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Miller Park Zoo Looking for something that Is both educational and fun for the little guys in your family? Well look no further if traveling through Bloomington Illinois enjoy a day at the Miller Park Zoo. The Miller Park Zoo is located along Morris Ave and open daily from 9:30 to 4:30 daily. Admission is cheap at about 6 bucks for adults and 4 for students, seniors, and kids. The Climate of Illinois is great for many large species and because of that Miller Park Zoo has the ability to house large animals like Sea Lions, Tigers, Leopards, and even huge Bears. These bears are muck like the ones found in the wild up north so it’s a great time to get caught up on your bear safety if you ever have bad luck and run into one of these huge beasts. With each admission you receive a free animal feeding guide, it will guide you with the best times to view each animal. The animals get fed on a schedule and so they know when they should be getting food. This leads them to be more active in the time before they get fed, and after feeding then calm down and nap. To see the animals in action I encourage you to try and see them right before feeding time. The Zoo has the opportunity to house the rear red panda as well, these beautiful small pandas are just a ball of amber and white spotted fur.

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What to explore in Bloomington

Prairie Aviation Museum I just have to say I’m a sucker for aircraft. It amazes me such huge planes and helicopters can get lift and fly so fast. With that being said it was no surprise when on our family vacation I had to stop at the Prairie Aviation Museum in Bloomington. The Museum is not the largest aircraft museum I’ve been to but size isn’t everything. This gem has some aircraft not found in other museums like the Bell Ah1J SeaCobra. This Helicopter was first crated in 1965 and only a total of 69 were built. That leads to this being possibly the only one left today. The Museum has 9 aircraft that they call their own. There are 2 helicopters and 7 jet planes. The Seacobra is one of the copters but the other is a Huey. The Huey was a very popular helicopter it was first used in 1963 in Vietnams just 2 years before the SeaCobra was shipped. Prairie Aviation Museum is a great place to learn the difference in the rolls which these amazing aircraft played in the Vietnam War. The Huey served as a transport helicopter that could hold 12 passengers, had two .30 caliber machine guns on each side. The SeaCobra was different as it had no cargo space but instead severed as a Attack and close support helicopter. It had a single 3 barrel 20mm cannon on the nose and could carry an additional 2200 pounds of ordnances on the external wings. The SeaCobra was a copter that you didn’t want to run into, the 2 crew in this helicopter could level a base or convoy and be home before lunch. These are just a few of the aircraft that you can learn about and see at the Prairie Aviation Museum.