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Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings Billings is the largest city in Montana. The city is named after Frederick H. Billings, a former president of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The downtown Billings hosts a variety of conventions, concerts, sporting events and rallies all year round. The Yellowstone Art Museum in downtown Billings is one of the popular tourist attractions in the city. It is the largest museum and definitely one of the most exciting art museums in the northwest. As you walked through the entrance you will be welcomed by a rotating spoon called "Will He Drill" at the museum lobby. This premier art museum houses contemporary and historic art in the Rocky Mountain West. It displays diverse contemporary art scene or the work of groundbreaking artists from the past including Will James and Charles Marion Russell. The museum’s permanent exhibits contain over 3,000 including original paintings, sculptures and a water sculpture. Yellowstone National Park is another popular tourist attraction in the area not too far from the city. Even though it is located primarily in Wyoming, the park also extends into Montana and Idaho. This 3,469 square mile park includes lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges. It is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in North America. There is also a supervolcano named the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the continent, located in the northwest corner of the park. There are hundreds of species of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles including several endangered species live in the park area. Yellowstone offers various recreational opportunities including hiking, camping, boating, fishing and sightseeing.

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Billings Four Dances Recreation AreaMuch of Billings is located in the Yellowstone Valley as a result the city offers numerous natural wonders for the tourists to explore. Many people visiting the city go to Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. The area includes steep cliffs towering 1,000 feet above the Bighorn Lake. It is a great place for fishing where wild horses can be seen roaming around in the distant valley area. Bighorn Lake extends 71 miles through Wyoming and Montana. Enjoy the forest, mountains, upland prairie, deep canyons, broad valleys, high desert, wetlands and everything this area has to offer. Bighorn Canyon offers a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, hiking, magnificent vistas, wildlife watching, camping and biking. Four Dances Recreation Area also draws thousands of visitors each year. This area is on a plateau located two miles east of downtown Billing. It was named Four Dances Natural Area after Chief Four Dances, an important religious and military figure in Crow Indian History. The cliff is traditionally recognized as a fasting site used by Four Dances during the heyday of the Rocky Mountain fur trade and the intertribal plains wars. Some of the outdoor activities allowed in the recreation area include hiking, picnicking, cross-country skiing, nature photography and wildlife watching. For the protection of ACEC values and public safety, the area is closed to horseback riding, use of fireworks, hang gliding, rock climbing, paint ball activities, the discharging of firearms and exercising pets without leash. If you have kids you can take them to ZooMontana. This 70-acre wildlife park is Montana's only zoo and botanical park. The zoo houses wildlife native to the Rockies and exotic animals from around the globe.