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Lava River Cave Nature is a beautiful and strange thing, everywhere we look you can find events in history that have created unique sites. One of natures largest and most deadly features is volcano’s. In Oregon there are several and over the years they have left marks on the earth. One of these marks is the creation of lava tubes or river caves. These caves are created when a volcano erupts, lava is trying to find any way to get out and some times the path of least resistance is a cave. The lava forms an underground river until the eruption is over then typically either cools or flows back into the earth. In Bend Oregon a national park as been crated around some of these caves and the Lava land Visitor Center was created. The cave in Bend goes by the name Lava River Cave and is one of the largest unclasped lava tubes with a length of about 1 mile. To make it even better the cave is open to the public. Over time an opening has emerged and today 129 stairs with guard rails give visitors an easy walk down into the cave. The cave is a beautiful work of nature, see how the lava carved its path and smoothed the cave walls. Admission is cheep at just 5 bucks for a car it is highly recommended that you bring a light jacket because the cave stars a chilly 42 degrees year round. You will also need a lantern to explore the cave and it will take you about an hour and a half to do so. Lanterns can be rented as the visitors center for a small fee.

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What to explore in Bend

Sun Mountain Fun Center Vacation is a great time to stop in and have some fun at Fun Center of Sun Mountain. Fun Center is well lots of fun and for the whole family. They are you local spot to spend a day enjoying some of life’s simply delights. Fun Center is a pay as you play attraction with no admission fee. Bring the children and let them enjoy many different activities at a low price. Fun center has 7 different attractions to pick from and are all fun for the whole family. The Arcade is one of the most enjoyable things to do it has also recently been redone so its clean and fresh. Bowling is another great family fun game with rates of just $3.75 for a game and shoes one $2.50 their price can’t be beat. Bomber’s and bowling assistance is available to help the little one in the family’s to let them enjoy it even more. If you like to play a game on a slightly smaller scale then pick up a pool stick and rent a pool table for just $8 an hour. If you get bored or you arms get tired take a trip across the main room to the bumper cars. The cars are brand new and its only 2 bucks a ride they are great for kids of all ages 3 and up. Jump on and strap in and control them using two-leaver adjustments spin around in circles or aim to plow your cart into your friends. If the day is nice then be sure to head outside and continue the fun with go karts, mini golf, and battling cages. Go karts are just 7 bucks and you will enjoy the high speed track that Sun Mountain has to offer. Mini Golf is $6.50 and the carpet is clean and flat. Battles cage pricing comes in at 2 bucks for 20 pitches or 10 cents a pitch. Fun center is a great place to bring the family wither it is for an hour or all day there is exciting for everyone.