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bellevuegardensFrench for “beautiful view” Bellevue, Washington ranks number 4 in the top places to live in America. If you are looking for a beautiful view on your get away then definitely stop by the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  Stretching over 53 acres this there is a lot more to see here than just some pretty flowers. Several different trails will entangle you deep into the gardens where you can discover breathtaking views and endangered species of many plants. The gardens are informative and fun as you take off down the Native Discovery Gardens you will find yourself looking to indentify the species of plants yourself as you learn more about them. Through-out the different trails and loop you will come across wonderfully restored woodlands and natural wetlands.  The combination of the gardens, woodlands, and wetlands will leave you wanting to go home and spruce up your own back yard and with activities within the gardens like plant sales and exhibits you will have all the knowledge, resources, and inspiration to get right at work. During the summer at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens you can often find a concert going on in the pavilion area and during the winter month the offer light shows. Did I forget to mention the best park… It’s free! So what’s stopping you? Plan a trip on over to Bellevue and come see these magical gardens for yourself.

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A few more things in Bellevue

kidsquestSometimes the little ones need a vacation just as much as we do and that’s why KidsQuest Children’s Museum in Bellevue Washington is a great place to visit for kids and adults alike.  KidsQuest keeps your children entertained and excited as they explore everything this museum has to offer them. From birth to 8 years old, every nook and cranny of this establishment was built just for kids. From backyard birdhouses that they can crawl into to a whole area meant to build blanket forts in this place is a dream come true for small children. The museum is divided up into several different areas some, like the “Backyard,” are more geared for small children while others offer something to engage older kids. Maybe your kid would have more fun in the Garage where kids can experiment themselves to gain comprehension skills. Of course there’s always Waterways where kids can use some trial and error to explore the wonders of water and its endless possibilities. The museum is designed to keep kids learning, exploring, and discovering things for themselves so that they are engaged and excited to learn more. What better way to sneak in something fun and informative on your trip to Bellevue.