been working on or if you have never skated in your life and frankly the idea scares you to death. There a special skating session available throughout the season and whatever level you feel comfortable with there is something her for you. There are beginner lessons available so that if this is your first time on the ice and you want to try it out while you’re in town. There are plenty of things to while at the rink so don’t worry if you work up a big appetite there are great bites to grab here.  A great time to learn new things awaits you in Bayonne!