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Bill's Gun Shop and Range I was recently reading a blog online and an individual that lived in Europe was coming to America for a vacation. He was asking that did he need to do while in America. The number one response that I read was go to a gun range. I wasn’t aware of it but as it turns out it is very hard to shoot or own a gun in a European nation. Luckily for us in the states it’s something that we can do rather easily. Gun are both fun and dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. While traveling north to Blaine Minnesota my family was board and we wanted something new and fun to do. We ended up at Bill’s Gun Shop & Range. Gun shops and ranges are a great place to go. Their staff is always informative and nice. We came in wanted to shot many different gun and we were able to they have a rental list that is longer than most restaurant menus. Rentals start at just 15 bucks for any semi auto gun and every gun after the first is just 10 bucks. If you have a gun just bring it in and get a lane for just 20 bucks. If you know its something you want to do in advance give them a call and set up a time to shoot a machine gun! It’s a one of a kind opportunity and only costs 60 bucks for rent a machine gun and get an instructor for an hour.

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What to eat in Blaine

Tavern Grill Bar and Restaurant While at the range we got a chance to talk to a few of the locals and a few of them pointed us to a tavern in town that has the best food. The Tavern Grill Restaurant & Bar serves up some of the best grilled food in town. The staff was friendly, quick, and easy on the eyes. The menu is wide and ranges from a build-a-burger grill to steaks and seafood. The Tavern has a relaxed atmosphere that has no required dress code and is perfect of a night after shooting at the range or a day hard at work. The Blaine restaurant was extremely nice as we noticed the inside was newly renovated. It was clean and we could tell the staff really took pride in the new establishment. Pricing ranges from about 8 to 20 bucks depending on what you pick. A full rack of mouth water baby rack ribs ran me 20 bucks but was worth every last penny. The ribs were served with a good amount of garlic mashed potatoes and coleslaw. They of course could be subsisted for other sides if you wised. On the cheaper end of the budget is the Sandwiches and salads. One of the most popular sanwhiches is the Tavern’s Grilled Club. It is roasted turkey and crisp smoked bacon with tomato, jack cheese, and a savory garlic aioli. The Tavern also has a full bar with a very well trained bar staff that can make any hurt from a long day go away.