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Things to do in Bethlehem

festivalWhen you come to Bethlehem you will find a exciting city waiting for you. The hustle and bustle of Bethlehem will sweep you up and take you into the jam packed agenda and try to keep up as you walk down the street taking in the local vendors and artist with their curbside displays. You cannot help but to see the appreciation of the arts in this town was you see their exciting musical and theatrical performances encouraging and enhancing community involvement.  Whether you want to go fishing, golfing, jogging, walking, or just want to sit and enjoy nature one of the 40 parks that Bethlehem offers await you. Past, present, or future there is something to appreciate in any time frame that you choose to delve into. Whether you enjoy live performances, quiet strolls through galleries or parks are interested in taking pottery classes or a historic tour – Bethlehem has you covered.  It will come as no surprise that with everything going on in Bethlehem they are always something to celebrate. The city goes by the nickname of the “City of Festivals.” Bethlehem has over 10 major festivals and over 150 mini-festivals so that whenever it is that you come through the town you will be greeted by a celebration.

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A few more things in Bethlehem

sandsCome to the Sand Casino Resort during stay in Bethlehem. You are greeted by elegance and grace as you open the doors to the Sand Casino Resort. First head to the dining rooms and pick off the elegant menu as you enjoy the 5 star dinner and the delicate desserts.  Engorge yourself on the menu because that is what vacation is all about. Next hit the slot machines! The full functioning casino is ready for you to come try your luck! Get dealt a hand and get comfortable for the night as you prepare to test lady luck. After the slot machines you may want to get watch a dance show. Be mesmerized by the show girls take you away in big Las Vegas style. As you realize that you are exhausted enjoy the end of the night in full style. Head to the Casino’s accommodations and enjoy five star luxury resort style sleeping arrangements. Order room services or have a bottle of Champaign waiting for you in their room. A vacation where you can pamper yourself awaits you in Bethlehem.