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Things to do in Bellingham

skitoseaLocated about 90 miles north of Seattle, Bellingham offers a nice break from the ordinary. On the shores of Bellingham Bay and with the picturesque views of Mount Baker in the backdrop the residents of Bellingham are passionate about their home. As a visitor Bellingham offers skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, canoeing and kayaking in the bay, and scenic walks along the trails. The people of Bellingham have decided all of these things are so great that they have combined them into one gigantic event. The Ski to Sea race covers seven different sports and takes you from the mountains and across the seas in under 90 minutes. The race kicks off in Mount Baker with four and a half miles of cross country skiing where the player passes to the next team member who begin the downhill skiing/ snowboarding leg. It would be one thing if the team member just had to ski downhill but they must start at the starting point at the bottom of the hill and hike to the top then ski to the bottom. The third leg of the race is an eight mile run on asphalt from the ski area to a transportation center where the pass off goes to the longest segment of the race. The 42 mile bicycling leg of the race spreads across three towns and end at the Nooksac River where the 18 miles of canoeing takes off. Following the canoeing part of the race is 20 miles of mountain biking where you finally come to the last leg of the race. The final team member takes off in their kayak as they race across Bellingham Bay to Squalicum Harbor where they beach their kayak race across the beach and ring the ceremonial bell. This truly intense race happens annually on memorial weekend and truly must be witness on your visit to Bellingham.


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A few more things in Bellingham

goodtimegirlsWhile you’re in Bellingham you should get to know the town a little better and what better way to do it than to let the Good Time Girls take you around the town. More than your average tour the group several different tours for both 18+ and 21+ around the year. The girls not only take you on a tour of the more popular places in the town they specialize in showing you parts of the town you probably would have never knew about on your own. They even offer “Gore and Lore” Halloween theme horror walk as they tell you tales of some of the local gore and a few bits of gruesome history. These Saloon girls act the part as they do as they please about the town in their risqué attire. They will tell you all about the Bellingham claim to heritage and provided a fun alternative nightlife to the normal routine of a local bar. As you “no-good” character of a tour guide takes you on the only walking tour of Bellingham get ready to laugh because these girls are a riot. If you’re looking for something funny, informative, and fun look no further than the Good Time Girls.